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“Two parents, obtained legal services to fight the school district over indoctrinating their children into the religion of Islam.”

“…this kind of indoctrination accelerates with endless Muslim refugee immigration.  Notice that London, England no longer enjoys being “British.”  But in fact, harbors a Muslim mayor who promotes Sharia Law.  London features 423 new mosques and 100 Sharia Courts.  Muslims create parallel societies in every country they invade.”

News With Views | Islam’s Not So Subtle Onslaught Into America

Teach your Children well?

Liberty Aliance


Teach your Children well?

October 28, 2013

by Joe Messina

From a young age and throughout the years I have heard people say, “teach your children well, you don’t want to raise little monsters, do you?”

These and other comments were about molding and shaping children at an early age. The Bible says “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” I guess it’s all about training our children, right? Right!

In Germany, Hitler knew this to be paramount to his success in being the “supreme ruler,” dictator, and “Grand PooBah” so much so that he dictated what would be taught in every school and changed the curriculum to reflect the superiority of the Arian race and people.

At the age of 10 they were grouped by age and taught “German Patriotism”. No big deal right? They were molded and shaped until they were 18 and then inducted into the German Army. After the age of 10 they were not allowed to engage in any outside activities aside from their “group.” They were taught good work habits and ethics, and the learning day had much to do with the great Leader known as Hitler and the Nazi party (socialist).

These kids became so loyal to Hitler and the party that they would turn in their own parents for any anti Hitler or anti-party comments. Party indoctrination was so deep that when Hitler declared the Jews were the cause of the German woes, it was not hard to get the Hitler youth to turn on them. You don’t kill that many people, the way they were killed, without brainwashing the youth. They grew into soldiers that carried out the party’s orders without question because they trusted their leader.

Now, let’s look at today. We have education being more and more dictated by liberal America. Many elementary and high school texts have rewritten history to twist the things we hold sacred into something wrong and inhumane.

Recently an elementary school district taught and tested the kids on the evil conqueror, Christopher Columbus, and the millions of Indians (yes, millions) that he and his people slaughtered. If that’s true, why do we “celebrate” Thanksgiving? (That’s just wrong on so many levels.) The curriculum went on to ask the kids what questions they would ask him at his trial.

Textbooks are being changed to down play the Judeo/Christian influence on this nation’s history. Some history books emphasize that our forefathers came here to get away from religion, rather than the actual fact that they came here to practice their own religion and worship God the way they chose.

I guess, based on these new history books, the Pilgrims must have been very confused because they had the first Thanksgiving to actually offer thanks to the Almighty (not mother earth) for all He had given them.

Jefferson must have also been very confused because he used the congressional meeting house to have Sunday service, government paid and maintained, with the Marine Band playing hymns in the government building!

Now, our elementary school kids are learning about how bad these men were because they owned slaves. They had their faults, and it’s appropriate to teach about the wrongs of slavery, but not to the exclusion of the rest of the story. How about teaching our kids about the selfless dedication they had to the freedom of the American people and that what they sacrificed was much more than a new iPod or Sunday football game?

Then there are our institutions of higher learning that seem to teach more about sexual pleasure and how to get as much from the government as possible than they teach about, science, math, and technology, as evidenced by our drop in world standing in these areas.

Numerous college campuses now have “Sex Week.” Many liberals justify this by saying it’s just “part of the college experience” and it helps the kids to blow off a little steam. I highly doubt that Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, and Jonas Salk would attribute their genius to their pursuit of sex and sexual knowledge in college! More and more colleges have what boils down to “how to have better sex” classes, complete with visual aids, presentations, and nothing left to the imagination. One college provides an introductory comic book to incoming freshmen to help them exploring their “erotic self” and even their “homosexual self.” Really? What if I have no homosexual self or can’t find it. Do I fail?

Politically, students on campuses are being encouraged to embrace communism and socialism and shun conservative values, speakers and teachers.

We are becoming the laughing stock of the world, with our failed economic policies, our mismanaged healthcare law and rollout, and our failing school systems.

Hitler’s lesson was on target. If you get the youth, you have the country. In other words, he trained the youth in the way he wanted them to go and eventually had total control.

Today the progressive left is training up the youth in the way they want to see this country grow and have they’ve been doing so for many years. Take a look around at what’s happening to in our country.

We are seeing the fruits of their efforts now. And we are in a heap of hurt as a nation and a people.





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8th Grader Suspended & Arrested For Wearing T-Shirt With Image Of Gun

via Gun Shirt.

When 8th grade Jared Marcum got dressed for school this morning he says he had  no idea that his pro-Second Amendment shirt would initiate what he calls a fight  over his First Amendment rights. “I never thought it would go this far because  honestly I don’t see a problem with this, there shouldn’t be a problem with  this,” Jared said.

Read more: http://conservativevideos.com/2013/04/8th-grader-suspended-then-arrested-for-wearing-t-shirt-with-image-of-gun/#ixzz2R0Dj02gY

[Comment from another source on this issue]:

Friday, April 19, 2013

8th grade student suspended, arrested over gun t-shirt – WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, Sports

I used to wonder what it meant when the Bible told us that things would be upside down; now I know what they meant. This is getting stupid. First a US Army MSGT combat veteran gets his weapon taken and his minor son is interrogated and intimidated by an asshat cop; now a 15 year old kid wears a t-shirt with the picture of a gun on it and he gets suspended and arrested. Wake up America. Can’t you see what’s happening?



Student Asks About Bible – Teacher Gives Bible to Student – School Fires Teacher

 on April 19, 2013 by Lynn Jolly

If you think that schools are supposed to educate your kids, think again.  After nearly a century of liberal control of the public school system, they are nothing more than institutions of brainwashing and indoctrination.  They do not teach or allow students to think, reason and inquire on their own.  Students and teachers are only allowed to operate within the narrow guidelines established by the liberals to suppress any form of thinking, reasoning or inquiry that questions the norms that they have established.  Nothing else is acceptable.

Walter Tutka has found out just how intolerable to other views the liberal administrators have become.  Tutka has been a substitute teacher in the Phillipsburg, New Jersey school district for many years.

Last October, students at the middle school were coming into the building; they passed by Tutka who was standing in the hallway.  As one student passed by, Tutka told him:

“Just remember, son, the first shall be last but the last shall be first.”

The student just looked at him and said nothing.  Several days later, that student came to Tutka and asked him where that quote came from.  Tutka told the boy it came from the Bible.  A couple days later Oct. 12, 2012, the student approached Tutka while he was eating his lunch and asked the teacher if he could show him where in the Bible it said that.  Tutka pulled out the pocket New Testament he carries with him and showed the boy where the quote could be found in Matthew 19:30 and Mark 10:31.

Read the rest of the article at Godfather Politics


Muslim Mob Desecrates Graves of Allied WWII Soldiers


April 18, 2013 at 2:37 pm
Armed vandals attacked and smashed the headstones of Allied and Italian service members laid to rest in a World War II cemetery in Benghazi and then posted video of their desecration online.

The U.K. Foreign Office said that on February 24 and 26 hundreds of headstones in two British military cemeteries in Benghazi were vandalized. Markers identifying Christian or Jewish war dead were damaged or broken.

In video re-posted on YouTube the men (including the videographer) are seen kicking over or smashing headstones. One man takes a hammer to a ceremonial Cross of Remembrance.

Men are heard saying of the dead, “They are dogs.”

Read more: http://conservativevideos.com/2013/04/muslim-mob-desecrates-graves-of-allied-soldiers-at-wwii-cemetery-in-libya/#ixzz2R0NWl4Qe


Liberty Alliance

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Church Defaced by Homosexuals Gets Little News  Coverage

St. Jude Catholic Church of the City of Westlake Village was defaced on  Easter weekend. The following brief story appeared in the April 11, 2013 issue  of The  Acorn, a community newspaper that serves Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Oak  Park, and Westlake Village in California:

“Vandals targeted the 32000 block of Lindero  Canyon Road sometime between Fri., March 29 and Sat., March 30, authorities  said.

“The graffiti included a reference to  homosexuality, several four-letter words and a swastika, a source told The  Acorn. One scrawl reportedly said, ‘God is gay.’”

The story got no attention outside the small communities mentioned above.

I happened to see the story because I was in the Los Angeles area for a  business meeting and happened to pick up the community newspaper.

If some homosexual group had been the target of anti-gay graffiti, the story  would have been carried by every news outlet. Hate crime charges would have been  leveled against the perpetrators. Sensitivity training would have been demanded  by homosexual groups across the country.

Any time someone makes a derogatory comment about homosexuality, the gaystapo  goes into action. The media comply with front-page stories to insure that the  person who said negative things about homosexuals never dares do it again.

The Huffington Post carries dozens of articles about politicians and  Hollywood types that come out in favor of homosexual marriage. They want to  continue to work in Hollywood. Their pro-homosexual stance is similar to what  Rome demanded of its citizens.

As long as the people offered a pinch of incense to the Roman gods, they were  permitted to worship their own god or gods. Consider this story about Polycarp who lived between AD 70 and 155:

“The emperors of Rome had unleashed bitter  attacks against the Christians during this period, and members of the early  church recorded many of the persecutions and deaths. Polycarp was arrested on  the charge of being a Christian — a member of a politically dangerous cult whose  rapid growth needed to be stopped. Amidst an angry mob, the Roman proconsul took  pity on such a gentle old man and urged Polycarp to proclaim, ‘Caesar is  Lord.”

“If only Polycarp would make this declaration and  offer a small pinch of incense to Caesar’s statue he would escape torture and  death. To this Polycarp responded, ‘Eighty-six years I have served Christ, and  He never did me any wrong. How can I blaspheme my King who saved me?’ Steadfast  in his stand for Christ, Polycarp refused to compromise his beliefs, and thus,  was burned alive at the stake.”

People aren’t burned at the stake in America; they are burned by the media  for any opposition to the gay agenda. At the same time, homosexuals are  protected by the media when they attack people who oppose same-sex sex and  homosexual marriage. Some of the attacks have led people to lose their jobs and  even be sued for not complying to homosexual demands.

Read more: http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/04/church-defaced-by-homosexuals-gets-little-news-coverage/#ixzz2R0oK7jvW

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