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Ecclesiastes points out that the death penalty is an effective deterrent, but only if it is carried out swiftly.

Ecclesiastes 8:11 

11 Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.

From Sons of Liberty – Reposted in its entirety; augments my post on Biblical reasons for the death penalty:

Is it “UnChristian” to Execute 8 Murderers 11 days?

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Published on: April 21, 2017

At one point, Arkansas was scheduled to put eight murderers to death in 11 days, before its lethal injection drug reaches its expiration date. Is this, as many are arguing, an unChristian thing to do? A piece in Christian Today includes this incendiary headline, “Christian campaigners horrified by Arkansas execution.” This headline is written as if that is the only acceptable “Christian” position to take.

The article makes reference to “the state’s rush to the death chamber,” apparently mindless of the plain legal fact that these men were all sentenced to die more than 19 years ago. They each had received a fair trial before a jury of their peers, had the assistance of counsel, and were able to face their accusers in open court. Objective observers will hardly see any “rush” to judgment here.

In fact, it’s quite the other way round. Martin Luther King, Jr. quoted a phrase that probably originated 2000 years ago, to the effect that “justice delayed is justice denied.” The families of these victims”justice” system, of brutal homicide have been waiting for justice for as long as 27 years and seven of them still have not received it. Justice denied, indeed.

So the short answer to our question is no, executing murderers for the crime of taking an innocent human life is not an unChristian thing to do. In fact, it’s the other way round. It would be unbiblical and unChristian not to carry out the death penalty for cold-blooded murder.

The Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, prescribes the death penalty as a legitimate tool of God-ordained government. In Genesis 9:5-6, God himself says:

“From his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man. Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.”

God clearly and unmistakably here delegates to man, to civil government, the authority to take the life of a man who would efface the image of God by taking the life of someone made in his image without just cause.

Lest one think this is an antiquated, out-of-date, Old Testament concept, the apostle, speaking for Christ, says the same thing in different words in the New Testament book of Romans. “If you do wrong, be afraid, for he (the civil magistrate) does not bear the sword in vain; for he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out wrath on the wrongdoer” (Romans 13:4, emphasis mine). The sword, of course, is an instrument of lethal force.

Now last night, Arkansas executed Ledell Lee, a man who had been on death row since 1993 for beating Debra Reese to death with a tire iron.

He savagely beat Mrs. Reese 36 times with the tire iron her husband had purchased for her to use as a weapon of self-defense. Lee was arrested less than an hour after her senseless beating death trying to spend some of the $300 he had stolen from her in the attack.

Lee had been released on parole just 10 weeks before her death. DNA also linked him to the abduction and death of 22-year-old Christine Lewis, who was beaten, raped, and strangled. Prosecutors dropped that case only because Lee had been sentenced to death for Mrs. Reese’s murder.

Here are some of the grisly details of the murders committed by the other seven defendants who are slated to die. Because of activists who continually seek to pervert the course of justice, these criminals may escape the death penalty altogether.

  • Bruce Earl Ward, 60, has been on death row since 1990 for the strangling death of 18-year-old female clerk Rebecca Lynn Doss, whose lifeless body he dumped in the men’s room of the Little Rock convenience store where she worked. Ward had earlier been convicted of murder in Pennsylvania in 1977, which means if justice had been done in 1977, Ms. Doss could be today a happily married woman with children and even grandchildren of her own. Our process of justice is so cobbed up Ward had to be convicted three times for the death penalty verdict to stick. Justice delayed for 27 years is justice denied.

  • Don William Davis, 54, murdered Jane Daniel of Rogers, Arkansas with a .44 caliber revolver he found in her house after breaking into her home. Her husband came home to find the lifeless body of his wife lying a pool of her own blood. Davis has been awaiting execution since 1990. Justice delayed for 27 years is justice denied.

  • Stacey E. Johnson, 47, is scheduled to die for killing Carol Heath in 1993. He beat her, strangled her, and then for good measure slit her throat. Justice delayed for 24 years is justice denied.

  • Jack Harold Jones, Jr., 52, murdered bookkeeper Mary Phillips in 1995 while robbing the accounting office in which she worked. Mrs. Phillips was found naked from the waist down with the cord from the office coffee pot tied around her neck. Jones left Mary’s daughter Lacy for dead, but Lacy woke up as police photographed her. Justice delayed for 22 years is justice denied.

  • Marcel Williams, 46, suffocated young mother of two Stacy Errickson to death in 1994 after raping her. Williams abducted her when she stopped for gas, and forced her to drive around extracting $350 from various ATM machines. Police found her hosiery and her lunch cooler at a storage facility, then found her body, beaten and bound, in a park some two weeks later. Williams confessed to the killing and the jury took just 30 minutes to hand down the verdict. Justice delayed for 23 years is justice denied.

  • Jason F, McGehee, 40, was the lead attacker in beating 15-year-old Johnny Melbourne Jr. to death in 1996 for telling police who was behind a northern Arkansas theft ring. The boy was beaten and tortured in one house, then bound and taken to an abandoned farmhouse where he was strangled while his hands were bound with an electrical cord. Justice delayed for 21 years is justice denied.

  • Kenneth Williams, 38, was originally sentenced to life in prison for the 1998 murder of college cheerleader Dominique Hurd. After he was sentenced to life rather than to death, he actually taunted Dominique’s family in the courtroom. Less than a month after his conviction for her murder, he escaped prison by hiding in a container of hog slop. Once out, he killed Cecil Boren and stole his truck. He then ran into a water-delivery truck, killing the driver, during the police chase that led to his capture. Justice delayed for 19 long years is justice denied.

The Bible is also clear that when civil government allows people to skate for decades after having been justly convicted of murder, the result is that more and more innocent people will die as the restraint of the law against violence becomes an increasingly meaningless and theoretical concept.

As Solomon put it, “Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed speedily, the heart of the children of man is fully set to do evil” (Ecclesiastes 8:11).

Is executing eight cold-blooded killers in 11 days an unChristian thing to do? Hardly. The only unChristian thing would be not to do it.

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family Association or American Family Radio.)


The entire time since I became active on WP, I had been repeatedly warning folks about the “thought police” on YouTube; their penchant of ousting Christian and Conservative sites for supposed violations.  Also recall that Google, (how many posts have I made about them, and Facebook?) OWNS YouTube; their attacks on our first amendment are as frequent and volatile as the attacks on privacy and the second amendment.

Now, Fox News, under the leadership of leftist James Murdoch, might well be called “Faux News”:

“With the stunning ouster of both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly, Rupert Murdoch’s son has “overthrown” Fox News and now plans to reinvent the network into yet another progressive propaganda machine, according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter. 

The report claims that James Murdoch has had a long-time annoyance, perhaps even disgust, with Fox News and has used the sexual harassment charges leveled against Ailes and O’Reilly to essentially take over the network which will soon undergo tremendous change that brings the cable outlet back in line with the global world order.”

Despite all the gains conservatives have made, every attempt to “right the ship”  -pun intended- has been met with obstruction, and all manner of resistance, even at times among those who are supposed to be in the conservative camp.  When momentum is needed more than ever,  that Fox News will become another progressive mouthpiece should ring alarm bells across the country.

From Sons of Liberty – Looks Like Fox News Is Pulling The Mask Off – Will It Become A Full Progressive News Outlet?


Courtesy of The Clockwork Conservative:

“Some will say it’s too hard or that they have no time. Others will claim they have done their time or given enough. A brave few – a tiny remnant of those among us – will still do what they know needs to be done.”

Source: It’s Never Too Late To Stand Up For What You Believe In

Blind Date

Where were you in 1987?

Remember when Bruce Willis did comedy, and had hair?  Check out this “blast from the past”:

Blind Date Corporate workaholic Walter Davis needs a date for an important business dinner. His brother fixes him up with beautiful Louisiana belle Nadia Gates. However, a seemingly average blind date turns into a chaotic night on the town.

Source: Blind Date

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Speculation? Second guessing? Accusations of Trump being a neocon, a warmonger? Even some daring to compare him to Hitler? Take a hard look at the cost of freedom.  10,000 of our own were lost at Normandy.  We fought to annihilate a dire threat, to prevent it from ever being posed again. To decisively end it.

We didn’t fight to satisfy a “status quo”, to “win hearts and minds”, or be culturally correct.  Our troops were not hamstrung by fallacious, self destructive “rules of engagement”.

If we retained that mindset, and not cow towed to the U.N. in 1950, Korea would have been made a free country.  That “police action” cost us 33,600 killed in action.  More than 8,100 are still missing.  Exact statistics vary with different sources; from Wikipedia:

The threats we face today do not deserve one drop of American blood, for the sake of a “status quo”.  War is a last resort; and only when there is a clear, direct threat to us.  Moreover, this enemy will use any means to win; there are no clear battle lines, their guerilla tactics call for an entirely different approach.  Any of them, age notwithstanding can be a combatant.  When not warring with us, they are at war with themselves.  They seek to destroy our culture and replace it with theirs.  We shouldn’t be drawn into Syria, or other middle east involvement.  We’ve lost too many of our own, and spent too much.

Remember –


Billy Graham’s Final Message To America! [born November 7, 1918]

Published on Nov 7, 2013

Billy Graham delivers a powerful gospel message to America about the Cross. This is truly a beautiful gospel message and timely for the end time harvest prior to the Tribulation. I never get tired of hearing Christ’s sacrifice for all mankind.

His Bio via  Wikipedia

Christianized Pagan Holidays

This was originally posted on Dec 19 2013:

Not that any Christmas worshipers will listen and take heed but for those who truly love the Lord and want to be pleasing in all things in His sight I post this:

Easter or Ishtar? by Al Perez


Not really… The supposed “good old days” are merely those of our -relative- youth; what was the so called status quo as we became young adults.  However, the values that were instilled by our parents, and those we held on to in our adult years have been roundfiled in these warped times.  The videos are a reminder of the changing cultural morays; the loss of society’s sense of right and wrong, what it meant to be earnest, and truthful.

Above image from my archives – “X”

Courtesy of Gunny G.  (Link below excerpts)

“Two parents, obtained legal services to fight the school district over indoctrinating their children into the religion of Islam.”

“…this kind of indoctrination accelerates with endless Muslim refugee immigration.  Notice that London, England no longer enjoys being “British.”  But in fact, harbors a Muslim mayor who promotes Sharia Law.  London features 423 new mosques and 100 Sharia Courts.  Muslims create parallel societies in every country they invade.”

News With Views | Islam’s Not So Subtle Onslaught Into America

Clear Evidence That it Is 1861

Courtesy of  Before It’s News

Posted by Gunny G – Link courtesy of comment at Free Republic

By —— Bio and Archives April 3, 2017

A caller asked a very pertinent question last week that I could not immediately answer. Namely, had any one compiled a list of accomplishments by the Trump Administration, instead of the liberal media’s focus on things most people do not care about.

Me being me, I wanted to find the answer and I did. I found it, coincidently, on the Sean Hannity TV Show. I guess there’s some truth to the scripture “ask, and you shall receive”.

One of Sean’s guests was Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President Trump, talking about the accomplishments of this administration so far. She was not talking about the stuff most Americans don’t care about, which the liberal media choose to focus on.

And another thing! President Trump and his administration are doing the things he campaigned on when he was candidate Trump. So why are the liberals and Democrats going ballistic over anything and everything he says and does? Answer: They are against anything and everything Trump to stop him from achieving his agenda.

First, let’s look at some early Trump accomplishments:

Created a positive tone from the top, inspiring businesses to grow again

  • Stopped regulatory attacks on businesses through executive orders

  • Unleashed America’s energy sector by rolling back business-killing regulations

  • Nominated originalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

  • Issued an EO for the IRS to not enforce the health insurance mandate or penalties, pending repeal and replacement of ObamaCare

  • Issued an EO to rollback unjustifiable EPA regulations

  • Stopped the growth of federal spending with a freeze on federal hiring

  • Proposed a $54 million increase in military spending to rebuild the military

  • Created jobs by encouraging businesses to stay and build in the U.S.

  • Renegotiating trade deals. approaching trade in a bi-lateral manner instead of doing group deals

  • Received more than 200 bids to build the wall along the U.S. southern border

  • Enforcing immigration laws, although that is being slowed by liberal judges

  • Empowering the military to defeat ISIS

  • Extreme vetting of refugees, although that is currently being blocked by the Courts

  • Appointed and got confirmed a new head of Veterans’ Affairs

  • The Trump administration has accomplished this and more while fighting off fake news, false news, speculative news, the Democrats and the Washington establishment – which includes some Republicans – in less than 100 days!

More at SOURCE

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