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Another update; this is sad. I hadn’t known of this comedian’s death, until I sought a replacement for another video that “doesn’t exist” which I originally posted on Oct 21st 2011. Mr. Bridges passed away in 2012,  very likely to the pleasure of the Liar in Chief.  I kept the preface to the original video:

Steve Bridges is the guy who imitated George Bush on the Jay Leno Show. He has now started imitating Obama and REALLY does it well. The Administration has tried to put a stop to Bridges’ act because Obama has made it known that he is deeply offended. So please do your part to keep the Pretender-In-Chief “deeply offended” by passing this around…

Indeed, keep passing these around.  More info from their YT site below the third video   X.

Steve Bridges as President Obama – January 2010 – Pt 1

Steve Bridges as President Obama – January 2010 – Pt 2

Steve Bridges as President Obama – August 2011


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Steve Bridges. His passing comes as a shock to all of us. The cause of death is not known at this time, but we will publish more information on his website ( as it becomes available. Steve brought joy and laughter to millions and was a great inspiration to all who knew him. He will be sadly missed. Our prayers go to his family at this time.

Part 1 – Comedian-impressionist Steve Bridges performs in prosthetic makeup as Barack Obama. For more information visit

Watch Steve’s newest video as President Obama:…

About Steve Bridges

Every American boy is told they might grow up to be President of the United States. Steve Bridges never doubted his father’s words, but immediately started to mimic them. From a very early age, Bridges entertained his family and friends with uncanny, hilarious impressions of anyone within earshot.

When Bridges’ family eventually settled in California, he set to work honing his performance skills. As a young man, he obtained extensive acting and voice-over coaching in Los Angeles, even spending time with the notorious Groundlings improvisation troupe.

Bridges developed a repertoire of over 200 impressions, including TV characters Barney Fife and Homer Simpson, broadcasters Tom Brokaw, Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh; but it was his chilling embodiment of political leaders Bill Clinton and Al Gore that rapidly established him as a premiere vocal impressionist.

Applying “executive” skills and vision, Bridges gathered a “creative cabinet” in 2002 that has changed the world of comedy. He engaged the Academy Award-winning prosthetic make-up artist, Kevin Haney and Evan Davis’ Headwriters comedy staff, creating a formula for the perfect President George W. Bush.

Today the Bridges’ team presents Steve as President Barack Obama, featuring the amazing talent of prosthetic makeup artist, Kazu Tsuji. Late-night comedians might struggle to find humor about this president, but Steve easily mines brilliant, topical humor as he has over the last ten years.

The Bridges team is also proud to announce a new show – “The Global Economic Smackdown”, featuring Steve without make-up performing over forty vocal impressions of world leaders and show business personalities in an hilarious international town hall.

Whether he’s in state-of-the-art prosthetic make-up or just performing sparkling, rapid-fire impressions, Steve Bridges evokes bipartisan laughs that entertain any crowd. Staying above the political fray, Bridges elicits raves from both sides of the aisle. Bridges’ material is always refreshing, topical, and funny to both right and left.

Steve humbly admits that he could never be the real commander-in-chief, but when it comes to American political impressionists, Washington insiders and comedy pollsters have voted Steve Bridges to be undisputed “leader of the free world”.

This is an update.  While checking out my political satire videos, this one was gone.  However, it wasn’t YouTube this time. Apparently Dan Edward Hubbell is no longer with PAN; I had published it directly from his post there instead of from YT on March 7, 2012… I request (Re the notice on my header)  to be notified when this occurs.

I’d like to master some animation techniques. This is a five star video in my book! “X”


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 Chuck Redden YouTube Original “doesn’t exist”; I replaced it with the same video from another channel.

Anti-Obamacare Parody Song: ‘You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Blue Shield’


Depicts Putin as a vampire…


Independent Journal Review

This “God made a ….” type of video is fairly popular in the YouTube world since the “God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl commercial by Dodge. Pretty entertaining…it’s a good one to share with your conservative friends.

When a liberal commentator is doing straight talk, you know things are snafu…

Updated 7-4-2016

Original link (Conservative no longer has this video.—the-irs


Published on May 16, 2013      Obama Benghazi I.R.S. Press Conference

PAN link courtesy of Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- P.A.N. Admin I

Benghazi: Is it treason?

America now knows as those who have stayed up on the Benghazi attack have known for many months that the US State Department under Hillary Clinton hired operatives affiliated with Al Qaeda, a group labeled by the federal government as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT). The federal law states that this action was illegal. It is also seen as treasonous.

According to Judicial Watch the State Department “out sourced” the security of Consulate personnel by awarding $387,413.68 to a foreign firm for “Security Guards and Patrol Services” at the Benghazi Consulate. This contract was signed on February 17, 2012, and May 3, 2012, and at the time was identified only as “Award ID SAQMMA12COO92.”

Now it must be known to all who is responsible for hiring the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, (FMB) which had known relations with the SDGT, Al Qaeda. According to Greg Hicks’ (the State Department’s former deputy chief of mission in Libya) Congressional testimony, “Certainly, elements of that militia were complicit in the attacks….The attackers had to make a long approach march through multiple checkpoints that were manned by February 17 militia.”

Rep. Blake Farenthold (R.-Texas) asked whether the FMB had any known ties to Islamic terrorists.

“Absolutely,” said Nordstrom. “Yeah, we had that discussion on a number of occasions, the last of which was when there was a Facebook posting of a threat that named Ambassador Stevens and Senator McCain, who was coming out for the elections that was in the July time frame. I had met with some of my agents and then also with some Annex personnel. We discussed that.”

Congressman Farenthold was shocked we that we knew the group was dangerous but the State Department chose to ignore warnings. Warnings like this, The FMB had regularly flew the Al Qaeda flag, posted its praise on their Facebook site and had known relations with the SDGT for months prior to be contracted to provide protect services. Understand what this means! An Al-Qaeda affiliate was paid money to protect the Ambassador and the consulate.

The US Constitution states in  Article 2, Section 3. “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” Engaging in paying a SDGT is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Thus whomever hired the terrorist organization did knowingly “give aid to and comfort to the enemy” and in so doing commit an act of treason. It is for this reason the Congressional investigation into Benghazi must result in a charge of treason, to do any less would deny the existence of a the crime against every citizen of the United States of America.

Call your Congressmen and women, call your Senators! We must remind them their duty is clear and undeniable!




Remember Benghazi! Impeach Him Now!

Dear Patriot:

Whether Speaker Boehner likes it or not, Revive America and the tea party forced Congress to act on Benghazi.

Only a special ‘Watergate-style’ investigative committee will expose the truth about Obama, Hillary, and ‘Benghazi-gate’.

And the sickening truth is that Democrats and Establishment Republicans really wanted Benghazi buried long ago – in fact, eight months ago!

That’s why, before last week, Congress hadn’t conducted a single committee hearing on Benghazi in over six months!

Selfish Establishment politicians hoped time and the winds of politics would blow away from memory the abandonment, slaughter, and defilement of four brave Americans in Benghazi.

But not even the horrors of Newtown and Boston could erase or belittle the memory of our heroes in Benghazi, nor should they.

In fact, two days after the Boston terror attack, I attended a Capitol Hill press conference where Charles Woods, the father of killed Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, spoke out in memory of his son and endorsed the Benghazi Committee.

At the end of Mr. Woods’ remarks, I overheard a quick exchange between two TV news cameramen, who seemed totally disgusted and cavalier about having to cover the slaughter of four Americans by terrorists in Benghazi:

To His Colleague, Disgusted TV News Cameraman One: “It’s okay, they just made an arrest in the Boston Bombing.”

In Response, Disgusted TV News Cameraman Two: “Yeah, no one cares.”

They were wrong on both counts.  America will never forget Benghazi, and the Boston Bombers sadly went on to assassinate a police officer in cold blood.

Last week, Rep. Darrell Issa, Chair of the House Reform and Oversight Committee, held a one-day hearing on Benghazi after a six-month hiatus.

It was incredibly revealing, and clearly underscores the need for a House Select Committee on Benghazi. Go Here Now to Support the Investigation

Predictably, Obama and his liberal media allies, continue to parrot the revolting words uttered by Hillary Clinton, now accused of perjury:

Hillary Clinton: “What difference does it make?”

But mark my word — after Speaker Boehner is forced to appoint a House Select Committee on Benghazi – just like the one Nixon had at ‘Watergate’ — every American will see the ‘difference’.

Please Help Revive America to force the hand of Speaker Boehner – who has opposed a Benghazi committee since last November – to appoint a special Watergate-style committee Benghazi.  Go Here Now to Support Our Campaign

Remember Benghazi!

Bob Adams
Founder & President
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