Received this e-mail from Michele Bachmann:

It is hard to believe but right now there are Americans, with United States passports, overseas in Iraq and Syria, fighting side by side with ISIS and other terrorist group Jihadists.

Earlier this week I introduced a bill that would revoke the passports for these Americans and begin the process of revoking their United States citizenship.

click here to sign the petition If you agree that we cannot sit back and allow United States citizens to fight for ISIS, and then return to U.S. soil, possibly with the intention of creating a horrific terrorist strike here, then I hope you will add your name to my Join ISIS — Lose Your Passport petition right now, so American-born ISIS fighters cannot return to America.

Currently, Americans fighting with terrorists abroad are allowed free access to re-enter the United States, as some already have! They are likely put on a terror watch list and have to go through SOME screening, but that’s it!

Will you join me in putting an end to this freedom of return? Add your name to my Join ISIS — Lose Your Passport petition right now.

The bill I introduced states that if someone has joined with a radical Islamic terrorist Jihadist state, then they will lose their passport, begin the process of losing their United States citizenship, and will not be allowed to re-enter the United States.

We have to do this to protect ourselves. This is common sense. We cannot allow these American Islamic terrorist fighters to come back into our country and have the opportunity of creating a terrorist attack right here.

Please let me know if you stand with me. Add your name today.

Michele Bachmann

P.S. After you sign your name I hope you will forward this email to your friends and family. We must show the government that we have the support of thousands of freedom loving Americans.

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