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“Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.) stated in a letter to FBI Director James Comey that Heather Samuelson, former White House liaison to the State Department, used two Lenovo laptops to sort some of the thousands of classified emails from Clinton’s server.

“Lenovo computers, and specifically the models used by Heather Samuelson for reviewing classified emails, have been shown by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to contain software, dating back to 2010, that permits remote hacking attacks,” Goodlatte stated.”

And that’s not anything compared to other info…

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Military Warns Chinese Computer Gear Poses Cyber Spy Threat

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If any of you have read the fictional book Ghost Fleet by P.W. Singer, stories like this make it very real. Things like this pose a very REAL threat to National Security and Military Defense. Apart from the “spying” aspect, consider for a moment how many of the components and essential software for the new F-35 Fighter are Chinese manufactured? How easy it would be for them to hide malware or malicious code to essentially corrupt the system and cause it to crash in the middle of a mission? Not a pretty picture.

This is a new kind of war folks and it’s raging right now.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Since 2001, radical Islam has taken center stage; their assaults on our way of life defy all previous notions on how to conduct warfare against them.  It remains to be seen whether a concise, efficient method can be put into effect to curtail their activities, and the idea of “ultimate victory” (as in WW II) is a pipedream at best.

Their strength has been because of the guerrilla warfare nature of their operations, not a clear “front line” but random attacks where we were forced to react instead of being able to interdict them in advance.  The government assaults on personal privacy, and NDAA, (making us a de-facto police state) were put in place supposedly to ensure our safety. Are we any safer than prior to these events?  NO!

Now the Islamic State is openly engaged in a sort of conventional war, but while they are the most immediate threat, radical Islam and their hit and run tactics has not changed.

Military tactics will have to be carefully thought out; indeed, completely rewritten. In Korea, President Truman had cashiered General MacArthur; and that conflict, the first “police action” via the U.N. resulted in no victory; merely keeping the status quo.

Eye opening related article HERE

The 50’s cold war activities included attempts to develop field use of tactical nuclear weapons; the cannon described here was actually deployed in 1957, thankfully these were never implemented, though there still may those who may favor the notion that limited nuclear weapons could be engaged against radical Islam.  Regardless of our advanced weapons technology, THIS IS NOT FEASIBLE.

The weapons leveled against Hiroshima and Nagasaki were one-half kiloton. To all but the most dense individuals, their destructive power, and after-effects are well known. By the 70’s we had ICBM’s with 20 Megaton warheads.

I have NO idea how many kilotons equal one megaton.  I post the following statistics, and video of one tactical device here to prove how these are not only the wrong answer, but far more importantly, why radical Islam, and countries like Iran CANNOT be allowed to wield nuclear weapons.   The video does provide an idea of how much more powerful these early 50’s devices were in comparison to the Hiroshima bomb.

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Supervillain secret weapons by order of Congress produced the 280mm M65 “Atomic Cannon”, affectionately called Atomic Annie, which rolled off the assembly line on October 15th, 1952.  Truly, the M65 was the strangest weapon that the Ordnance Corps of the Department of the Army ever produced.  It filled an important deterrence role in the tactical nuclear arsenal of continental Europe when it was deployed in 1957 with the 7th Army’s’ 3rd Armoured Division by way of attached units from V Corps, serving in West Germany.  A total of twenty cannons were built. Of those, about ten to sixteen where deployed.  The M65 remained in service until 1963.

The completely mechanical and hydraulic design allowed the M65 to fire a 600 lb. shell up to 18 miles.  No electronics were used in the operation of the M65.  Deployed as a tactical nuclear defensive weapon, it could fire the T-124 conventional high explosive shell. The M65 was also semi-mobile, and could be set up and ready to fire within 8 minutes.  It required two dedicated tractor-trucks, which were attached at the front and back of the gun carriage to push and pull it into firing position.  If battle damage disabled the gun’s hydraulics, it could be aimed manually by turning geared wheels, but it was loaded by a hydraulic power rammer.  One cannon, including transport vehicles and a separate armoured ammunition carrier, required a total crew of 22.  The recoil from firing 600 pound shells was absorbed by dual recoil buffers, one of which separated the barrel from the upper carriage, the other separating upper and lower carriages.  90% of the 50-ton gun weight actually recoiled.  To discourage enemy infantry, each transporter was fitted with a .50 cal. Browning machine gun.  Better safe than sorry.

Thankfully, the M65 was never fired in anger.  The W-9 atomic artillery shell came in 3 yields, and the maximum lethal range of the shell was dangerously close to the 18-mile range of the M65.  80 W-9 shells were produced from 1952-53 for the T-124 280 mm shell.  A W-9 shell was fired as a part of Operation Upshot-Knothole, a series of atmospheric atomic tests performed in Nevada during 1953.  On May 25, the test named GRABLE saw the M65 fire a 15 kiloton W-9 shell 7 miles into the Fulda gap, a natural feature in the desert at Frenchman Flat, Nevada.  A mock town complete with buildings, roads and used cars was constructed at target ground zero and soldiers occupied trenches less than 5 miles away. Hundreds of high-ranking Armed Forces officers and members of Congress were present, anxious to see their new toy in operation.  The shell detonated 524 ft above its target in a timed airburst.

It was the equivalent of the Hiroshima A-bomb.

Seven M65s survived the Cold War and are on public display today.  The largest atomic cannon sits in a public park in Junction City, Kansas, on permanent loan from the Smithsonian.  Another can be seen at the National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Source – ATOMIC CANNON

YF 23 Black Widow II

This was filmed in 2000.  Since then, quantum leaps in technology has seen advanced drones, and  unknown advances in the miniaturization, and capabilities of these devices.

The F-35 Joint Strike fighter, created to be used by all the services, has been the source of controversy.  I haven’t heard anything about it finally being ready for deployment.  In point of fact, the silence is deafening.

I do wonder why this amazing aircraft was shelved in favor of the F-22 Raptor.  Anyone at all interested in military aircraft will be surprised by this now 15 year old presentation.


This is an extensive look at how our armed forces, in particular, the Navy, has ignored farsighted thought in favor of outmoded thinking, and resulted in wasteful spending.  Nation state wars stopped after WW II.  Those scenarios aren’t the enemy we face today; contained therein, you will see an idea first conceived by Isoroku Yamamoto.  (You must go to the source article; I used their title as the URL link.  There is absolutely too much info to reproduce here. This is a mere excerpt.)

Given our recent advances in technology [the F-35 is a prime example] and many other arguments presented, the idea of submarine carriers in place of huge, attack prone carriers are not far fetched.  I do not expect to see instant “Likes”.  I would expect this one time, for the folks following this page to forward this to as many people as possible, as we are NOT winning the “war on terror”.

Drawing from the September 1983 Proceedings, “Sink the Navy” by Captain Charles C. Pease, U.S. Navy who in the 1963 Proceedings published a proposal for a submarine aircraft carrier, complete with catapults and arresting gears (15). Now that V/STOL technology is beginning to mature, the submersible aircraft carrier may be more feasible than she was 20 years ago. The first step toward a “sinkable” carrier might be a helicopter hangar installed in a submersible fleet auxiliary. (15) Clark C. Abt, “The Submarine-Aircraft Carrier,” Proceedings, October 1963, pp. 149-153.

The days of the large amphibious surface ship packed with marines is over.  These ships are too expensive and too vulnerable; if its a sub-national conflict container assault ships can be employed en masse by REAL non-linear warfighting organizations not immature kill/capture narcissist egomaniacs in the USMC to overwhelm sub-national groups and small nation-states without effective navies.

Until we fight another nation-state foe, we have a very real fight against malcontent sub-national conflict (SNC) islamofascist terrorists to win.  After they struck us with help of traitors within the U.S. Government, using kamikaze airliners on 9/11/2001 the ponderous WW2-re-enactment military began to gear up to go to Afghanistan.  The Navy likes to brag that its carriers launched fighter-bombers to bomb mud huts in Afghanistan and later had some marines sit in a dust bowl in the middle of nowhere as proof positive that their entire WW2 force structure is AOK.

Let’s be brutally honest here; the Afghan northern Alliance already on the ground in tracked armored fighting vehicles and horseback were the ones who defeated the Taliban and all of the Navy’s fighter-bomber strikes could have been done by land-based planes.  As it was, land-based aircraft did most of the bombing anyway.  After the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division and Rangers had jumped into southern Afghanistan, the Northern Alliuance had ended most of the resistance.

By the time the marines landed in the southern Afghanistan airbase already secured by the Army Rangers, terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden and his underlings were long gone. they are still at large today.  When you consider a Nimitz class aircraft carrier houses 6,000 men who all have families full of loved ones–there is no operational security when it leaves port to go bombard an Afghanistan.  You could say, well the carrier is already on station in the general area so when routine flight ops turn to actual ordnance-laden flights the enemy will be caught unawares.  Well, it didn’t work, did it?  There is no hiding a nuclear aircraft carrier and what its doing even from a sub-national group.

Again, if instead our Navy had submarine aircraft carriers, the enemy’s eyes will not be constantly on a large surface target, they will not know where to look.  When the submarine carrier surfaces for just a few minutes, its aircraft will be inbound and it will be back under the water again moving to a new location which to recover its planes.  Its nothing more than the common Army “shoot ‘n scoot” tactics artillery pieces use to avoid counter-battery fire adapted to a naval environment.  And we are not only talking about dropping bombs on people, either, small detachments of troops can be inserted/extracted via submarine aircraft carriers to surveill and encircle the fleeting enemy who is not going to wave a hanky at a spy satellite or a drone plane flying overhead.

Communist Red China Already Looking at Submarine Aircraft Carriers to evade surface firepower detection/destruction!


side-view & head-on view



Submarine Amphibious Assault Ships: what the USMC should already be doing if it were smart

The Soviets realized that the way to land troops in light amphibious tracked tanks and supplies covertly was to use special submarines derived from the experiences in WW2. If the USMC had listened to their own Geiger Board in 1946, we’d already have amphibious assault submarines and light tracked tanks to bring marines ashore at a surprise location with speed, protection and superior firepower instead of the current helicopter foot slog clusterfuck from vulnerable surface ships reliving WW2.



Russia. I could just spit. They were never an ally.  NEVER.  History bears this out. I posted this under “Weapons” because our society has become entirely dependent on electronics;  computers control our infrastructure.  It isn’t just solar flares, or an EMP attack we need to be aware of.  Hammerhead gives us a perspective on Cyber terrorism that -no pun intended- hits the nail on the head. Reposted in its entirety.  X.

Cyber-Espionage: The Biggest Dangers are the Ones You Will Never Know About


For years, I slept fitfully after a “friend” told me that it wasn’t the noisy mosquitos buzzing in my ears at night that were a problem.  Instead, it was the female mosquitos that made no noise at all but laid eggs in your ears at night.  That image wrecked my sleep until the Internet helped me to dispel the myth years later.

The cyber threat is a little like the silent mosquito.  The biggest dangers are the ones that you will never know about.

However, if you follow the public discourse on the nature of the cyber threat to the U.S., it seems that the bulk of the dialogue has to do with the issue of hackers and the thousands of daily thwarted attacks against government and private computer systems.  It is almost as if the danger is easily detected, and a better password and up-to-date antivirus software can solve the problem.

However, the far bigger threat is from foreign intelligence and terrorist groups, who have the talent, resources, and wherewithal to do serious damage to U.S. interests – damage we may never realize until it is too late.  While we publically frame the problem by citing how many attacks are observed every day, the far bigger problem is hidden.  An intelligence organization’s job is to pick your pocket without you ever knowing anything is amiss.  You won’t make it very far as an intelligence officer if your adversary becomes aware of your activities.

Of the capable organizations that are determined to do us harm, perhaps the most competent, dedicated, and focused is Russia’s Special Communications Service, the Russian equivalent of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

Russia doesn’t do many things well (dancing bears, perhaps).  Spying, however, is a Russian specialty honed by decades of experience controlling its population and stealing from the West.  The U.S. has been their main enemy since WWII and remains so today.  Indeed, while we more often hear about Chinese cyber activities, the Russian cyber espionage enterprise is far more sophisticated and capable than its Chinese counterpart, according to statements by U.S. intelligence officials.

Unlike in the U.S., the Russian espionage effort is central to its foreign policy, and its offensive cyber capability is a particularly powerful weapon that is used to challenge the U.S. across the board.  Indeed, the Russian NSA equivalent is used for – among other things – cyber warfare, espionage, counterintelligence, internal control of its citizens, disinformation, and propaganda.  Russia’s cyber attacks – both blatant and stealthy – are used to achieve geopolitical ends and to maintain an asymmetric ability to damage the U.S.

The Russians have shown a willingness to use the cyber weapons at their disposal, and have done so effectively.  In 2007, the Russians swamped Estonian computer systems to express their anger at perceived Estonian disrespect of Russian symbols.  A year later, they combined sophisticated cyber intrusions with their military attack against Georgian forces.  More recently, they used offensive cyber tools to support their aggressive annexation of Crimea and eastern Ukraine.  We even witnessed Russian cyber probing of top U.S. financial institutions in 2013.

Internally, the Russians use cyber weapons to maintain control over their population.  By law, all private encryption equipment in Russia is required to be licensed by Russian Intelligence.  Likewise, all internet providers in Russia have to install hardware/equipment provided by the Russian NSA equivalent (and pay for it themselves).  There is no such thing as privacy in Russia.

While the U.S. Government is probably the biggest target of Russian cyber spying, you can be confident that they go after anyone and anything that can help them get what they need.  They surely steal directly from Yahoo, Google, Facebook, and social media platforms.  If they want to collect compromising information on a person in a bank, military unit, national laboratory, or nuclear power plant, you can be sure that they are swimming in e-mail and personal data that can help them craft an approach to that individual.

At the same time, the Russians are collecting the capability to understand and possibly disrupt our power grid, air traffic control, oil and gas infrastructure, and transit networks.  Additionally, recent reports cite a significant increase in Russian submarine surveillance activity in the vicinity of the strategic underwater fiber cables that facilitate commercial and classified communications.  This aggressive effort has intensified fears of Russian efforts to tap or cut these critical deep sea communication conduits that carry trillions of dollars a day in global business.

The only real way to protect ourselves from this kind of sophisticated cyber warfare is a robust public-private partnership between our intelligence and law enforcement services, and those companies that provide the backbone of our computer networks.  In this sense, perhaps the most damaging of Edward Snowden’s many traitorous acts was to destroy the trust between the private sector and our security professionals.  We are now talking past each other, and the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and others are having a field day.  Until those key relationships and trust is restored, we will remain in a vulnerable state.

So, the next time you hear a story about hackers attacking various computer networks, think of the buzzing mosquito, and remember that there is probably something much more dangerous happening away from public notice.

Read the Original Article at Cipher Brief

This video covers the EMP threat from China, other countries, and shows how bad this theft is. It is irksome that it has to come from RT.

Given how much we depend on technology, and the disastrous consequences of being abruptly cut off; grab the Advil, you’ll need it.   Source

Five videos on this subject-

From Special Forces Documentary HD YouTube channel,  Published on Dec 13, 2014

Given some of the info already admitted to in this video; the “future” weapons mentioned, including lasers, and EMP are likely a reality.

                                   Secrets of Future Air Power

In this video, Pierre Sprey, co-designer of the F-16 and A-10, would have us believe that the F-35 is a “lemon”.

the extended interview HERE

Now let’s hear from “the horse’s mouth”

F-35 Lightning II: Busting Myths   April 22, 1015

Part II  Published on May 8, 2015

Party III  Published on Dec 15, 2015

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is a family of single-seat, single-engine, fifth-generation multirole fighters under development to perform ground attack, reconnaissance, and air defense missions with stealth capability.[7][8] The F-35 has three main models; the F-35A is a conventional takeoff and landing variant, the F-35B is a short take-off and vertical-landing variant, and the F-35C is a carrier-based variant.

The F-35 is descended from the X-35, the product of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program. It is being designed and built by an aerospace industry team led by Lockheed Martin. The F-35 took its first flight on 15 December 2006. The United States plans to buy 2,443 aircraft. The F-35 variants are intended to provide the bulk of its tactical airpower for the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy over the coming decades.


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