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It Started with PAN / In My Life

I refrain from making big changes to my page unless necessary to maintain its integrity.

Those who have been long time allies with me here on WP, may recall that I started my political posts on Patriot Action Network.  [I previously mentioned having been suspended out of hand, for calling them out on platform issues, which prevented members from being able to make posts.]

Since then, with much “water under the bridge”, I finally tracked all the posts in my archives, saved the ones which I had reposted here, and deleted those which I had linked to but were no longer accessible. These can now be found under the menu category “PAN ARCHIVES”.  They include posts which were formerly under either Rogue Government, or Big Brother.

They represent many allies I can no longer communicate with, as well as former administrators who have since departed.  I have managed to keep in contact with a few of them, and they remain highly valued allies.  Regardless of age, the contents remain as valid today, as when they first appeared.

I noted another blogger started following my page.  The site name is America On Coffee.  This was motivation enough for moi to visit the page, who, not being a “morning person” agrees with Garfield; (Give Me Coffee and no one gets hurt)  but I had checked the Gravatar first, discovering that the author had no less than five sites.

I went to the above named site; it covers much of “America When” so to speak.  This trip down “memory lane” was both interesting, and frustrating.   Memory, such as it is, often proves very inaccurate from the actual thing remembered.

Much effort on the author’s part is evident – including background information on the covered subject.  Very old movies,  T.V., songs, people… the time span is from the early 1900’s forward.  The only “downer”; this theme has one of those “endless scroll” features, and there is no monthly archive list.  Unless you bookmark the spot last viewed, you will end up starting from the very beginning.

Here is a soupcon of what you’ll find there –

Watch “Mack the Knife-Bobby Darin” on YouTube

Watch “Mack the Knife-Bobby Darin” on YouTube

Bobby Darin (born Walden Robert Cassotto; May 14, 1936 – December 20, 1973) was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor of film and television. He performed in a range of music genres, including jazz, pop, rock’n’roll, folk, swing and country.

He started as a songwriter for Connie Francis, and recorded his own first million-seller “Splish Splash” in 1958. This was followed by “Dream Lover”, “Mack the Knife”, and “Beyond the Sea”, which brought him world fame. In 1962, he won a Golden Globe Award for his first film Come September, co-starring his first wife, Sandra Dee.

Throughout the 1960s, he became more politically active and worked on Robert F. Kennedy’s Democratic presidential campaign. He was present on the night of June 4/5, 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles at the time of Kennedy’s assassination. The same year, he discovered that he had been brought up by his grandmother, not his mother, and that the girl he had thought to be his sister was actually his mother. These events deeply affected Darin and sent him into a long period of seclusion.

Although he made a successful television comeback, his health was beginning to fail, as he had always expected, following bouts of rheumatic fever in childhood. This knowledge of his vulnerability had always spurred him on to exploit his musical talent while still young. He died at age 37, following a heart operation in Los Angeles.

Hat tip to this person. SOURCE

I seldom check the WP stats on my page…

On this occasion, I found other sites referrals, and clicked on one of them.  It went to the person’s site, revealing that it was a conservative (!)  lady college student, her college being University of Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide.  Interesting enough, while reading some comments on one of her posts, I noted she has a sister, also conservative, and attends LSU, home of the Tigers.

Two college football teams, bitter rivals, both of which I like.  And folks wonder why I call it the Wild,Wild,Web… (LMAO)

Her sister’s page banner caught my attention, (me being a s0-called -“Alt right”- type):

Diogenes' Middle Finger

Gotta love conservative millennials !

Anyway, I stumbled upon this little ditty, about Mr Diogenes, which deserves to be shared:


In Search of an Honest Man


ONE of my all-time heroes is Diogenes the Cynic, who spent most of his life chilling in his barrel outside the city-state of Corinth . He was the original Cynic because he believed that men and women lived a life dictated by rules and taboos and therefore no one was really truthful or honest. Actually Diogenes is my hero because he was witty, rude, and had little respect for authority. For example, when Alexander the Great rode down to visit Diogenes in his barrel, he offered Diogenes any gift of his choice. With a scowl, Diogenes snapped back his response: “What you’ve taken away, you can never give me.”
“Huh?” said Alex.
“You’re standing in my sun.”

What most people know about Diogenes is that he wandered around ancient Greece carrying a lantern and searching for an honest man. In Plaka you can find the figures of him and his lantern and Rataplan, his mangy mutt. What most people don’t know is why he went searching for an honest man when he believed, as a Cynic, that there was no such person.

A few scholars believe that Diogenes went on his fruitless search as an altruistic philosophical search for a truly evolved human being. However, my years as an archaeology student reading whatever was irrelevant to my studies revealed to me a darker reason. It may have had to do with the fact that he and his father had been accused of embezzling money from the Corinthian mint, where they had worked. Perhaps Diogenes was trying to prove that nobody is completely honest, and thus wipe the slate clean from his little misdemeanour.

Even though I don’t live in a barrel like Diogenes did, I did live out of my car in the exclusive Irodotou Attikou Street outside the Spanish ambassador’s apartment until one day I caught a policeman taking the plates off my car. I brought up the idea of paying him off in exchange for my number plates. But unfortunately, the amount he suggested was five times more than my yearly budget for traffic offences. So, being rather good at bargaining, I haggled. At which point, this honest copper threatened to arrest me, impound the car, and keep the plates.

Suddenly I was reminded of Diogenes, who as I mentioned was also was accused of something that most ancient Greeks did routinely. In fact, being caught with your fingers in the till was so common, that ancient Greek historians used to write with surprise and wonder about the one or two cases where men, having been entrusted with money or power, were actually straight in their dealings.
Indeed, when anybody tried to swindle the Romans in commercial dealings, the name the Romans called such actions was “Greek honesty.”

So I decided to follow my great hero’s footsteps and go in search of an “honest” man (or anyone who could help me get my plates back before 40 days.)

My first interviewee was the periptero (kiosk) man I buy my Rex Lights from. “Do you know an honest man?” I queried.
He winked at me, “I am,” and he grinned.
I kept my hand out for the rest of my change. “Really? What is an honest man?”
“Ah, an honest man is someone who says what they mean, doesn’t steal, doesn’t lie, and respects their responsibility to society.”
“Do you know anyone in the traffic police?” I asked.
“How much money do you have to spend?” he asked promptly.
I told him and he laughed. At this point, I knew my task here was difficult.

So I decided to simply concentrate on searching for an honest modern ancient Greek.
“Do you know of any other honest men in Athens ?”
He thought this over for a couple of seconds. “No.”
“How about honest women?”
He laughed.
“How about honest men on the islands?”
“Not a chance,” he said, and proceeded to recount the tale of being swindled at a tavern in Hydra after choosing a “fresh” fish.

I wandered off to continue my search. The next few people I asked had a similar response, ie yes, they were honest and of course they didn’t know anyone else who was.

In true modern ancient Greek tradition, individuality is the most important liberty. There is no sense of hypocrisy when people change their principles or lie to defend themselves, or attack others, or just for the fun of it. For example, we can take the great Athenian general, Alcibiades who, on a drinking binge with his mates, went around the wealthy streets of Athens breaking off the phalluses from the statues.

The Athenians, miffed at his juvenile antics, punished him by not letting him lead the campaign against the city of Syracuse , in Sicily . So, taking this with typical grace, Alcibiades went to Sparta and revealed the Athenians’ plans, which led to the Spartans crushing the Athenian expedition. A Spartan general, Pausanias, popularly known as The Lech, switched sides in a similar way.

Throughout Greek history, villages and towns have switched their allegiances, and this has been deemed acceptable and not punished because it was understand that it was usually a case of self-preservation.

So the modern ancient Greeks think themselves honest, as indeed I do. This is different from most of my Northern European friends who openly and freely admit that they are not always honest. This is shocking to me and my Greek compatriots, who would never admit such a thing.

Did Diogenes ever find his honest man? As far as I know, he didn’t. Nor did I find my cheap corrupt traffic cop. So I had to wait to get my plates back. Which I think somehow and in someway makes me an honest man.


“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)

A fictional film, with a scary message.



Pawn Sacrifice

checkmateThis is hardly the usual fare for my political page.  Posted under the category of People; because you will be drawn into the characters, and the times it reflects.

Anytime a movie is prefaced with “Based on a true story”, I’ve learned that based on (key words) means that among other forms of artistic license, they may add fictional situations, and/or characters to dramatize the story.  I’m posting it, with 45 minutes still to be seen.

Among the questions I’m asking myself; Was Bobby as egocentric, and arrogant as he is portrayed? Was he really paranoid?  Did he in fact have a priest (also a chess player) as a close friend, and confident?

In one scene, he even receives a phone call from Henry Kissinger.  Was that real or fictionalized?  The fellow who played Peter Parker in the first Spiderman movies is portraying Fischer.  They call this a “biography drama”, but in reality, -including the clever insertion of period music- the suspense factor for anyone who is a Chess fan, is palpable.

I could bet against any chance I’d be standing in line to buy an airline ticket; now or in the foreseeable future.  Unless He makes some very wonderful -and I might add dramatic- changes in my life, the odds of me ever needing such a ticket are about 10,000 to one.

Here is a break from the gaggle of issues we digest on a daily basis, in exchange for some benign and truly remarkable concepts in Aviation. These being conducted by brainiacs including those at NASA.

“Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed–and no republic can survive.”
User Morn

Found video courtesy of JCscuba – We The People:

Click on JFK image in sidebar to view text of this speech – His Address to ANPA.

First, this is NOT the Trump Kelly interview.  I have no idea why the YouTube channel gave this interview that title.  Second, while Fukushima suddenly looms as a dreadful threat to our wellbeing,  this question/answer interview, hosted by Senator Tim Scott exemplifies why we need Trump in office.  One of my frustrations has been the Regimes horrible insistence of telling everyone, enemies and all what we’re going to do, militarily, and policy-wise.  I have made posts about us acting as “the world’s policemen”.

Trump’s answer, with his excellent business acumen, is a better solution than I had in mind. (at 18:54 of the video)

I don’t know exactly how long ago this took place, and the date is not given. I do know it is the most straight forward, informative cross section of what Trump has in mind that I have ever seen.

Henry Flescher

A 92-year-old Holocaust survivor held a heartbreaking Reddit AMA, in which he answered questions about his experience, how he survived the ordeal, and how he has come to terms with the world after World War II.

Henry Flescher, originally from Vienna, Austria, took to Reddit — with the aid of his grandson — to help share the story of the Holocaust through the lens of a survivor of the tragedy. Flescher’s answers, although at times difficult to read, are more vital than ever as fewer Holocaust survivors are still alive.

We have shared some of the most powerful elements of Flesher’s story below.

His experience first started with an incredible twist of luck:

I was first sent to Drancy, a transit camp.

I was then transported in a cattle car packed with people with no food or water and one bucket in the middle to use as a toilet.

I was 16 18 at the time. The smell was unfathomable.

After six days in the train the train came to stop. The guards started to count men. They selected 300 men. I was number 298. We were taken off the train. The train then continued on its way to Auschwitz and everyone was killed.

I will never forget the number 298.

Continued at – Hammerhead Combat Systems

Updated 7-5-2016 (Typical – Original YT source video gone)

“Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart, until in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom, through the awful grace of God.”

Aeschylus in RFK’s speech; misquoting “despair” for “despite” upon the assassination of Martin Luther King (April 4, 1968).

“It seems to me what we’re doing when we mourn Robert Kennedy, is mourning our own lost possibilities”   Adam Walinsky – Aide and speechwriter

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