Speculation? Second guessing? Accusations of Trump being a neocon, a warmonger? Even some daring to compare him to Hitler? Take a hard look at the cost of freedom.  10,000 of our own were lost at Normandy.  We fought to annihilate a dire threat, to prevent it from ever being posed again. To decisively end it.

We didn’t fight to satisfy a “status quo”, to “win hearts and minds”, or be culturally correct.  Our troops were not hamstrung by fallacious, self destructive “rules of engagement”.

If we retained that mindset, and not cow towed to the U.N. in 1950, Korea would have been made a free country.  That “police action” cost us 33,600 killed in action.  More than 8,100 are still missing.  Exact statistics vary with different sources; from Wikipedia:

The threats we face today do not deserve one drop of American blood, for the sake of a “status quo”.  War is a last resort; and only when there is a clear, direct threat to us.  Moreover, this enemy will use any means to win; there are no clear battle lines, their guerilla tactics call for an entirely different approach.  Any of them, age notwithstanding can be a combatant.  When not warring with us, they are at war with themselves.  They seek to destroy our culture and replace it with theirs.  We shouldn’t be drawn into Syria, or other middle east involvement.  We’ve lost too many of our own, and spent too much.

Remember –


Clear Evidence That it Is 1861

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Posted by Gunny G – Link courtesy of comment at Free Republic

By —— Bio and Archives April 3, 2017

A caller asked a very pertinent question last week that I could not immediately answer. Namely, had any one compiled a list of accomplishments by the Trump Administration, instead of the liberal media’s focus on things most people do not care about.

Me being me, I wanted to find the answer and I did. I found it, coincidently, on the Sean Hannity TV Show. I guess there’s some truth to the scripture “ask, and you shall receive”.

One of Sean’s guests was Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President Trump, talking about the accomplishments of this administration so far. She was not talking about the stuff most Americans don’t care about, which the liberal media choose to focus on.

And another thing! President Trump and his administration are doing the things he campaigned on when he was candidate Trump. So why are the liberals and Democrats going ballistic over anything and everything he says and does? Answer: They are against anything and everything Trump to stop him from achieving his agenda.

First, let’s look at some early Trump accomplishments:

Created a positive tone from the top, inspiring businesses to grow again

  • Stopped regulatory attacks on businesses through executive orders

  • Unleashed America’s energy sector by rolling back business-killing regulations

  • Nominated originalist Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

  • Issued an EO for the IRS to not enforce the health insurance mandate or penalties, pending repeal and replacement of ObamaCare

  • Issued an EO to rollback unjustifiable EPA regulations

  • Stopped the growth of federal spending with a freeze on federal hiring

  • Proposed a $54 million increase in military spending to rebuild the military

  • Created jobs by encouraging businesses to stay and build in the U.S.

  • Renegotiating trade deals. approaching trade in a bi-lateral manner instead of doing group deals

  • Received more than 200 bids to build the wall along the U.S. southern border

  • Enforcing immigration laws, although that is being slowed by liberal judges

  • Empowering the military to defeat ISIS

  • Extreme vetting of refugees, although that is currently being blocked by the Courts

  • Appointed and got confirmed a new head of Veterans’ Affairs

  • The Trump administration has accomplished this and more while fighting off fake news, false news, speculative news, the Democrats and the Washington establishment – which includes some Republicans – in less than 100 days!

More at SOURCE

I suppose this would make good satire; suitable to be posted under that category, but no – it is a commentary.

Our beloved rogue government, courtesy of the Unconstitutional ACA act, (aka Unaffordable Care Act) incinerated what would have been a tax refund of something over seven hundred dollars.  To use a Generation X term, they Grudge effed me.

Circumstances beyond my control had resulted in having no health coverage all year; this was the year they really decided to up the penalty and punish the little guy.  I was also -because of near kaleidoscopic shuffling of my work schedule- unable to get available free tax preparation this year.  With little time remaining, before the deadline came around, it became necessary to pay a commercial preparer for this years filing…

To “commemorate” this Monty Python experience, I elected to have those (!) issue me a check, suitable for framing.  I hope it costs them more than the face amount.  I remain UN-amused.

From 1978:



Speak to me  On the lead in grooves to “Breathe”  Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon:

“I’ve been mad for f*****g years, absolutely years, been
over the edge for yonks, been working me buns off for bands…”

“I’ve always been mad, I know I’ve been mad, like most of us are…very hard to explain why you’re mad, even if you’re not mad…”

Well, I’m not mad; though the world might well be certifiable.

From Documentary

“In 2013, a Texas based company produced the first ever precision-guided firearm, a sniper that is essentially a long-range, laser guided robot rifle.

The rifle allows the bearer “skill free killing”. And it is available to anyone that can afford it. You can strike something from a ¾ of a mile away.

The technology is advanced to the point that beginners can kill someone at extreme distances with single-shot accuracy. They call it, the gun of tomorrow.”

I recently made a post about attacks on the second amendment, and the responsibility of gun ownership.   In my opinion there is no justification for this technology, except exclusively for the military.  Now, any guy off the street (with a clean record) could buy one of these…

It Started with PAN / In My Life

I refrain from making big changes to my page unless necessary to maintain its integrity.

Those who have been long time allies with me here on WP, may recall that I started my political posts on Patriot Action Network.  [I previously mentioned having been suspended out of hand, for calling them out on platform issues, which prevented members from being able to make posts.]

Since then, with much “water under the bridge”, I finally tracked all the posts in my archives, saved the ones which I had reposted here, and deleted those which I had linked to but were no longer accessible. These can now be found under the menu category “PAN ARCHIVES”.  They include posts which were formerly under either Rogue Government, or Big Brother.

They represent many allies I can no longer communicate with, as well as former administrators who have since departed.  I have managed to keep in contact with a few of them, and they remain highly valued allies.  Regardless of age, the contents remain as valid today, as when they first appeared.

Courtesy of  Socialism is not the Answer

1993 Clinton-Era Letter To Jeff Sessions Surfaces, DESTROYS Media Hysteria Over DOJ Firings

Free Republic

The liberal media is furious after President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, fired 46 attorneys appointed by the Obama Administration.  Every administration has the right and the prerogative to have its own appointees in seats of power.

We’ve seen this time and time again, regardless of who the President is.  But it’s ONLY when that President is Donald J. Trump that the media loses its collective mind.  For example, the media’s extreme bias is showing when you take a look at what we just dug up: A 1993 letter from former President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, to then-Attorney Jeff Sessions. Attorney General Janet Reno fired 93 U.S. attorneys (holdovers from the Reagan and George H.W. Bush days), leaving only one in New Jersey spared. This was in 1993 – the first year of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

continue … ^

Not exactly Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking”…

Mar. 02, 2017 – 4:37 – Jesse Watters ask Democrats if they agree with President Trump on anything on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’

Courtesy of Judicial watch, via Fox News – The O’Reilly Factor:

Mar. 06, 2017 – 5:35 – Charles Krauthammer Joins ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to discuss continuing conflict over the Trump presidency

Mar. 06, 2017 – 10:43 – ‘The O’Reilly Factor’: Bill O’Reilly’s Talking Points 3/6; Plus reaction from Newt Gingrich

Mar. 03, 2017 – 4:02 – ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ examines the legal implications for the Attorney General

Analyzing President Trump’s agenda

Mar. 03, 2017 – 7:08 – Karl Rove joins ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to discuss how the left is disrupting policy

I noted another blogger started following my page.  The site name is America On Coffee.  This was motivation enough for moi to visit the page, who, not being a “morning person” agrees with Garfield; (Give Me Coffee and no one gets hurt)  but I had checked the Gravatar first, discovering that the author had no less than five sites.

I went to the above named site; it covers much of “America When” so to speak.  This trip down “memory lane” was both interesting, and frustrating.   Memory, such as it is, often proves very inaccurate from the actual thing remembered.

Much effort on the author’s part is evident – including background information on the covered subject.  Very old movies,  T.V., songs, people… the time span is from the early 1900’s forward.  The only “downer”; this theme has one of those “endless scroll” features, and there is no monthly archive list.  Unless you bookmark the spot last viewed, you will end up starting from the very beginning.

Here is a soupcon of what you’ll find there –

Watch “Mack the Knife-Bobby Darin” on YouTube

Watch “Mack the Knife-Bobby Darin” on YouTube

Bobby Darin (born Walden Robert Cassotto; May 14, 1936 – December 20, 1973) was an American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actor of film and television. He performed in a range of music genres, including jazz, pop, rock’n’roll, folk, swing and country.

He started as a songwriter for Connie Francis, and recorded his own first million-seller “Splish Splash” in 1958. This was followed by “Dream Lover”, “Mack the Knife”, and “Beyond the Sea”, which brought him world fame. In 1962, he won a Golden Globe Award for his first film Come September, co-starring his first wife, Sandra Dee.

Throughout the 1960s, he became more politically active and worked on Robert F. Kennedy’s Democratic presidential campaign. He was present on the night of June 4/5, 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles at the time of Kennedy’s assassination. The same year, he discovered that he had been brought up by his grandmother, not his mother, and that the girl he had thought to be his sister was actually his mother. These events deeply affected Darin and sent him into a long period of seclusion.

Although he made a successful television comeback, his health was beginning to fail, as he had always expected, following bouts of rheumatic fever in childhood. This knowledge of his vulnerability had always spurred him on to exploit his musical talent while still young. He died at age 37, following a heart operation in Los Angeles.

Hat tip to this person. SOURCE


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