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Call to Action! Let Your Voice Be Heard.

And… Ask Your Friends To Join You.

By sending the following statement to all U.S. Senators, you are sending them a clear message of support for President Trump’s Executive Order to protect our nation!

Despite pushback from a handful of misguided state attorneys general and ultra-liberal judges I support President Trump’s NEW Executive Order on Immigration and hope you will do the same to protect America from terrorists and other criminal elements attempting to enter our country.

Supporting President Trump on NATIONAL RADIO:

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Received this from Firefox –

They had conducted a poll from users Re Privacy and Security.

Protecting our privacy and staying secure in the physical world is second nature. We lock our doors to keep out unwanted guests. We shut our blinds to thwart nosy neighbors. And we tuck away our wallets to foil thieves. It’s habit. And it’s common sense.

Yet online — where we shop, flirt, gossip and type unseemly questions into search engines — we rarely apply the same vigilance. We recycle passwords, we run outdated software and we volunteer personal information for a free coupon.”

“We” The collective we, is not MOI.

Included at the above URL:

User Control: Deciding who can collect your data

Cyber Security: Locking down your sensitive information

Government Surveillance: Keeping prying eyes and ears out of your business

Hungry for more?

Keep reading about Privacy and Security in our Internet Health Report.

I suppose this would make good satire; suitable to be posted under that category, but no – it is a commentary.

Our beloved rogue government, courtesy of the Unconstitutional ACA act, (aka Unaffordable Care Act) incinerated what would have been a tax refund of something over seven hundred dollars.  To use a Generation X term, they Grudge effed me.

Circumstances beyond my control had resulted in having no health coverage all year; this was the year they really decided to up the penalty and punish the little guy.  I was also -because of near kaleidoscopic shuffling of my work schedule- unable to get available free tax preparation this year.  With little time remaining, before the deadline came around, it became necessary to pay a commercial preparer for this years filing…

To “commemorate” this Monty Python experience, I elected to have those (!) issue me a check, suitable for framing.  I hope it costs them more than the face amount.  I remain UN-amused.

From 1978:



Speak to me  On the lead in grooves to “Breathe”  Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon:

“I’ve been mad for f*****g years, absolutely years, been
over the edge for yonks, been working me buns off for bands…”

“I’ve always been mad, I know I’ve been mad, like most of us are…very hard to explain why you’re mad, even if you’re not mad…”

Well, I’m not mad; though the world might well be certifiable.

From Documentary

“In 2013, a Texas based company produced the first ever precision-guided firearm, a sniper that is essentially a long-range, laser guided robot rifle.

The rifle allows the bearer “skill free killing”. And it is available to anyone that can afford it. You can strike something from a ¾ of a mile away.

The technology is advanced to the point that beginners can kill someone at extreme distances with single-shot accuracy. They call it, the gun of tomorrow.”

I recently made a post about attacks on the second amendment, and the responsibility of gun ownership.   In my opinion there is no justification for this technology, except exclusively for the military.  Now, any guy off the street (with a clean record) could buy one of these…

It Started with PAN / In My Life

I refrain from making big changes to my page unless necessary to maintain its integrity.

Those who have been long time allies with me here on WP, may recall that I started my political posts on Patriot Action Network.  [I previously mentioned having been suspended out of hand, for calling them out on platform issues, which prevented members from being able to make posts.]

Since then, with much “water under the bridge”, I finally tracked all the posts in my archives, saved the ones which I had reposted here, and deleted those which I had linked to but were no longer accessible. These can now be found under the menu category “PAN ARCHIVES”.  They include posts which were formerly under either Rogue Government, or Big Brother.

They represent many allies I can no longer communicate with, as well as former administrators who have since departed.  I have managed to keep in contact with a few of them, and they remain highly valued allies.  Regardless of age, the contents remain as valid today, as when they first appeared.

Migration as Jihad 


Interview with Dr. Bill Warner Ph.D — Israel, Islam and End Times

Israel, Islam and End Times

*                         *                         *

A personal observation reposted from an American Veteran’s blog:  [Note – Where “development”, or “history” are the appropriate words to use, I resent any form of the word “evolution”.  So I have made the needed correction; God is in charge, and Darwin’s damned theory is inappropriate.]

A Wake Up Call For Any American Who Gives A Damn!

Dateline: Hamtramck, Michigan

I have been reading the Hamtramck “Review” (A local newspaper serving Hamtramck, Michigan and I noted an article revealing a landmark shopping venue, The Polish Market, has announced their closing and is now history.

A sign on the property says that “Due to circumstances beyond our control we are forced to close.”

City leadership is lamenting the loss of the iconic shopping venue as “A loss for the city.”

Sounds like any other store closing brought on possibly be adverse financial circumstances at first look, doesn’t it?

I mean old, well-established and much-loved stores are closing every day in America and that is the way business in America has historically rolled, isn’t it?  Stores come and stores go.

But I believe there is an angle to this story that a lot of people are going to overlook or that isn’t going to get much play in the Press.

On reading a little further into the story, I discovered that the owner of the business had told the Hamtramck Director of Community and Economic Development that his store had been losing money every month …. with the demographic change in the city.”

With the demographic change in the city —– With the demographic change in the city —– With the demographic change in the city!

For decades Hamtramck had been known as a predominately Polish city.  But the hands of time have moved on and political correctness has become the order of the day and now Hamtramck’s majority population is ….. wait for it …. wait for it …. “Immigrants!”

And where are these majority of Hamtramck’s immigrants from?

They are from Bangladesh and Yemen — and Bosnia — and…  here is the kicker as far as I am concerned …   Most of these Hamtramck immigrants from Bangladesh, Yemen and Bosnia are of the …. Muslim …. faith.


Muslims now make up the majority of the demographic of once predominately Polish Hamtramck, Michigan and there are now reported to be at least a dozen other markets catering to that new Hamtramck demographic.

Some kind of unavoidable coincidence?

Or a pattern perhaps?

I do not know but I am going to assume that this demographic change was very slow and very subtle and that most of the original residents of Hamtramck probably had no idea of what was happening in their community — and if they did realize what was happening they probably had no voice in the development of that demographic change.

The question I have today is for my readers: “Does any of what I have just written look at all like anything that might be happening in the city, the town, the village, the hamlet, the neighborhood where you live?

I am going to venture a guess that this is a pattern that is spreading slowly across The United States and that before too much time has passed there are going to be a whole lot of Americans who will get blindsided by similar demographic changes in their own places of residence.

Is it a demographic change or is it a demographic replacement?

I ask, you decide!

Does it matter at all?

I would say that the question of whether it matters or not is a question for individuals to ask themselves because I do not think any concerns raised by individuals about such matters are going to receive very much attention from either the politically correct elitists in government or the press on their payrolls.

This is a question that everybody who reads this is going to have to resolve themselves.

Pass this on to Atheists you encounter –

Courtesy of  Socialism is not the Answer

1993 Clinton-Era Letter To Jeff Sessions Surfaces, DESTROYS Media Hysteria Over DOJ Firings

Free Republic

The liberal media is furious after President Trump’s Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, fired 46 attorneys appointed by the Obama Administration.  Every administration has the right and the prerogative to have its own appointees in seats of power.

We’ve seen this time and time again, regardless of who the President is.  But it’s ONLY when that President is Donald J. Trump that the media loses its collective mind.  For example, the media’s extreme bias is showing when you take a look at what we just dug up: A 1993 letter from former President Clinton’s Attorney General, Janet Reno, to then-Attorney Jeff Sessions. Attorney General Janet Reno fired 93 U.S. attorneys (holdovers from the Reagan and George H.W. Bush days), leaving only one in New Jersey spared. This was in 1993 – the first year of Bill Clinton’s presidency.

continue … ^

My most recent acquaintance on WP is a fellow who’s blog name is  Link to His “about” page

He isn’t a Trump fan.  Neither is he a liberal loon.  His background makes for a convincing resume.  I enjoy his comments; most of the time, I’ve not seen much in the way of intellectual feedback, and they are welcome, even if we have disagreements on certain issues.

So – I am making this post as a way of showing how our contacts can be inspirational, as well as encouraging useful debate.

For the longest time, one might say interminable, the left has made continual attacks on our second amendment.  The endless assault is both reprehensible, and -to be polite- unrealistic.

Criminals don’t give one hoot about law; to them, the left’s insistence on “gun free zones” and more regulations on gun ownership is an open invitation to pillage and plunder innocent lives.  Yet they’re so damned deluded, that they remain unconvinced, and want to put even more egregious laws in place.

The Moldy State of CA, (my satiric play on their nickname) is so anti-gun that a homeowner, in self defense of life and property, (and with much justification) could easily still be arrested, and find him or herself behind bars.

I don’t feel the need to list all of the heinous crimes which were part and parcel to these so called gun free zones; the most obvious situation to me were the Ft. Hood shootings.  Moreover the laws limiting magazine capacity is yet another infringement on gun owners, not the criminals whom we seek to protect ourselves from.

The original intent of the founders has been twisted almost into a pretzel by liberals, in order to convince the general public that more gun laws are needed,  in point of fact, trying to locate the actual number of laws on the books was rather difficult; I did find several references on various legislation, but no actual figures.

However, before I put links to those articles, the fact remains that the public (IMHO) has been conditioned to be afraid of the very tool which safeguards all the other amendments in our Bill of Rights.

Gun ownership is a great responsibility, not to be taken lightly.  Not merely the cost of purchasing one, but being properly trained in gun safety, (in the neighborhood of say $300. for a well versed instructor) the cost of practice rounds, a cleaning kit, holster, carrying case, and spare magazines.

Regular practice to refine ones accuracy, and becoming comfortable with their choice of weapon must also be part of this continuing education, as well as the local gun laws in their community.

Personally, I was never very enthused with hand guns; it was out of the need to obtain one in order to assume an armed position of employment, that I settled upon a Springfield Armory 9mm.  I like rifles very much; however, with no time, money, or experienced company to educate me, it is foolish to buy one just for its own sake.

Here are a few articles referencing gun laws- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Major federal gun laws

Most federal gun laws are found in the following acts:


Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (2005): Prevent firearms manufacturers and licensed dealers from being held liable for negligence when crimes have been committed with their products.

Gun laws in your state


For those interested, the National Firearms Act Handbook






Courtesy of

Trigger Reset


The federal government confiscated $1,084,840,000,000 in tax revenues in the first 4 months of the fiscal year — and still managed to spend $156,940,000,000 more than it took in. This amazing feat was accomplished by wasting the money in ways that defy any normal person’s imagination.

Source: Big Government Wastes Our Money ( $3 MILLION) Paying People to Eat Asparagus and Then Sniff Their Pee…

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