Political cartoon via my archives – “X”

The Declining American (Lame) Stream Media!

I cannot remember the last time I subscribed to a newspaper or a magazine of any kind. – I know it was a long time ago now. And what is my reasoning?

(1)  First of all my neighbors three or four blocks away kept getting my newspapers delivered to their house and pitching them into the garbage. (They told me.)

(2) I started buying actual toilet paper and paper towels – but I do miss using newspaper in the bottom of my bird’s cage.

(3) I decided the actual mission of too many of these things is not to inform and entertain me but are intended  to sell advertising to their sponsors and to piss me off as often as possible with the Liberal drivel they tend to rely on.

The President has been calling some of the MSM, “Fake News” and “Very Fake News” and I believe most of the people in America – the ones with enough brain matter left to form cohesive thoughts – are tiring of the Media “Attack Trump” Mode and are turning off printed media big time.  Now lately I guess a lot of the same kinds of Americans (At least 50% of the population) are waking up now and understanding that a lot of their TV news coverage is using the same business model … advertising sales first, needs of consumers for accurate news last.