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This time, it is a double edged sword.  Previously, on the rare occasion that a new credit card was sent to me, if chipped,  (despite having an RFID protective wallet) I would find the location, and use a paper punch to rid myself of this chip.  This meant the card could not be scanned, and only by “swiping” would a transaction be completed.

I recently received a new DEBIT card; I hadn’t opened the envelope for several days, and was surprised to find that it too had become chipped.  It contains a new set of account numbers I will need to memorize, and this occurred a good fifteen months prior to its original expiration date.  The header on the form containing the new card read “We’re replacing your current card which may be at risk for fraud”  *****RIGHT*****

As I was preparing to issue a check to my apartment manager for next months rent, I had not immediately de-chipped it.

Informing the manager of this new development, and my intention to de-chip it, I was told not to do this; apparently there is a new device (which 7-11’s are already implementing) that will not recognize your card,  if it doesn’t detect the chip.

Dated October 5, 2015, Via the FTC:

“To buy something in a store, instead of swiping your card, you’ll put it into a reader for a few seconds. Then you might have to sign or enter a PIN. With each transaction, the chip generates a unique code needed for approval. The code is good only for that transaction. Because the security code is always changing, it’s much more difficult for someone to steal and use.”

You should go to their site and check out some of the comments this post generated.  One demonstrates the need to keep up with notices you get about your existing cards.

I had one “encounter” with WFB, but it was their credit dept which was at fault.  The bank manager was on the line with them for the better part of an hour; the problem was corrected, but the credit dept never admitted they were at fault, and never sent a formal apology.  Some banks can be a total hemorrhoid when recognizing your consumer rights!

This example of technology being rammed down our throats is to be polite, disgusting.  How soon other merchants will adopt this technology is anybody’s guess.  The older stations that have you “swipe” your card will likely be replaced by these readers.   Essentially, this means you should shop around NOW rather than later for an RFID wallet, to avoid being scanned by a stranger in the course of doing business, and having your personal I.D. hijacked.

I could only hope this technology won’t apply to credit cards, though that is a somewhat forlorn hope…

I remain UNamused.   Please pass this along, and save others a migraine headache!


Courtesy of The Ripening Wanderer –  “For every time that Donald Trump says that Muslims have not done very well assimilating into the American society there comes along some sympathetic souls who declare their awareness of some that h…”

Source: The “Assimilation” Problem In America

Courtesy of JCscuba –  “If you have doubts about Muslim immigration, this might help clear them up!!!”

Source: Border guards found 52 tons of guns and ammunition in 14 Conex containers disguised as “furniture” for Muslim immigrants.

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A reminder that we are a Republic, NOT a Democracy:

A Republic, Not A Democracy

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The Dan Smoot Report The true form of the US Government is a Republic, Not A Democracy. Not merely a symantic difference. The Founding Fathers despised democracy. They formed a Republic to guard against rule by majority. First we were told we were a democracy, then the republic was transformed into a democracy. Now we are witnessing the democracy collapse into dictatorship. http://federalexpression.wo…
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Note – This blogs most recent post (Feb 5th 2016) is about an organization promoting an Article V convention, another red flag we need to take action on.  Read it HERE

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“With Tens of Thousands of Syrian refugees set to be imported into States across the Nation, apart from the OBVIOUS THREAT OF TERRORISM, consider the impact on these State and Local economies already strained or completely broken. Consider the amount tax dollars in the form of welfare that is going to be needed to feed, clothe and house these people. And what about jobs? In Communities where low paying jobs are the norm, such as retail sales and the food service industry for example, do you think an employer will continue paying somebody $9 to $10 an hour for a job they know they can hire one of these immigrants to do for Minimum wage? We can all hope for employers to think “America First” but it has been my observation that economic reality and the bottom line will almost always supersede Patriotism.”

Source: Crusader Corner: The Reality of Jihad by Migration in America

Large room with terra cotta-colored tile floor, a balcony, large arched windows, and creamy white tiled vaulted ceiling.

Above – The Registry Room, Ellis Island’s Great Hall

Credit: NPS Photo

“Between 1880 and 1930, over 27 million people entered the United States – about 12 million through Ellis Island. But after the outbreak of World War I in 1914, American attitudes toward immigration began to shift. Nationalism and suspicion of foreigners were on the rise, and immigrants’ loyalties were often called into question. Through the early 1920s, a series of laws were passed to limit the flow of immigrants.”  Source

During the last years of the nineteenth, and early years of the twentieth century, immigrants, whose first glimpse of America was the Statue of Liberty, with the New York skyline as a backdrop, must have had an indelible image placed in their memories.

This land of promise, of real freedom, the ability to pursue ones aspirations, hopes and dreams, devoid of the chains imposed by despots, resulted in a group of people who, among those already born here, were to become known as “The Greatest Generation”.

These were to become a joint brotherhood as Americans; not a suspension, but a blending of individuals from all ethnicities, no isolated allegiances to old cultures, but pledging their allegiance to America, understanding that they were to embrace the ideals, the foundations upon which she was formed, that our freedoms come from the Creator, not from mere men.

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants.  The concept of the “melting pot” has been undermined by decades of indolence, ingratitude toward so many who -indeed- pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, many died penniless; an indifference to these concepts, paid in blood by our forefathers, and the many Veterans who gave all, in the pitched battle to prevent Fascism from enslaving the nations in WW II.

Edmund Burke (1729-1797) said “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” The consequences of forgetting the lessons of history, have come back to haunt us – in spades.

This November may well decide whether – as Lincoln stated when ending his Gettysburg Address, “… this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

Abraham Lincoln
November 19, 1863


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The “Hive Mind” Part I

My first encounter with a large city came as an eight “going on nine” year old; a visit to Brooklyn, New York City over the summer.

Please note that my observations to a large extent, were a by product attributable to my age; the magnitude of these isn’t intended to portray New York as some kind of monster; just the physical reality, directly related to my age served to magnify my initial impressions.  Environment in this case was so very antithetical to that which I was familiar.

I did get an immediate sense of the Historical nature of this place; at this time, many of the buildings were still able to have been around at the time of our nation’s “adolescent period”.

Having been born in Arizona, going from unencumbered skies, as yet untainted air, being able to see a good thirty miles or more in any direction when on high ground, and a population of some 100,000; to a place where there were thousands of folks in a single block, towering buildings limiting ones view to the immediate area ahead, where the “sky” was a mere postage stamp, the dominant smell was that of  vehicle exhaust, and the only avian life seemed to be fat pigeons everywhere, was an affront to my sensibilities.

If you were unfortunate to be (given time of day) going the “wrong” way on the sidewalk, a literal tidal wave of humanity would halt any further progress.  There was an overriding cataphony of sounds; at no time could one expect even a moment of complete quiet.

Barred entrances, being “buzzed in” to others dwellings in one of those skyscrapers via an intercom system to verify who you were, was the norm.  The subway systems were accessed -if memory serves correctly-  at entrances on every block.  (They were an entire experience all their own, which I decline to describe here)

Folks were wearing sunglasses, though one could never actually see the sun, nor feel its warmth on your body.

This was an entirely different world, reminding me of nothing less than a literal beehive of humanity; a steel and concrete encapsulated sphere, with an attitude all its own, apart from the world at large.

Adults (at least) were able to walk down the bustling streets with more than a view of a sea of legs.  (I could laugh now, but at the time, it was NOT funny)

Even during a “lull”, say midday, when there were groups of people instead of a continuous crowd, a forward view was very limited.  There was little ability to perceive what was ahead, in direct opposition to the surroundings I was accustomed to; things simply presented themselves when you were almost upon them.  While this phenomenon was negated by being an adult, to me it was most annoying.

On one occasion, I was taken by surprise by an old church; part of the immediate grounds on its property, facing the street, were that of a graveyard.

The stone walled church made me come to a stop.  I had an immediate desire to go inside; but I knew I must quickly catch up with my adult companions, who (obviously) knew of this as just a part of their daily trek, while going about their business.

However, in the few moments while I lingered, I noticed the many worn tombstones in the yard adjacent to this church; coincidentally facing the immediate area of the street.  Peering through the barred iron gate, it was stunning to observe the “Born”, “Died”, dates were all 16 something or other; only a few visibly complete, having been worn away by the ravages of time.  Some were that of children who had passed away before they had reached the age of six.  The church and this graveyard marked a time prior to our nation’s very existence, when this area was part of Colonial life under British rule!

All sadly passe to the occupants of this great city…

So my visit to the “Big Apple” was as much an historical “field trip” as it was a summer vacation.  One never to be forgotten.


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott knows their Constitutional rights –

According to Abbott, Texas has accepted more refugees than any other state between October 2015 and March 2016.

“While many refugees pose no danger, some pose grave danger, like the Iraqi refugee with ties to ISIS who was arrested earlier this year after he plotted to set off bombs at two malls in Houston,” said Abbott.

*               *               *               *

Texas Gives Notice Of Intention To Withdraw From Refugee Resettlement (click on link above to be re-directed) Isn’t it refreshing when a State exercises it’s Constitutional Rights and r…

Source: Texas News: Texans Say HELL NO! to Federal Refugee Resettlement Program aka “Import a Welfare Recipient and Terrorist” Courtesy of Barney and Friends

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Socialism is not the Answer

Whether Hillary Clinton unexpectedly took today off to engage in scheduling collaboration with the larger elements of the radical left is an unknown. However, all of the elements are coming rapidly into confluence.

Prepare yourselves, your family and your friends, for a dangerously toxic, racially inspired, coordinated Democrat use of racism to drive an election.  The scope of what is coming has never before been witnessed in our lifetimes.


Hillary Clinton is in a complete state of electoral collapse. Her polling is far worse than what the media is capable of propping up.

Once the professional left cross a particular desperation threshold, what follows becomes predictable; this will be similar to Brexit’s “Operation Fear” only with a traditional American-left-wing twist, the use of race to drive the needed division.

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Courtesy of  Socialism is not the Answer

“It turned out that al-Qaeda hadn’t been erased after all.  Only honest discussion of it.  If questions come up about the Benghazi attack, just talk about that YouTube video.  If questions come up about the Muslim militias fighting tyrannical regimes in Libya and Syria, just talk about “the rebels.”  No need to mention that they are teeming with al-Qaeda cells fighting for the different tyranny of sharia.”

Source: Fifteen Years After 9/11, Blindness to the Islamist Threat Is Official Policy

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