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“Any government that supports, protects, or harbors terrorists is complicit in the murder of the innocent and equally guilty of terrorist crimes.”  George Bush

I am -ENRAGED- by this latest example of NDAA.

In the furor after 9-11, Americans forgot that (to paraphrase Reagan) “Government IS the problem”.  Congress permitted the Executive branch extreme powers, which should never have been allowed. That was the birth of the UNpatriot Act, given to then President George Bush.  I have previously stated that even if I trusted him with such powers, there was no assurance that succeeding administrations would not abuse them. Typical of his many contradictions, Obama, far from relinquishing those powers, expanded them a hundred fold with NDAA, making us a de-facto police state.

That brings us to the reason for this post. Freedom Outpost sent me an e-mail; the title?  Operation Jade Helm- Military trains for Martial Law in American South-West

Freedom Outpost writer Joe McMaster noted that  “A couple months ago the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) stated that the number one threat to the United States is none other than its own citizenry.”

“As far as Islam, they were not even mentioned in the report.  Instead, huge swaths of American culture and people were listed as the most likely threat to our country. These were some of the groups listed; Christians, Home Schoolers, Members of the Tea Party, Constitutionalists, Preppers (people who can food), Militia and the terrorist group they are most concerned about is returning combat veterans of the United States of America.

The more alert among us are already aware of this. As with so many other abrogations of our Constitutional rights, done by the Regime in the name of “safety and security”, you will recall that almost a year ago, they sent Federal SWAT teams to the State of Nevada; because of earlier events (Waco, Texas  Ruby Ridge, Idaho)  citizen militia groups from all across the country descended on my state to assist rancher Cliven Bundy against their assault. They finally left, after shooting, running a lot of cattle to death and destroying a spring used for water.

However, it is the last portion of this column that really “tripped my trigger”. (Caution – if anyone out there takes meds for hypertension, your blood pressure just might spike)

“This takes us to the next step, a joint military LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) exercise. This exercise is called, Operation Jade Helm.” It is slated to last eight weeks and cover seven states in the American South west; Texas and Utah being listed as Hostile States, New Mexico being mostly hostile, Arizona being mostly Friendly and California, Nevada and Colorado all being friendly states. This exercise is under the command of the American Military’s most elite forces, USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command). USASOC released an outline of the exercise and the units that will be involved.”

“We have Army Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine Special Operations Command, the 82nd Airborne Division and we also have some of our inter-agency partners such as the DEA, FBI and the joint personnel recovery agency that will be working with us.”

We used to look upon the police as our protectors; in recent years they have come to resemble a para-military force, with similar equipment. All this while Obama has permeated the government with Islamics, many with terrorist ties, and allowed the same type of infiltration within our military.

Joe concludes: “While The United States takes Hezbollah and Iran off the Terrorist list, I find it very hard to even accept what is taking place right in front of everyone, but nonetheless it certainly is.”

“I do not see any situation that would call for American Elite Special Forces, Airborne combat units and operators to engage in Martial law in the United States.”

Obama has levied war against our own citizenry; the situation is outright treason, Joe.

Source –   Freedom Outpost  

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How many  missiles have been sent into Israel from the land they gave up for “peace”?

On the heels of the successful campaign and reelection of Benjamin Netanyahu, The World Post posted a column by Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab; titled “World No Longer Bound to Defend Israel Internationally”  Source –

Right…  As if they ever did.  Israel alone has defended not only itself, but the west as well; One example, the neutralizing of Iraq’s Nuclear Accelerator:

“By 1979, Jafar became Vice Chairman of the Iraq Atomic Energy Commission and was responsible for dealing with the Iraq’s calutron program French on Osirak, the French nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq. On April 7, 1979, two days before a pair of reactor cores were to be shipped to Iraq, seven Israeli agents broke into a warehouse in the port of La Seyne-sur-Mer, near Toulon, and blew them up. On June 13, 1980, an Egyptian chemist hired by Iraq to work on spent fuel reprocessing was killed in Saclay were he had been sent for training. On August 7, 1980, the office of the Italian firm that supplied plutonium reprocessing technology to the Iraqis, was bombed. Finally, on June 7, 1981, Israeli aircrafts dropped several bombs on Osirak, scoring enough hits to permanently knock out the reactor.

The destruction of Osirak is certainly the first deliberate act of “counter-proliferation”,  and the event that must have given priority to uranium enrichment over plutonium production in Iraq’s nuclear weapons program.  The assertion put forward by most analysts, i.e. that Iraq’s calutron effort started after the bombing of Osiraq, is not plausible. In common with all other nations with nuclear weapon ambitions, all possible options for either producing plutonium or enriching uranium must have been studied right from the beginning.”

Where was the “international community” then?  Nobody had the courage to face them down; they were the same gutless wonders that they remain today.  It took the Israelis, in a surgical air strike so as to avoid civilian casualties, to knock it out.

The feeble two state solution, is no real solution at all. It calls for pre 1967 borders, which were a prescription for disaster, being virtually indefensible from enemy attack.  During the six day war, (stopped only by the same impotent “international community”)  Israel, who could have marched straight into Cairo, had gained the Sinai Peninsula,  Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights (from which Syria could attack) and the West Bank.

They gave up the Sinai in a peace pact, signed on March 26, 1979, with a sincere (!) Anwar Sadat; who, for his trouble, was assassinated in 1981, to be replaced by a not so friendly regime.  Now their main defensible buffer zone was gone. Israel has continued to give up land for peace; their reward?  More attacks much closer to home, and until the recent elections continued to support the less than equitable two state “solution”.

“The Hamas Charter since 1988 has always called for the total destruction of Israel. Israel wants to ensure peace for their citizens–Jewish, Arab and Christian alike. This story is not new. In August of 2005, Israel gave back Gaza to the Palestinians and got missiles and war in return.
As long as Palestinian schools leave Israel off their maps, their TV ads promote and justify suicide attacks, and their charter supports the total destruction of Israel, there’ll be no peace. Hamas does not want a two-state solution. They want a one-state solution. They want Israel gone.”  Source – Land for peace?

The so-called “international community” has now had a taste of what little Israel, not much larger than the state of New Jersey,  endured from its inception – a relentless attack from its Islamic neighbors, bent on its destruction.

Here is a geographic perspective:



And a further look:


Said “international community” has never succeeded in preventing further terror attacks by militant Islamic groups, nor has Israel’s willingness to trade land for peace produced anything but further assaults.  Palestinians have two governments:

Fatah, which supports negotiating for a two-state solution, and Hamas, which opposes direct talks and instead uses mass terrorism as a means to pursue its self-proclaimed goal of destroying Israel.   Source – What is the two state solution?

May as well admit that Hamas rules, and leave it at that.

Islamics will never, NEVER rest until Israel is destroyed. Attempting to make peace with them is as deluded as Neville Chamberlain returning from Nazi Germany, claiming “peace for our time” with the useless document signed by Adolph Hitler.




I noted ONR’s window Breaking News covered an AP post reflecting that Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party “scored  a resounding victory in the country’s election”


Just two comments made by AP’s Aron Heller and my responses:
“Netanyahu’s return to power for a fourth term likely spells trouble for Mideast peace efforts and could further escalate tensions with the United States.”
Not after we rid ourselves of the Muslim in the Whitehouse!
“Netanyahu, who already has a testy relationship with President Barack Obama, took a sharp turn to the right in the final days of the campaign, staking out a series of hard-line positions that will put him at odds with the international community.”
As far as the “international community” goes:



We have a lot on our plates. Thanks to the internet, -no thanks to the MSM- I have become aware that Israel may be as politically divided as we are here in the U.S.

In a posting by The Hill, it was reported  “Exit polls on Tuesday found Israel’s parliamentary elections are too close to call.”

“Even the most prominent parties in Israel typically only win a plurality of votes, in which case it’s up to that party’s leaders to negotiate a coalition that brings them the majority of the body.

Israel’s Channel 10 projected after the polls closed Tuesday night that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party and the Zionist Union slate would each take 27 seats in the next parliament, The Times of Israel reported.

Channel 2 found that Likud had a small lead, with 28 seats to Zionist Union’s 27.

With the race that close, it was not immediately clear if Netanyahu would retain his grip on power.””

Why is this so important?  We need to have a clear account of what’s happening, their safety, and security is critical. They are the linchpin to future world events; especially with the rise of ISIS and other Islamic elements throughout the Middle East, and now, in other parts of the world.

The post commented “If the exit polls hold, or remain reasonably close, all eyes will turn to Moshe Kahlon, leader of the newly founded Kulanu Party, who split from Netanyahu’s Likud Party in 2013 and is expected to pick up as many as 10 Knesset seats in today’s election. Kahlon’s strong showing positions him as kingmaker, with both Netanyahu and Herzog likely requiring his support to pass the 60-seat threshold needed to form a coalition”

Again, why is this important?

The post further comments “President Obama remains committed to working very closely with the winner of the ongoing elections to cement and further deepen the strong relationship between the United States and Israel,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday afternoon. “The president is confident that he can do that with whomever the Israeli people choose.”

While our government “has remained officially neutral in the elections”, there is no love lost between Obama and Netanyahu. We realize Obama’s true intentions toward America, none of them good; so his “commitment to work closely” and further deepen the strong relationship between the United States and Israel” is just so much bunk.

Now we get a glimmer of the crucial nature of the current elections:

A government led by the center-left Zionist Union, led by Isaac Herzog, could give Obama the chance to rebuild ties with Israel at a critical time for a potential nuclear deal with Iran.

Pardon me if I see a red flag when the term “center-left” raises its head.  “Herzog has pledged to help mend U.S.-Israel ties and re-start peace talks with the Palestinian territories.” the post continues, but while “Herzog has been hesitant to throw his full support behind a nuclear deal with Iran.” I am unconvinced the he would be as insightful or as strong in leadership, which we see with Netanyahu.

Moreover, this statement, “I trust the Obama administration to get a good deal,” Herzog told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg in an interview last December. “We hope they’ll get the best deal possible.” makes me want to puke.  No “deal” they make with Iran can be any good.

The post concludes:  Herzog, however, said “we should not rule any alternative off the table” until a deal is struck.

“We shouldn’t be naïve to believe that if there’s a deal, all is well,” he added, adding that strict supervision is needed because “the policies of the Iranian regime are clear to us.”

I  think this is a real nail-biter; Herzog IS naïve to trust the Obama administration at all. With the elections so close, it remains to be seen whether Netanyahu will have the last word, or if a “center-left” leadership emerges in Israel.

Source –  The Hill

Some of my WP allies are going through another bout of  WordPress  IT techs fixing what isn’t broken.   BTW, there was no option for placement of the images here, as is -ahem- normally part of posting images from the Media file…

Anyway, here is a selection of stuff from my media file:


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Hitting the nail on the head…

Courtesy of Bob B. at One Nation Rising

We can’t continue to settle! We cannot endure two more years of the lack of leadership in the position of Speaker or Majority Leader. Demand from your elected officials in Congress that these two be replaced by someone who knows how to use those positions to stop this destructive Obama agenda and do it now.

Courtesy of John Pastirchak’s post on One Nation Rising

Bibi Single-Handedly Succeeds Where Republicans Always Fail– He Neutralized Obama

Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses Joint Meeting of Congress

Delivering his long anticipated address to Congress today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears to have achieved with one speech what a Republican-controlled Congress has failed to do for sixty days.  If only for a while, he single-handedly neutralized the Obama propaganda campaign for foreign policy.  He did so not with the disingenuous dissemination of lies born of an ideological wish list typical of a state of the union address, but rather through a simple provision of facts, uncut by politics and seasoned by reality.

The statesman that he is, Netanyahu hastened at first to defuse tensions; clearly hostile to Congress’ invitation, Obama had made no secret of a fear of being upstaged by a far more qualified, confident and honest world leader than himself.  Bibi sought to reassure him otherwise with a wealth of overtures thanking the President for authorizing aid following Israel’s catastrophic forest fire in 2010.  The Prime Minister also thanked Obama for providing aircraft needed for surveillance and defense.  Then he got down to the business at hand, a speech citing a litany of the obvious: the peril of a nuclear Iran and the threat it would pose, not just to his home country, but to the world at large.  Discreetly but thoroughly, he exposed the shortcomings and risks of the administration’s deal with Iran, the one Obama insists is a good one, but which Netanyahu knows would fail.  As he warned, far from blocking Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the deal would “pave” the road to it’s achievement.

If you watched the speech, you probably witnessed the the Democrat’s response and wondered if Kentucky Senator John Yarmuth had watched the same address the rest of us saw.  But shocking as it was, you can balance Yarmuth’s charge against Netanyahu of political one-upsmanship with little more than a grain of salt.  Yarmuth’s post-speech tirade had all the earmarks of a rebuttal by the opposition following a state of the union address, so likely it was written well in advance, predating today’s speech perhaps as much as a whole week.  His rebuke therefore would have been scripted in a vacuum.  Yarmuth could hardly have anticipated his fellow Democrats joining Republicans in those standing ovations.  Rolling cameras even caught a misty-eyed Nancy Pelosi desperately trying to maintain composure.  Of course, this is politics, so the editing of history is fair game; hastening damage control, a squirming Pelosi later clarified being upset by Netanyahu’s chutzpah, not touched by his message.

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 may go down in history as Obama’s worst day in office.  He didn’t actually lose a fight, he lost the PR battle, and that’s bad enough for a Narcissist.  Politically, the Prime Minister of Israel publicly yanked the President’s britches down to his ankles and proceeded to administer a very public thrashing.  Likely enjoying the spectacle was House Speaker John Boehner who, give him credit, was the one responsible for arranging today’s speech.  But Boehner too should be feeling a little breeze between his knees; he, along with his Senate counterpart Mitch McConnell, have failed over a stretch of two months to do what Netanyahu accomplished with one speech.  For the moment at least, he STOPPED OBAMA.

In comments later, Obama appeared uncharacteristically shaken.  He’d been outclassed and he knew it.  But he too engaged in damage control. Like a guy who gets hit by a car and then tries to walk away as if nothing happened, the belligerent chief executive brushed off questions, merely saying he heard nothing new from Bibi’s address, and holding tight to his earlier less than air-tight stance that he wouldn’t watch the speech. He said he later reviewed some video clips.

Don’t kid yourself. The sting Obama suffered today will ease in time.  It won’t be enough to stop him. Besides, that’s congress’ job.  He’ll be back.  Already we are hearing authorized leaks of a plan for another executive action, this time aimed at closing business loopholes in the tax code. For now, let’s hope that Congress picked up some pointers today from the inspiring oratory of a true leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.


 At CPAC, who attacked the damnable, hamstringing Military “Rules of Engagement” ? Was it Scott Walker? Donald Trump? (I found his speech to be direct, honest and bold) Rand Paul?No. None of these potential candidates directly addressed this issue. Who did? SARAH PALIN !

We didn’t go to war to defeat fascism under any liberal, political, or other “rules of engagement”; only one “rule”, go and annihilate the enemy so they could pose no further threat.

At CPAC, Sarah immediately spoke up for veterans, the issues they are facing, and how we’ve failed to follow through with our obligations to them in view of their service and sacrifice.  

She hit the proverbial nail on the head. To H*** with politicians hamstringing our military!  You’ve got to see this bold and direct statement, that, to my knowledge, has not been addressed by any other speaker:

 I think the question/answer segment afterward was unduly abbreviated. Sarah was almost too polite. No need to say “sorry.”   It is the American public that should be sorry.  X

Primal Scream

The death spiral; more specifically the series of events, and the direction America has taken since 2001, has made Bible prophecy all the more apparent. I can’t go a single day without being outraged by what has been a continual denial of the truth, to be replaced with a philosophy of calling evil, good; and good, evil. (See Isaiah 5:20)

Two items from my inbox took me by storm.  A blog post by Socialism is not the Answer, taken from Independent Sentinel; the second from Media Research Center, with a speech by Brent Bozell,  its Founder and President, at 2015 CPAC.

I reluctantly submit that it is time for a public uprising.  

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government…

Thomas Jefferson (The Declaration of Independence)

Too many words have been said, too much “working within the system” has been tried, only to fall on deaf ears.

First, the speech by Mr. Bozell –

As if the Rogue Government hasn’t already done enough – shredding the Constitution, NDAA, and just now, having taken over the Internet, check out this video.

Via Independent Sentinel – courtesy of  Socialism is not the Answer:

“The White House has plans to legalize 13 to 15 million illegal immigrants who will then establish a “country within a country.”

The following Mark Levin interview with Susan Payne is shocking but it also puts all the pieces into place.

Susan Payne is a contributor to WCBM, Baltimore and Co-Host of the Pat McDonough Radio Show.”

Breaking…WH Plans to Develop a “Country Within a Country” of 15 Million “New Americans”


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