I have made posts regarding Agribusiness and our  food supply; Monsanto and GMO’s, and the PBS documentary Food INC.  This is -largely- not news to me; however there are examples here that I did not know, and felt needed public exposure. PLEASE pass this on. “X”


Washington, D.C. is a city obsessed with power. It has an almost magnetic draw that calls to people thirsty for control. People who want to climb the political ladder and become your master.

And they’re succeeding. Today, the government has a more direct impact on your life than at any other time in history.

Washington has used legislation to strong-arm itself into medicine, farming and food distribution, energy production, banking, capital markets, education, scientific research and more.

I challenge you to find a single area of private enterprise – or even family life – that the D.C. elite haven’t tried to control.

Now, you could ignore what’s happening. But it would be at your own peril.

Our goal is to help you understand what’s really going on in D.C.  We believe you deserve the truth.

Capitol Hill Daily has assembled a team of thinkers, researchers, D.C. insiders and political experts with one goal in mind: to keep you informed, so that you can protect yourself from the jackals that run Washington.

That’s why we’re personally challenging you to read our content for the next 30 days and see for yourself. If we’re doing our job effectively, you should feel more informed and better prepared to protect yourself, your family and your hard-earned money.

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Your God-Given Right to the Truth

By ROBERT WILLIAMS, Publisher, Capitol Hill Daily

As I told you yesterday, what you’re about to read is likely to shock you and represents only a brief glimpse behind the government’s increasingly thick veil of secrecy.
Although Capitol Hill Daily is doing everything in its power to keep its readers informed, the government continues to behave like a secret society in and of itself. Today, I’ll furnish even more proof.
* * *
I don’t enjoy being the bearer of disturbing news, but I’ll come right out and say it…
The food you’re eating is not safe.
Worse yet, as a hidden document I’m about to reveal proves, the government knows it isn’t safe.
Try not to worry too much, though.
In this article, I’ll tell you what’s going on… why I’m so concerned… the steps you can take to protect yourself… and I’ll even show you a unique, underlying opportunity.

Publisher’s Note About Next Week: My team is polishing off a brand-new report this moment – one directly associated with the topic of today’s article. The report details an incredible silver lining for investors. Be sure to check your inbox in exactly six days. The subject line of the email will be “Bone-Chilling News From America’s Ports (Be Very Afraid).”

The reality is that food-borne illnesses already hit roughly 76 million Americans every year.
Such illnesses will send 325,000 people to the hospital over the next 12 months, where 5,000 will ultimately die (mostly either elderly or children).
Yet the problem is far, far worse than anyone realizes.
You see, our nation’s farms are now being run like corporations – they hold profits in higher regard than everything else.
For starters, pesticide use is through the roof. In fact, to foster the highest possible crop yields, approximately 5.1 billion pounds of pesticides are used in the United States every year.
Likewise, our cows, hogs and chickens are being pumped full of steroids to ensure that they’re bigger and fatter.
And the Department of Health and Human Services estimates that the livestock industry uses 29 million pounds of antibiotics each year.
Have you ever heard of ST398? (You likely haven’t; the government would like to keep it hidden, too.)
It’s an antibiotic-resistant staph infection – sometimes called “Pig MRSA” – that’s slowly spreading into the general population of farm animals.
Scary stuff, indeed!
More troubling still, the age of globalization in which we presently live has food coming into our ports from virtually everywhere. While you might think that all the food is being inspected, as I’m about to show you, it’s not!
The conditions through which our food is supplied to us are hazardous.
I arbitrarily picked a week from 2012 (October 15 – 19) to see what I’d find in regards to food warnings.
Well, the following “food recalls” were posted on the FDA’s homepage (take note that this happens EVERY week)…
October 19, 2012 (recalled) – Wegmans Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownie mixes due to tainted milk and pecans.
October 18, 2012 (recalled) – Better Valu Fruit Whirls cereal due to tainted almonds.
October 17, 2012 (recalled) – Iskream ice cream due to salmonella.
October 17, 2012 (recalled) – Dole salad due to listeria monocytogenes.
October 17, 2012 (recalled) – Boots & Barkley pet treats due to salmonella.
October 16, 2012 (recalled) – Gless Ranch, Sun Harvest, Torn and Glasser, and Sprouts peanut butter due to salmonella.
October 16, 2012 (recalled) – Fresh Pak and Energy Club peanuts due to salmonella.
October 16, 2012 (recalled) – Publix frozen shrimp due to tainted soy.
October 15, 2012 (recalled) – Green & Black’s candy due to salmonella.
October 15, 2012 (recalled) – Hines and Dollar General in-shell peanuts due to salmonella.
October 15, 2012 (recalled) – Earthbound Farm salad kit due to salmonella.
How did the FDA know to recall these products? People got sick!
(You can track up-to-the-minute food recalls by following this link. To view some common mistakes that we all make when handling and eating food, click here. **  And be particularly careful with peanuts, peanut butter, cantaloupes and eggs, as they represent the main culprits of food-borne illness.)
I know what you might be thinking…
“I’m not that concerned, Robert, because I have a safety net. It’s called the FDA. The agency exists as a last line of defense between tainted food and me getting sick.”
My response? Not so fast!
What if I told you that my Capitol Hill Daily analysts intercepted a recent document filed by the Commissioner of the FDA to lawmakers… and, in that document, the FDA confesses (in detail) that it’s totally asleep at the wheel?
Would that grab your full attention? I hope so!
The FDA regulates $417-billion worth of domestic food and $49-billion worth of imported food each year.
It oversees more than 420,000 domestic and foreign food facilities, and devotes roughly 1,300 full-time staffers to conduct food and feed inspection and investigational activities.
It presently has 22,325 domestic food firms classified as “high risk,” in regards to having a history of food contamination issues.
Here’s where it gets scary. Really scary.
According to the document we uncovered, of those 22,325 “high risk” firms, the FDA inspected less than half of them last year. (Yikes!) And that’s not the worst of it.
As it turns out, imported food poses an even greater health threat. Of the 10.4 million food lines imported last year, the FDA admits that only 2.3% were physically inspected.
Yet our policymakers assure us that the FDA is out there conducting inspections. I assure you it’s not, as the following excerpt clearly spells out…
“The usual sequence of scheduling certain facilities for inspection and then striving to meet a benchmark did not take place.” – The FDA
Our investigation into this troubling situation suggests that it’s simply the result of cost-cutting measures by the government.
Capitol Hill Daily’s response? We can list 1,000 other government programs to cut that won’t put the public’s health in jeopardy. And we’re happy to furnish our list should anyone on Capitol Hill ask for it!
But believe it or not, there’s a silver lining.
Despite the bad news, all is not lost. In fact, hidden in this sea of oversight is a unique opportunity. You don’t want to miss this one – so check your email in six days. Look for the report titled “How to Turn the FDA’s Massive Backlog into Even Bigger Profits“.
Until then!
Robert Williams Publisher, Capitol Hill Daily

P.S. Speaking of secrets… I just released the shocking results of my investigation into the secret affairs of our nation’s highest lawmakers. While the investigation exposes – at times, even embarrasses – Capitol Hill’s most esteemed aristocrats, even I’m surprised by the findings. In fact, I now know things that very few Americans know. Shocking things. It’s scary, actually.
To view the investigation now, just click here.



Dangerous Food Safety Mistakes


Sometimes a simple mistake can have grave consequences. What may seem like a small food safety mistake can cause serious illness with long-term consequences.

When it comes to some germs, such as Salmonella, all it takes is 15 to 20 cells in undercooked food to cause food poisoning. And just a tiny taste of food with botulism toxin can cause paralysis and even death.

Here are some common food safety mistakes that have been proven to cause serious illness.

Mistake #1: Tasting food to see if it’s still good

Why: You can’t taste (or smell or see) the bacteria that cause food poisoning. Tasting only a tiny amount can cause serious illness.

Solution: Throw food out before harmful bacteria grows. Check the Safe Storage Times chart to be sure.

Mistake #2: Putting cooked meat back on a plate that held raw meat

Why: Germs from the raw meat can spread to the cooked meat.

Solution: Always use separate plates for raw meat and cooked meat. The same rule applies to poultry and seafood.

Mistake #3: Thawing food on the counter

Why: Harmful germs can multiply extremely rapidly at room temperature.

Solution: Thaw food safely:

    • In the refrigerator
    • In cold water
    • In the microwave

Mistake #4: Washing meat or poultry

Why: Washing raw meat or poultry can spread bacteria to your sink, countertops, and other surfaces in your kitchen.

Solution: Don’t wash meat, poultry, or eggs.

Mistake #5: Letting food cool before putting it in the fridge

Why: Illness-causing bacteria can grow in perishable foods within two hours unless you refrigerate them

Solution: Refrigerate perishable foods within 2 hours (or within 1 hour if the temperature is over 90˚F.

Mistake #6: Eating raw cookie dough (or other foods with uncooked eggs)

Why: Uncooked eggs may contain Salmonella or other harmful bacteria.

Solution: Always cook eggs thoroughly. Avoid foods that contain raw or undercooked eggs.

Mistake #7: Marinating meat or seafood on the counter

Why: Harmful germs in meat or seafood can multiply extremely rapidly at room temperature.

Solution: Always marinate meat or seafood in the refrigerator.

Mistake #8: Using raw meat marinade on cooked food

Why: Germs from the raw meat (or seafood) can spread to the cooked food.

Solution: You can reuse marinade only if you bring it to a boil just before using.

Mistake #9: Undercooking meat, poultry, seafood, or eggs

Why: Cooked food is safe only after it’s been cooked to a high enough temperature to kill harmful bacteria

Solution: Use the Safe Minimum Cooking Temperatures chart and a food thermometer.

Mistake #10: Not washing your hands

Why: Germs on your hands can contaminate the food that you or others eat.

Solution: Wash hands the right way—for 20 seconds with soap and running water.