University where Obama spoke instructs in ‘this type of  violence’

The curriculum used to instruct young Egyptian students includes permission  for them to use Christians and others as lunch, according to a startling report  from Walid and scared face Theodore Shoebat, on the website for Walid Shoebat, a former Muslim  Brotherhood member who is now a peace activist.

“In the future, the Egyptian Islamists will not only be conducting systematic  violence, but cannibalism against Christians and moderates,” they reported,  citing a video interview from a man identified as “One Egyptian scholar” that is  online.

The teachings are from the curriculum coming from Al-Azhar University, “the  most reputable of all Islamic schools,” according to the report that includes  video from the Eretz Zen Channel.

The scholar said, “Listen also to what they teach to kids … It says … We  allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans … under necessary  conditions.”

“Egypt is  merely going back to its heathen roots,” the report said. “In ancient Egypt  human sacrifice was followed by ritual cannibalism. On the temple of Edifu, all  lands foreign to Egypt are pictured as being under the feet of the pharaoh, as  four men, their arms bound, are about to be ritually sacrificed. As the  sacrificial victims are awaiting their deaths, a person hovers over them,  reciting the ‘Book of the Subduing of the Nobility.’

“This rite was part of an annual fertility ritual, the depictions of which  have netted birds, fish, and mortals, as representing the enemies of the pharaoh – Asiatics, Bediun, Nubians, and others – which were to be eaten for ‘breakfast,  lunch, and supper,’” the report said.

“By consuming the flesh of their enemies, the Egyptians believed that they  would absorb their desired qualities.”

The Egyptian scholar, whose name was not included in the report, spoke on  video, complaining of the teaching curriculum for current Egyptian students.

“This stuff is being taught to kids at al-Azhar (a religious university),” he  said. “This is what is being taught to kids right now. When they teach them this  kind of stuff, their minds cannot accept civilization any more.”

He quoted from the curriculum: “We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead  humans… under necessary conditions. It (human flesh) must not be cooked or  grilled to avoid Haram (evil) … and he can kill a murtadd (apostate) and eat  him.”

The report  said the university finds its “support for cannibalism in Islamic authority. It  explains that the justification comes from Al-Shafie, considered a founder  of Islamic jurisprudence, who wrote, “One may eat the flesh of a human body. It  is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because  he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other  Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his  body.”

See the video, with captions:   http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/high-schoolers-told-cannibalism-allowed/#ooid=BwNXN1ODr1PZ61uzbNn5TYsvdsh7K5ZY

The report points out that it was at Al-Azhar in Egypt that Barack Obama gave  a 2009 speech “which empowered the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The report said the scholar “also added that the support for cannibalism from  Al-Azhar will give the justification for ‘the establishment of committees for  Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice that’ll carry out this stuff…”

The scholar identifies the book from which he is drawing his information as  from the Azhari Colleges Section, Central Administration for Books, Libraries  and Teaching Aides for third-year high school students.

“This sentence was taken from Page 256, from this year’s edition,” he  said.

The Shoebats reported also that other incidents in the history of Egypt bear  out the use of such depravity.

“If one thinks that the Muslims have evolved into a modern mindset, one must  remember what took place in Ramallah in which two Israeli soldiers were beaten  and tortured to death, their bodies thrown down a window to the sounds of ‘Allahu Akbar,’ and their flesh then chewed by the crowd,” they wrote.

“Muslims in Ramallah held body parts of [an] Israeli while they cried out, ‘I  eat the flesh of my occupier!’”

The report said there already is rampant violence by Islamists in Egypt.

It said in November 2012 “mobsters” entered a shopkeeper’s store to use his  restroom. Owner Ahmed Gharib told them they needed to ask permission, so a few  minutes later 30 bearded men arrived to “discipline him for insulting a  religious figure,” the report said.

They tried to cut off his hand, but he fled, the report said.

“Egypt’s new constitution already establishes that the nation will be having  a Saudi-style Shariah police which will be implementing not only this sort of  violence, but the eating of human flesh. [President Muhammad] Morsi’s coming ‘moral’ mafia and mere Egyptian individuals will be given the power to partake  in such barbarism,” the report said.

The Shoebats noted the nation’s new constitution “mandates that any Islamic  edict coming from the government must first go through Al-Azhar University  scholars. This means that the OK for cannibalism will be observed in Egypt.”

Ted Shoebat had  reported only a few months earlier that there was a case in Egypt where two  brothers slaughtered their mother, sister and aunt.

They reportedly had said their sister’s behavior was contrary to  morality.

That was followed shortly by a report “of a butcher in Egypt who had killed  his wife, flayed her flesh off the bone, and put it for sale as lamb in his  market.”

At the time, Ted Shoebat warned, “The perverseness which has evidently  possessed the Egyptian masses, who have recently elected Mohammad Mursi, an open  member of the Muslim Brotherhood, will only escalate as time moves on. The  multitude of maniacal Egyptians is only gradually turning into a crowd of  zombies.”

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