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Bank of America Leads Charge Against Guns

mass-murder-gun-controlThe Democrats’ campaign against the Second  Amendment is obvious and expected after the Sandy Hook shootings.

But the gun grabbers are also getting some help from Bank of America.

According to Joe Sirochman, owner of American Spirit Arms, the bank out of  the blue on Dec. 18 decided to delay processing deposits, threatening his  company’s operations.

American Spirit, like other gun sellers, has seen a huge increase in online sales in recent months, up 500 percent, according to a Dec. 29 Facebook posting  by Sirochman.

The company has been a BofA customer for more than 10 years and had no problems until last month, when the bank held up the company’s online  deposits.

Sirochman said he got the run-around until he finally was connected with a  manager who told him, “We believe you should not be selling guns and parts on  the Internet.”

The company has since found a new bank, Sirochman said Monday. “We had to  fight tooth and nail to get them released,” Sirochman wrote. “We have now gotten  most of the deposits and have set up new accounts with a local bank.”

This is not the first time BofA has singled out customers involved in gun  manufacturing and selling, but the timing of the punitive review of American  Spirit’s accounts, just the second business day after the Sandy Hook shootings,  puts the bank clearly on the side of the gun grabbers and the current push by  the White House to eliminate the Second Amendment.

While it’s unknown if BofA management decided on its own to go after American  Spirit, it would not be surprising if there were a phone call from Obama  Administration officials directing the bank’s attention toward the gun  seller.

The bank is a major contributor to the William J. Clinton Foundation.  Chairman Charles Holliday is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and has  deep ties to numerous liberal causes and businesses that support the Left’s  agenda. CEO Brian Moynihan is a director of BlackRock Inc., one of BofA’s major  investors and a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations, which was  founded in part by Bank of America.

The Council on Foreign Relations “think tank” is the octopus that has its  tentacles in the United Nations, the Obama Administration and Democratic  political campaigns going back at least to Michael Dukakis’ presidential bid.  Corporate members include major companies like Exxon, Coca Cola, Google, Walmart  and Soros Fund Management. It’s one of the primary movers behind the United  Nations’ Agenda 21, one component of which is — complete lack of surprise — global gun control.

As the fight over Americans’ right to defend themselves warms up this month,  expect the Left to attack not just through government but through its puppet  businesses as

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