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Can you believe it has been FOUR years since Tom Trento
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DECEMBER 30, 2012
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Guess what ‘fossil’ fuels don’t come from

Astronomers discover hydrocarbons in Horse Head Nebula

author-imagebyJerome R. CorsiEmail | Archive

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter.
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NEW YORK – Astronomers are providing new evidence hydrocarbons are not a biological product but instead are created by inorganic chemical processes that occur on a continuing basis.

Scientists working at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, using the 30-meter telescope of the Institute for Radio Astronomy, have discovered a vast cloud of hydrocarbons within the Horse Head Nebula galaxy in the Orion constellation, according to reports published in The Daily Galaxy and in the oil industry publication Rigzone.

“We observed the operation of a natural refinery of gigantic size,” astronomer Jerome Pety told The Daily Galaxy.

Astronomer Viviana Guzman explained to both publications that the nebula contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than the total amount of water on Earth.

Discover the full, shocking story in Jerome Corsi’s “The Great Oil Conspiracy: How the U.S. Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People”

In 1951, Russian scientist and professor Nikolai Kudryavtsev articulated what today has become known as the Russian-Ukranian theory of deep, abiotic petroleum origins.

Essentially, the theory rejects the contention that oil was formed from the remains of ancient plant and animal life that died millions of years ago.

Thomas Gold was a professor of astronomy who taught at Cornell University and died in 2004, at 84 years old. In 1998, when he was 78, he published a controversial book , “The Deep Hot Biosphere: The Myth of Fossil Fuels.”

As an astronomer, Gold was well aware that hydrocarbons are abundant in the universe. Since the early part of the 20th century, spectrographs that analyze wavelengths have permitted astronomers to determine with certainty that carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe, right after hydrogen, helium and oxygen.

Furthermore, Gold wrote, among planetary bodies, “carbon is found mostly in compounds with hydrogen – hydrocarbons – which, at different temperatures and pressures, may be gaseous, liquid, or solid.”

“Astronomical techniques have thus produced clear and indisputable evidence that hydrocarbons are major constituents of bodies great and small within our solar system (and beyond),” he said.

In other words, hydrocarbons are not “organic chemicals” resulting from life processes on earth, as is commonly assumed by proponents of the fossil fuel theory.

Rather, Gold argued, hydrogen is a fundamental element readily available in the universe that combines with carbon to form hydrocarbons, whether life is present or not.

What astronomers have known about the abundance of hydrocarbons in the universe, however, has not passed on to geologists. In contrast, geologists think of hydrocarbons as forming only through the activity of life – either in building life through photosynthesis or when forms of life die.

Abiotic oil found on Titan

NASA scientists, in conjunction with the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency, have determined from a Cassini-Huygens probe that landed in 2005 on Titan, the giant moon of Saturn, that Titan contains abundant methane.

“We have determined that Titan’s methane is not of biological origin, so it must be replenished by geological processes on Titan, perhaps venting from a supply in the interior that could have been trapped there as the moon formed,” Hasso Niemann of the Goddard Space Flight Center told reporters Nov. 30, 2005.

The Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, or GCMS, an instrument that identifies different atmospheric constituents by their mass, provided measurements demonstrating the methane on Titan is composed of Carbon-13, the isotope of carbon associated with inorganic or abiotic origins, whereas living organisms are typically associated with Carbon-12.

Each Carbon-13 atom has an extra neutron in its nucleus, making Carbon-13 atoms slightly heavier than Carbon-12 atoms, permitting the GCMS to distinguish between methane isotopes with Carbon-12 and methane with Carbon-13 atoms.

Titan has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth, according to a team of Johns Hopkins scientists reporting in February 2008 on their new findings from data collected from Cassini-Huygens probe radar data.

“Several hundred lakes or seas have been discovered, of which dozens are estimated to contain more hydrocarbon liquid than the entire known oil and gas reserves on Earth,” wrote lead scientist Ralph Lorenz of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., in the Jan. 29, 2008, issue of the Geophysical Research Letters.

Lorenz also reported dark dunes running along the equator cover 20 percent of Titan’s surface, comprising a volume of hydrocarbon material several hundred times larger than Earth’s coal reserves.

“Titan is just covered in carbon-bearing material – it’s a giant factory of organic chemicals,” Lorenz wrote.


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“What’s good for the goose” … HA!    “X”

Petition Calls for Gun Free Zones Around the President, VP, and their Families

27 December 2012 / 114 Comments


To gauge the disenchantment and dissatisfaction of America’s citizens, all one needs to do is to visit the White House’s “We the People” site. One of the most contentious subjects, of late, is the issue of gun control. The President wants it, and the pesky 2nd Amendment keeps getting in his way.

Lawmakers, politicians, commentators, broadcasters, and journalists have debated the fundamentally flawed theory of “gun free zones.” “Gun free” zones are a bad idea; but the powers-that-be can’t seem to grasp the concept. Seems like a such a simple concept too: Bad people are going to do bad things; and gun control makes it harder for the good people to defend themselves against the bad people.

One, recently created, petition offers a solution for testing this theory of the “Gun Free Zone.” To paraphrase…if it’s good enough for our children, it should be good enough for our leaders. What do you think?

Eliminate armed guards for the President, Vice-President, and their families, and establish Gun Free Zones around them.

Gun Free Zones are supposed to protect our children, and some politicians wish to strip us of our right to keep and bear arms. Those same politicians and their families are currently under the protection of armed Secret Service agents. If Gun Free Zones are sufficient protection for our children, then Gun Free Zones should be good enough for politicians. View the Petition:

Read more:

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No English dictionary has been able to explain adequately the difference between the two words “complete” and “finished” in way that is easy to understand.

 Some people say there is no difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED, but there is.

 When you marry the right one, you are COMPLETE…and when you marry the wrong one, you are FINISHED…and when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED.

Excerpt from



 What Would Churchill Do?

By Arnold KlingFriday, December 21, 2012


November 6 was an electoral setback dealt to those of us who believe in capitalism and limited government. What can we learn from Churchill, who was no stranger to setbacks?

I looked forward to Tuesday, November 6, 2012 with nervous anticipation. That was the publication date for the long-awaited third volume of William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill, The Last Lion. This final installment, subtitled Defender of the Realm, 1940-1965, was written mostly by Paul Reid, as Manchester himself was unable to make much headway prior to his death in 2004.

That day also was notable for an electoral setback dealt to those of us who believe in capitalism and limited government. What can we learn from Churchill, who was no stranger to setbacks? I suggest four lessons that we can apply today:

1. Speak up clearly.

2. Pursue glory.

3. Trust that the people are stronger than their leaders.

4. Seek opportunities for small victories while waiting for the tide to turn in your favor.

The issue that we need to address clearly, courageously, and consistently is the issue of government spending. We need to offer the American people an adult discussion about the state of the government budget. Like a family that has been spending beyond its means and is now buried in credit card debt, we need to sit down and come up with a plan to mend our ways.

Republican politicians have avoided this conversation. Instead, they have emphasized tax cuts, leading the public to believe that the Republican Party is the mirror image of the Democrats, trying to focus on what the government can give away rather than on where it must cut back.

Winston Churchill aimed for glory, whether in victory or defeat. Romney’s campaign was cautious and uninspired, with no chance of glory in either eventuality.

This year’s Republican presidential nominee once again focused on tax cuts while largely evading the spending issue. Moreover, Mitt Romney undermined the case for entitlement reform with the tactic of trying to pin the “Medicare cutbacks” label on President Obama. Regardless of the merits of this charge, and regardless of its usefulness in neutralizing the short-run Democratic political advantage on the Medicare issue, this approach undermined any ability to get across the message that Medicare is unsustainable and in dire need of reform.

Churchill aimed for glory, whether in victory or defeat. Romney’s campaign was cautious and uninspired, with no chance of glory in either eventuality. Had he instead said in plain terms that our government is broke and offered specific, bold steps to eliminate activities and reform entitlements, perhaps the result would have been a resounding loss. But it would have been an inspiring defeat, one that would have positioned the Republican Party to gain favor as the United States heads toward fiscal crisis, just as Churchill’s long record of warnings about the Nazis positioned him to gain favor when Hitler launched his blitzkrieg.

Many experts thought that the British people would not have the will to resist Nazi aggression. Many within the British elite were weak and fearful. Fortunately for Churchill, the rest of British society was made of sterner stuff.

Today, faced with a need to cut back government spending, once again experts think that the people cannot handle it. Elites greet the prospect of spending reductions with shrill cries of “austerity” and the fear that this will cause recession and misery for the middle class. I believe that the American people are made of sterner stuff. Unlike the Greeks, they will not riot because the government chooses to live within its means. Nor will the middle class lack the ability to adapt to an economy that relies more on the private sector.

After France fell in June 1940, Churchill’s focus had to be on the defense of England, against both the possibility of an infantry invasion from across the English Channel and the reality of a furious assault from the air. Nonetheless, he pursued offensive actions, including naval attacks on the Vichy French and Italian fleets, attacks on Italian positions in North Africa, and sending bombers to hit Germany. As Paul Reid points out, regardless of how trivial these actions were in the face of German hegemony over Western Europe, these gestures served to send a message to the world that the British nation still felt freedom was worth fighting for.

Today, faced with a need to cut back government spending, once again experts think that the people cannot handle it.

How can conservatives earn small victories that send a message that we still believe in capitalism? In Washington, notwithstanding the status quo in the House of Representatives, the Left has hegemony for now. Still, there may be opportunities for small victories against the “soft underbelly” of Obama’s spending spree — the “green energy” loan guarantees, for example.

On the issue of the budget, the Left has used the “fiscal cliff” issue to paint an Orwellian portrait in which more deficit spending is prudent and any move toward fiscal responsibility is irresponsible. Those of us in opposition should be attaching a constitutional amendment for a balanced budget to every piece of fiscal legislation going forward. We need to restore the real meaning of fiscal responsibility to American political culture.

While Washington may be a hopeless case in the short run, there are intriguing opportunities for small victories at the state level. Republicans hold the majority of governorships and have majorities in many state legislatures. They can continue to take on the teachers’ unions and broaden access to charter schools. They can take steps to break the Left-dominated cartel in higher education — Texas Governor Rick Perry’s goal of a $10,000 college degree comes to mind. They might set up “health care enterprise zones,” where medical practice restrictions are relaxed and other state regulations are loosened.

By remaining steadfast, Churchill was able to absorb many defeats and still prevail in the long run. Defenders of capitalism should draw inspiration from his example.

Arnold Kling is a member of the Financial Markets Working Group at the Mercatus Center of George Mason University. He writes for econlog, part of the Library of Economics and Liberty.

FURTHER READING: Kling also writes “The Risky Mortgage Business: The Problem with the 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage,” “Lenders and Spenders: Confronting the Political Reality of Debt,” “Reforming the Housing Transaction,” and “Who Needs Home Ownership?” John Steele Gordon discusses “Churchill and the Power of Words.” Steven F. Hayward asks “Is Newt Like Churchill?


Image by Dianna Ingram / Bergman Group

obama-signing-executive-orderWe’ve been trying to keep you aware of what has been taking place with the talks concerning the 2013 version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). We’ve covered the Feinstein amendment, which effectively did nothing, except to empower Congress to authorize the military at their whim to violate people’s 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendment rights. But now the talks are all done and the legislation is headed for Barack Obama’s desk to be signed into law soon, just as it was nearly one year ago today, including provision to use the military to indefinitely detain US citizens.


Previously, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) voted for the Feinstein amendment to the NDAA. But then there came the hashing out of language in the bill and Paul blasted Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for stripping away the amendment.

“We had protection in this bill. We passed an amendment that specifically said if you were an American citizen or here legally in the country, you would get a trial by jury,” Paul said. “It’s been removed because they want the ability to hold American citizens without trial in our country. This is so fundamentally wrong and goes against everything we stand for as a country that it can’t go unnoticed.”

The problem with Paul’s assertion is that there was no protection for anyone, whether they are a citizen of the US, a permanent resident or a visitor. Rights that are supposed to be protected under the Constitution be damned! Neither the NDAA, nor the amendment proposed protected one person who is on American Soil.

Paul called the NDAA an “abomination.”It is that, but so was the Feinstein amendment and even more so because it was deceptive at its core.

The Senate easily passed NDAA 2013 by a vote of 81-14. The next stop is Obama’s desk.

Read more:

Rand Paul Warns About U.S. Citizens of ‘Indefinite and Illegal Detention’

Rand Paul decries the NDAA’s “indefinite and Illegal detention” clause for what it is: an abomination to the Constitution.

Our elected officials for some unknown reason are practicing law warfare on the People.

Let me explain. Everyone understands that it is treason as defined under Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution if you take up arms against the government…actually the language reads “them” not government. So who are them?

In any event, when a law maker, someone who swears an oath to support and defend the Constitution facilitates the passage of an unconstitutional law, this law maker is making war on the People. Indefinite detention is perhaps the most egregious example of law warfare being made against the People and the Republic. President Obama, as Commander in Chief, has a special “duty” to safeguard the Republic.

However, he signed the NDAA, as well as, numerous Executive Orders, that in effect makes war on the Republic and the People thereof.

This is precisely why the People have the 2nd Amendment. Google Federalist papers 29 and 46.


My point is that Senator McCain and Senator Levine not only violated their oath to support and defend the Republic, but they took direct action to make war on the People.

We, the People, are the Republic. Much to my chagrin, Americans are silent on the loss of liberty that McCain and Levine snatched away from them in the wee hours of the night. But, the light of their treachery shines brite today.

Were is the outrage?

I would add, where are the leaders of the Christian Churches too?


Every congressman who voted FOR this bill should be tried for TREASON! McCain is obviously senile and needs to be removed before he embarrasses himself any further!

You didn’t listen to Rand’s speech. He said this clause wasn’t in the original bill but was changed when it went to conference. I’m not sure what that means but about a year ago Obama signed an Executive Order that included that clause saying he would never use it but he wanted the ability to use it just in case it was needed. I believe that like I believe pigs can fly.

The indefinite detention clause is renewed annually. Making indefinite detention illegal was defeated in the House and Senate. Obama will sign the National Defense Authorization Act with the Indefinite Detention Clause in tact. IDD is treason make no mistake about it. I am not party particular. I am a Constitutional Conservative.


STOP blaming the republicans you fools…Obama made it law by Executive powers [Order] wake up before its to late…


posted on December 26, 2012 by

Government’s Failure to Deal with Criminals Breeds More Crime

deathpenalty-160x90 Nidal Malik Hasan who’s accused of screaming “Allahu Akbar” and gunning down fellow soldiers at Fort Hood is still waiting to be put on trial. The massacre happened more than three years ago.  While there are a lot of stupid criminals out there, not every criminal is stupid.  The trial delay sends a message to other terrorists that they can hold our justice system at bay.  That’s what Hasan is doing and our military justice system is going along with it.

There is no doubt that Hasan was the shooter on that fateful November in 2009. In addition, there’s ample evidence that Hasan was not some mentally disturbed soldier. He is a member in good standing in Allah’s army as this report from WND shows:

“Intelligence officials . . . intercepted at least 18 emails between Hasan and the radical American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. Hasan told al-Awlaki in one of the emails, ‘I can’t wait to join you’ in paradise.’ He also asked al-Awlaki whether it was appropriate to kill innocents in a suicide attack, when jihad was acceptable and how to transfer funds without attracting government notice.

“In spite of this, Attorney General Eric Holder declined to press terrorism charges against Hasan. Instead the government has labeled the shooting as a case of ‘workplace violence.’ During a memorial service for the victims, President Obama never once used the word terrorism.”

What message does this send to other radical Muslims hell-bent on turning the United States into a Muslim stronghold? Don’t think that Obama’s foot-dragging on prosecuting Hasan hasn’t had an effect on what’s going on in Egypt.

Hasan should have been sent to “paradise” a long time ago.


Then there’s the murder of two firemen who had responded to a fire at a residence in Webster, New York. John Hoeffel and Matt Pearce, writing for the Los Angeles Times, report:

“Webster police identified the shooter Monday as William Spengler, 62, a neighborhood resident and an ex-convict, whom they later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

“It was not the first time Spengler had killed someone. On July 18, 1980, he beat his 92-year-old grandmother to death with a hammer. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, served almost 18 years in prison, and returned after his release, unsettling the neighborhood.”

He beat his grandmother to death with a hammer, and he was released from prison! Why wasn’t Spengler executed? Consider that if Adam Lanza had not killed himself, he could not have been executed in Connecticut. On April 25, 2012, Gov. Dannel Malloy signed a bill into law that abolishes the death penalty signed a bill into law abolishing capital punishment.

A case can be made that governments are complicit in future murders for not dealing with past murders
Read more:

The Biblical Case For the Death Penalty – our Justice system (?) and a liberal public.

September 18, 2011

 Recent events, the release of inmates due to state budgets, and the LaBianca Tate murders, – Who, you ask?- motivate me to post this.

Bryan Fischer-Focal Point

The Biblical Case For the Death Penalty

Date: 3/2/2010 9:14:17 AM


Tookie Williams was executed in December of 2005 after being convicted for four murders in two separate robberies in 1979. His execution generated much public dialogue about whether or not capital punishment is an appropriate tool of justice. Celebrities and death penalty opponents clamored for clemency.Yet our system of jurisprudence here in America is built upon the Judeo-Christian tradition, and it is clear in this tradition that capital punishment is an appropriate penalty for murder. 

These are the words of God as recorded in Genesis 9:5-6:

5] “For your lifeblood I will require a reckoning…from his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man.

6] Whoever sheds the blood of man,
By man shall his blood be shed,
For God made man in his own image.”

God is here on record that capital punishment is morally necessary and right. He requires that it be carried out, because murder involves destroying what God has made in his own image and likeness. It is clear also that he has delegated authority to man to carry out capital punishment – “by man shall his blood be shed.”


Some will cite the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” as if it prohibited killing of all kinds. But this command is better translated “You shall not murder,” as all modern translations and our Jewish friends do. Neither killing in war nor capital punishment is barred here. The commandment is a prohibition only against murder, against the taking of human life without just cause.

In fact, the great lawgiver Moses, whose command “Thou shalt not kill,” is found in Exodus 20, also prescribed the death penalty for five different crimes in the very next chapter of the Bible, including murder. It becomes clear then that the sixth commandment was never intended to prohibit the appropriate use of capital punishment.Referring to civil authority in the Christian Scriptures, the apostle Paul says, “If you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer” (Romans 13:4). The sword was a lethal weapon, an instrument of capital punishment, and a proper tool of justice in the hands of civil authority. Thus capital punishment is supported both by the Old and New Testaments. 


As Israel was prepared to enter the land of promise, Moses warned them, “Bloodshed pollutes that land, and atonement cannot be made for the land on which blood has been shed, except by the blood of the one who shed it.” (Numbers 35:33)

There is a kind of moral corrosion that is released into a society by murder, a corruption whose spread will in time poison an entire people if swift and sure justice is not carried out. When the death of the innocent goes unpunished, it gives a foothold in any culture to a spirit of violence and bloodshed . The spread of that toxin can only be stopped through capital punishment.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT A DETERRENT? (Italics here my emphasis)

The writer of Ecclesiastes points out that the death penalty is an effective deterrent, but only if it is carried out swiftly. “When the sentence for a crime is not quickly carried out, the hearts of the people are filled with schemes to do wrong.” (Eccl. 8:11)

Unfortunately, in our current judicial system the guilty often can stave off execution for years and years through repeated appeals. The death penalty loses its deterrent effect because too much time passes between crime and punishment Mr. Williams, for instance, was on death row for 24 years. Since the murders were committed in 1979, the families of his victims were forced to wait 27 long years for justice.

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in April of 1865. By August of that year, those who had conspired together to murder him had been apprehended, tried, convicted, and hanged. The assassin who murdered the president in 1901 was apprehended, tried, convicted, and hanged within six weeks of the crime. It is certainly time to consider shortening the appeals process to hasten the day of justice.


There is still no evidence that an innocent man has ever been executed in the U.S. But one of the reasons we occasionally find the innocent convicted of other crimes is that we have abandoned biblical standards of evidence. In Israel’s civil code, no one could be executed based on circumstantial evidence, or on the evidence of just one witness.

“On the testimony of two or three witnesses a man shall be put to death, but no one shall be put to death on the testimony of only one witness” (Deuteronomy 17:6). Ignoring this standard of evidence is how innocent people wind up convicted for crimes they did not commit. It goes without saying that capital cases should require that the highest standards of evidence be met.


Death penalty opponents often cite the expense of the death penalty as a reason to abandon it. Yet the excessive cost is due only to the lengthy and excessive appeals process, which can postpone carrying out a death sentence for decades. If the appeals process is trimmed to a more reasonable length, there is no reason why carrying out a death sentence would be any more expensive than carrying out any other form of justice.

In fact, in the end it would be a far less costly form of punishment to American taxpayers, who would not be forced to provide food, shelter, and clothing for convicted murderers for the rest of their natural lives.


Although there are differences of opinion even in the faith community over a proper understanding of the death penalty (for instance, my friends in the Roman Catholic tradition take a different position), it is my view that capital punishment represents the ultimate pro-life view. When we use the death penalty, we are saying that this culture values human life so much that if a man takes a life without just cause, he must forfeit his own life in consequence. To fail to exact the death penalty for murder cheapens the value we place on life.

  • Posted by Prof.Charles Xavier on July 7, 2011 [ on PAN]

Buglars shot by 15 yr old with Dad’s AR-15

Pass this on; the MSM never covers these stories.

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