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There is this atheist swimming in the ocean. All of the sudden he sees this shark in the water, so he starts swimming towards his boat.

 As he looks back he sees the shark turn and head towards him. His boat is a ways off and he starts swimming like crazy. He’s scared to death, and as he turns to see the jaws of the great white beast open revealing its teeth in a horrific splendor, the atheist screams, “Oh God! Save me!”

In an instant time is frozen and a bright light shines down from above. The man is motionless in the water when he hears the voice of God say, “You are an atheist. Why do you call upon me when you do not believe in me?”

Aghast with confusion and knowing he can’t lie the man replies, “Well, that’s true I don’t believe in you, but how about the shark? Can you make the shark believe in you?”

The Lord replies, “As you wish,” and the light retracted back into the heavens and the man could feel the water begin to move once again.

 As the atheist looks back he can see the jaws of the shark start to close down on him, when all of sudden the shark stops and pulls back.

Shocked, the man looks at the shark as the huge beast closes its eyes and bows its head and says, “Thank you Lord for this food for which I am about to receive…”

Many thanks to boudicabpi.

‘Nuclear Iran same as nuclear-armed al-Qaeda’: Netanyahu full UN 2012.

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Had to go to Reuters to obtain a working video; A PAN blog on this item has a link to Yahoo news that works, but the video there refused to run.


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Taking the podium at the UN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was crystal clear.

SOUNDBITE: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying:

“There is only one way to peacefully prevent Iran from getting atomic bombs and that’s by placing a clear red line on Iran’s nuclear weapons program.”

He says Iran is on track to make an atomic bomb by late next year — underscoring the point with a visual aid.

SOUNDBITE: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying:

“So if these are the facts, if these are the facts, and they are, where should a red line be drawn? A red line should be drawn right here before Iran completes the second stage of enrichment necessary to make a bomb, before Iran gets to a point where it is a few months away or a few weeks away from amassing enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon.”

He stopped short of threatening a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, but did offer this comparison.

SOUNDBITE: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying:

“To understand what the world would be like with a nuclear-armed Iran, just image the world with a nuclear-armed al-Qaeda. Now it makes little difference whether these lethal weapons are in the hands of the world’s most dangerous terrorist regime or the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization. They are both fired by the same hatred. They are both driven by the same lust for violence.”

While the U.S. and Israel have disagreed about the urgency of military action, Netanyahu in his speech suggested they are in agreement about preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

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Posted by Frank E on September 25, 2012 at 4:33pm in General, Town Hall

Your history lesson for today. Some people have short memories…


I’ve been saying this for years, but this email probably explains itBetter and more clearly. This is NOT a political message, but rather
A clarification to remind us all of the correct facts.

Remember that on October 9, 2007, 11 months before our “economic crisis” occurred (that was actually created), the Dow hit its highest
Point ever, closing at 14,164.53 and reaching 14,198.10 intra-day
Level 2 days later. Unemployment was steady at 4.7%. But things were
already being put in place to create the havoc we’ve all been e
xperiencing since then. And it all started, as this email explains,
On January 3, 2007. –LFL

This tells the story, why Bush was so “bad” at the end of his term.  Don’t just skim over this, it’s not very long, read it slowly and let
It sink in. If in doubt, check it out!!!

The day the Democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it wasActually January 3rd 2007, which was the day the Democrats took over The House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the110th Congress.
The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for theFirst time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this: January 3rd, 2007
Was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress.

At the time:
The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77
The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%
The Unemployment rate was 4.6%
George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH

Remember the day…
January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the HouseFinancial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy? BANKING AND FINANCIAL

Unemployment… To this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy.

And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND FreddieMac? OBAMA and who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie? OBAMA and the Democrat Congress.

So when someone tries to blame Bush. REMEMBER JANUARY 3rd, 2007….

Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party.

Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 &2009 as well as 2010 & 2011.

In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough
On spending increases.

For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budgets.

And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009.

If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five
Years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After t
hat, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that
Includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets.

If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted
For and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January

There is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each of us sends it on!

 Frank Encarnacion


I saw gd44’s blog – Theater of the absurd…

Take the Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist” By Government Officials

George Washington's picture

Submitted by George Washington on 09/21/2012 17:15 -0400

There have been so many anti-terrorism laws passed since 9/11 that it is hard to keep up on what kinds of things might get one on a “list” of suspected bad guys.

We’ve prepared this quick checklist so you can see if you might be doing something which might get hassled.

The following actions may get an American citizen living on U.S. soil labeled as a “suspected terrorist” today:

Holding the following beliefs may also be considered grounds for suspected terrorism:

Many Americans assume that only “bad people” have to worry about draconian anti-terror laws.

But as the above lists show, this isn’t true.

When even Supreme Court Justices and congressmen worry that we are drifting into dictatorship, we should all be concerned.

Why I Changed My Vote

The Facts:
In the last four years…

The debt of the United States has grown to a startling $16 trillion dollars — the largest total in our nation’s history.[1]
As the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has reported, the Obama Administration has racked up 4 straight trillion-dollar plus annual budget deficits. [2]
Unemployment has remained over 8% for 43 straight months — a first since the Great Depression.[3] The real unemployment rate — taking into account those who have stopped looking or who are working part-time and want more work — is almost 15%.[4]

More than 23 million Americans are out of work or underemployed.[5]
Because of this troubled economy, the number of Americans receiving food stamp assistance — more than 46 million in all — is at a record high, according to the government. [6]
The United States has slid from 3rd in ease of starting a new business to 13th in the world, trailing unlikely competitors like Rwanda and Macedonia.[7]

Sources: [1][2][3][4][5][6][7]

Paid for by Ending Spending Action Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

The Tea Party Economist

Helping you to get through the economic mine field in one piece.

 Written by Gary North on March 27, 2012 

Today, the gun manufacturing industry is in boom mode. One firm, Sturm Ruger, has announced a new policy: it will accept no more orders until it catches up with production. It has one million unfilled orders. It hopes to resume order-taking by the end of May.

Think about that. It is selling over two million guns a year.

Smith & Wesson is forecasting sales of around $400 million in 2012. The estimate keeps rising.

This industry is recession-proof.

The demand is unlikely to decline. The public is catching on. Supplies are tight. Demand is rising.

Demand began in 2008, when Obama was elected.

Adding to the jump in demand were several Supreme Court decisions affirming that the right to bear arms is indeed an individual, one as well as the reappearance a year ago of firearms in hundreds of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. outlets.

Buyers would be wise to attend a gun show this spring. Take along currency.

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First amendment under attack

ACT! for America

Since our Egyptian and Libyan embassies were attacked we’ve seen a steady stream of statements from the Obama administration who blame an obscure 14 minute film for the outbreak of the violence.

For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the video “disgusting and reprehensible.”

Ironically, last year Clinton attended the smash Broadway musical “Book of Mormon,” an irreverent spoof on Mormonism which includes lines so trashy we wouldn’t put them in this email.

Did you hear Clinton complain about the offense the musical afforded to Mormons? No? Because according to a column in The Wall Street Journal, she didn’t.

This illustrates the politically correct, free speech double standard.

Would Mrs. Clinton ever attend a Broadway spoof entitled “The Qur’an?”

Better yet, would such a musical ever be performed on Broadway?

This glaring double standard is a frontal assault on our precious First Amendment—by the very people who have taken an oath to uphold it.

Did you know our State Department is working with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to advance UN Resolution 16/18, which calls for prohibiting speech that “incites violence?”

Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Buddhists, etc., don’t respond to offenses to their beliefs with mass riots. They understand that free speech protects the right to offend.

Thus, UN Resolution 16/18 would have one notable effect—suppressing speech that offends Muslims. That would be the beginning of the end of the First Amendment.

If you’ve had enough of this double standard assault on free speech, please add your name to our new petition, which we will deliver to the White House and leaders of Congress.

The text of the petition is below. VISIT HERE to add your name, or click on the image above. Then FORWARD this to everyone you know!

Speak out now—while you still can.

We’ve Had Enough!!

Since the unjustified assaults on the U.S. embassies and consulates in Egypt, Libya, and over 23 countries, many in the Obama administration, the Congress, the media, and academia, have apologized, blamed or insinuated that a satirical film about Mohammed was the catalyst for all the violence.

We, the undersigned, know better—and we’ve had enough.

We’ve had enough of the Obama administration’s efforts to placate Islamist mobs motivated by ideology, or hatred of America, or just plain thuggery, with its repeated references to this obscure film that prior to September 11, 2012, no one had ever heard of.

We’ve had enough of the Obama administration and some Members of Congress insinuating or even implying that the violence against our embassies would not have occurred had it not been for this “offense” against Islam.

We’ve had enough of those who say a single blog post about an obscure film satirizing Islam is somehow responsible for the violence and anger raging throughout the Muslim world.

We’ve had enough of political leaders who cower in the face of the intimidation and bullying tactics of radical Muslims around the world who can never be appeased enough or accommodated enough.

We’ve had enough of the “establishment media’s” double standard, who defend satirical films and art that offend Christians and Jews as “free speech,” but condemn satire that offends Muslims as “hate speech.”

We’ve had enough of American politicians who fail to see or refuse to see the clear and present threat the Muslim Brotherhood poses to the United States.

We’ve had enough of the message of weakness coming out of Washington when what is required now is a defense of America, a defense of our values, strength, courage and resolve.

We are the silent majority in America.

We don’t riot when offended. We don’t storm embassies, kill ambassadors, or torch government buildings.

And we know that we’ve been here once before.

In 1979, we said “enough” to an economy in shambles, skyrocketing gas prices, and a president whose weakness emboldened Iranian radicals to hold Americans hostage for 444 days.

On November 6th, we will again say “enough,” just as patriotic and responsible Americans have said “enough” in the past.

We will VOTE.


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