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Homeland Security Releases List of Keywords That Cheese Them Off

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051712SocialismLet me just get this out of the way right now.

China gangs burn pork on Amtrak while San Diego SWAT busts ice pirates at Target.

Everybody say hello to the nice agents at Homeland Security who are watching us now that I’ve used at least 11 of the keywords they look for on the Internet.

It took a Freedom of Information Act request and a lawsuit by the Electronic Privacy Information Center to get it, but Homeland Security has released its supposedly complete list of words that set off bells in the top secret caves of the DHS.

Among the obvious ones like Al Qaeda, terrorism and nuclear are some oddities like agriculture, incident, smart, Metro, snow and social media.

The keywords are included in the DHS’s Analyst’s Desktop Binder, which also instructs analysts to hunt down media reports that reflect poorly on the department.

It doesn’t include the keyword list used by Obama’s gang of plumbers who troll the Net for negative stories, or the NSA, which represents a whole different set of eyes that are watching you.

I suspect the list released by DHS may be incomplete, however, given Janet Napolitano’s known contempt of conservative groups and the lack of conservative buzz words on the list. It was shortly after Obama entered office that Napolitano’s DHS issued a report lumping the Tea Party and other conservative groups with the KKK, Nazis and al Qaeda.

The release of the list just proves what conservatives have said and liberals denied for years: Big Brother is here, and he is watching.

[use the link to view their list. “X”]

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Really, Gary?


Townhall Cartoons
Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
By Gary Varvel – May 25, 2012
Hmmm… Want roots? Substitute Alphabet Gov’t agencies starting with the Dep’t of Energy. Banksters, Corporate fraud, for starters.  
Rhetorical Question: Why does the U.S. need over 700 military bases all over the world?

Michael Ramirez

News we don’t need. Do it in the Tenderloin; I’m sure the Gays would love it…

“Address by General of the Army Douglas MacArthur to the Members of the Association of Graduates, U.S.M.A., the Corps of Cadets and Distinguished Guests upon his acceptance of The Sylvanus Thayer Award. United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, 12 May 1962.”

Rep. Issa Doesn’t Have The Support Of Republicans On The Oversight Committee To Hold Eric Holder In Contempt Of Congress « Cry and Howl.

Someone had blogged about a political figure who had -essentially- said that there was “no need for a communist party; the Democrats had adopted their platform.”  

I had wanted to do an entirely different blog based on this statement from -I think- the ’40’s, but was unable to locate it. It had included the picture and name of this  person.  I was intending to shred the no cajones, pseudo-conservative Speaker Boehner.

In my web travels, I did find a -rather dizzying- read in regard to American Politics. It is contained in the “Hacker Manifesto”; a history of the Social Democrats U.S.A.  I’d hesitated to read the entire article at first; in doing so I was reminded of my difficult teens, when a government run amok, insisted on becoming entangled in a war that -in my opinion- posed no threat to our “National Security”, and was helped along by the (now proven) contrived Tonkin gulf incident. Here is an excerpt from that page’s introduction:

Finally, we will conclude with the three complimentary Basic Statement of Principles of the Revived SDUSA, which will clearly show to the public what policies will be continued from the SD of the past 30 years and what will be Different in the Political Positions of the Renewed Organization. The initial shorter Statement that was sent to the Socialist International appears on our website. That Statement and the longer version here are a consensus document that will contain aspects in it that members and potential members could differ on, while remaining united over the majority of its total content. For example, the Statement will directly address the issue of the SD’s continuing strong support for Israel and condemnation of both anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism on the Left, and our aim to build a majority Left coalition in this country which would include white, Latino and African American working class social and religious conservatives, who are also economic populists. This is a segment of the population, which was once a central part of the majority New Deal/Great Society coalition, but has been alienated by the social and cultural positions of the Democratic Party and the wider Left since the late 1960s.”

Hmmm… anyone suprised that these [I’ll refer to them as “Dems with a Conscience”] might be our “center left” counterparts?

Their main and older pg, contains their history; all I can say is wow. At first, I’d hesitated to read the entire article, but it is a rather telling story of American Politics going back to 1828! It would seem that there has been an ongoing split between those who are interested in a socialist stance apart from the Trotsky, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. socalism we think of when we, as conservatives, talk about Liberalism.

Unfortunately, this group must have lost ground, if we are to believe their stance; the “center left” counterparts of us “center right” conservatives who, in point of fact, want what’s best for America.

There are indeed many points that we will NOT agree on; nevertheless, the regime in the whitehouse, – I refuse to call it “the administration”- must fly in the face of those “Dems with a Conscience” as much as it does us on the conservative side of the fence, who want to put the brakes on America’s suicidal course.

With steers like Boehner (God help us) as our leadership, we are still in the battle of our lives. This latest replay I can see coming about the debt ceiling, needs to be addressed not evaded. 

Every -characterization omitted- Congressman needs to have their feet held to the fire. Tell them in no uncertain terms that we are NOT going to spend ourselves into oblivion!  No raising the “debt ceiling”! Better a survivable crash as a result, than going over a cliff.  Most sincerely, “X”

Copyright so I can’t post; apparently, there is no supply shortage, just corporate chicanery.

It isn’t Drill, Drill, Drill that’s needed.


Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

They don’t  talk about what will happen to all of us when the dollar loses its position as the wold’s reserve currency and deflation of the dollar occur. LOOK BACK IN HISTORY AND SEE WHAT IS ALMOST UPON US

Some time ago, I mentioned an old friend who I referred to as “center left”; fed up with the Dems, he is a registered Independent voter.  I would not want to face off with him in a debate. For example, from a conscience point of view, (not trusting banks) he sides with the “occupy” movement. Unlike many libs, the expression “don’t confuse me with the facts” doesn’t apply here.  The only sad part in all this is (my opinion) due to legalistic teachings in the corporate church, he has become an agnostic.  But -thank God- he hasn’t comitted the unpardonable sin; so there is still hope. I haven’t seen him for over thirty years, have known him from my teens.

I had received a petition via e-mail from him in regard to the use of fracking in NY state. It was my time to feel as I had in the late 60’s.  A good example of my concern, and this blog, is the Cuyahoga River.  At one time it was one of the most polluted rivers in the United States. The reach from Akron to Cleveland was devoid of fish. Lest any of you have forgotten – From Wikipedia:

The 1969 Cuyahoga River fire helped spur an avalanche of water pollution control activities resulting in the Clean Water Act, Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and the creation of the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA).

Since I am conservative, the thought trend is that it’s about time to cut to the chase, and start tapping our own oil and gas resources; that rabid environmentalists had helped  hamstring everything by getting Gov’t to enact this regulation and that.

However, I was also a bit perturbed; this is in an area of great population density, reliant on many nearby reservoirs.  Allegations in regard to the safety of this supply, as well as other concerns, in the use of this technology is only part of the story.

NOTE- Today (5-15) he sent this item, exactly what I was looking for:

This link is one of a few references to fracking in NY that I found using the Startpage search engine; apparently some people in the area have allowed mining on their land and are paid royalties, but  haven’t been notified of violations.

The Marcellus Shale formation, has locals both for and against the mining operations.  Just seems weird that a big reserve is located there. I feel as if I was living under a rock -so to speak- just didn’t know that a large operation, enough to cause controversy, was being conducted… some on farmland?!

Fracking in New York: Risk vs. Reward  (see video)

So there are two sides to every story. The resulting dialogue between us is rather lengthy. I don’t to expect all of you to read through it; safe to say, other issues were brought up, and …  I decided to just put out some information on oil, and associated findings I investigated after my friends objections to the fracking issue.  His accusation was that gas was our #2 EXPORT.  I didn’t exactly find what is referred to as “empirical evidence”; however, here are some facts that are both frustrating, and a reminder of the profit motive being ahead of everything else. YOU decide:

The Bakken is the spark so that we can (potentially) make ourselves independent of foreign oil. However, shale oil, was only remotely economically feasible till recently. Fracking doesn’t necessarily mean that this substantial resource will  lower oil prices, given the cost of recovery, and refining.  It is merely an opportunity to obtain local petroleum resources. Moreover:

As regards the Bakken, I found an ugly item. The Williston basin is just a part of the Bakken sucess; but check this out:

Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil ASA (NYSE: STO) has agreed to purchase Brigham Exploration Co (NASDAQ: BEXP), a Texan company that has a large stake in the Williston Basin in both North Dakota and Montana.

The Norwegian giant offered Brigham $4.4 billion, or $36.50 per share, for the company and its assets.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, this deal will include Brigham’s 375,000 acres in the Williston Basin as well as 40,000 acres elsewhere.

Statoil is looking to expand its stake in unconventional resources in the United States, and as Chief Executive Helge Lund said, this will be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Statoil already has a stake in Chesapeake (NYSEL CHK), giving it access to the Marcellus shale, -This is the NY and PA area folks-  and it is working with Talisman (NYSE: TLM) in the Eagle Ford shale.

Helge Lund is excited about what this brings to the company, as he told Reuters:

“Marcellus is primarily dry gas, Eagle Ford is a combination of dry gas and liquids and this [Brigham’s assets] is oil. We now have a good, deep position in the U.S. in unconventionals.”

Reuters further reports that Brigham’s production in the Williston Basin is 21,000 barrels per day. It has the potential, however, to increase to a daily production between 60,000 and 100,000 barrels.

Brigham was up 19.81% at noon trading to $36.38 on Monday.

No argument –  corporations have no conscience.

FROM REUTERS, this item:

US Oil Import Bill to Top $400 billion this Year, Says Petroleum Intelligence Weekly

* Reuters is not responsible for the content in this press release.   < note the date as well as their cute disclaimer… “X”

Fri Mar 7, 2008 6:00pm EST

NEW YORK–(Business Wire)– With the run-up in oil prices over the past four years, the United States is paying dearly for its dependence on imported oil, Petroleum Intelligence Weekly (PIW) reports in its latest issue. The US oil import bill last year came to some $327 billion, and should easily top $400 billion this year. That’s an increase of some 300% since 2002, according to PIW. Last year, PIW reckons that the US paid out a record $245 billion for about 10 million barrels per day of crude oil imports, and another $82 billion for about 3.5 million b/d of imported oil products. This year it looks like paying out even more, with domestic crude production continuing to fall, demand for imports of high-priced transport fuels remaining strong, and oil prices around 30% higher year-on-year so far in 2008. The increase to an estimated $440 billion for 2008 is based on an average $90 per barrel crude oil price for the year. In 2002, before the current bull market for oil began, US oil imports cost less than $103 billion.

Folks, there is too much speculating  on oil, (thanks wall st) which does not help with the continual price fluctuations. The recent excuse for the ($4.17 per gal in my local area as of 5-14) price is several refineries that shut down to change over to the “summer mixture”. Effin CA!

U.S. Dep’t of Commerce International Trade Admininistration

Top U.S. Export markets – Free Trade Agreement, Country Fact Sheets (PDF file)

Unfortunately, dated 2008; This showed well over ten countries, (I didn’t keep count) many “third world”, from about $250 million to several billion in gas [“refined petroleum”] being #1 or 2; though other categories, such as Aircraft, Semiconductors and other computer items, Pharmaceuticles, Diamonds, and weird – Gold to Switzerland and the UK- are all high on the list.  We export considerable food items.

The PDF is lengthy, and the Country Fact Sheets are at 90 degrees, making reading problematic; zooming blurs the print when enlarging for better viewing, so I compiled a list:

2007 Bar graph; so amounts are approximate, and change in % from 2006; # 1 for perspective. M = million,   B= Billion.

Refined Petroleum Exports to:

Bahrain – $17 M, +3614%  4th on list.    #1 Passenger vehicles, 120Mil  +32%

Dominican Republic – 2.4 B;   +28%    #1 on list

Colombia – $250M,   +43%    4th on list    #1 Corn,  530Mil  +41%

Israel – $300M,  +56%    4th on list     # 1 Diamonds,  4.9B  +21%

“Nafta Region” –  Canada and Mexico are the first and second largest export markets for U.S. goods:

$9B,   +23%   4th on list    #1 Motor Vehicle Parts,   27B   +4%

Panama –  Just short of 1.2B   +37%   #1 on list

Peru – $500M,   +83%    #1 on list

Singapore – 1.5B   3rd on list    #1 Integrated Circuits,    $3.75B   +26%

——- Country fact sheet———–      +, – % to hard to read so are omitted.

Argentina – $300M   2nd on list    #1 ADP [Automatic Data Processing] Machines,  $340Mil

Canada – $3.5B,   6th on list    #1 Motor Vehicle Parts,   $18B

Chile –  Just short of $1.6B,    #1 on list

Ecuador – $590M,   #1 on list

Guatemala – $650M,    #1 on list

Honduras – $740M,    #1 on list

Mexico – $5.5B,    2nd on list    #1 Motor Vehicle Parts $8B

Nigeria – $75M,    #1 on list

Other countries listed, no petroleum exports noted.

As U.S. Exports Soar, It’s Not All Soybeans

By FLOYD NORRIS Published: February 11, 2011

EXCERPT: American exports of goods rose 21 percent in 2010 to $1.28 trillion, as the world trading system shook off the effects of the financial crisis, according to figures released on Friday.

[But this link – U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis- dated Mar 2012, actually shows a deficit: “In March, the goods deficit increased $6.5 billion from February to $67.6 billion..”]

I didn’t find out that oil is #2; but it is “way up there”.  I wasn’t able to find a more recent Dep’t of Commerce list, but my friend wasn’t blowing smoke. What I DID find:

Looking for the ranking of gas in our tally of exports; I found this (search cue “U.S. second largest export”) Not what I expected.
it might surprise you; it did me… also, its dated 1-21-2009.

This video also points out China’s aquisition of U.S. resources. [Related: my “Houston; We have a problem… Chinese Cities Coming to America”]

China: The Crown Jewel In The General Motors Universe
May 6, 2012


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