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Say good-bye to the Internet? – Tea Party Nation.

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FOR THE RECORD Molotov Mitchell
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Obama’s private army? — (My words: As written in the HCB)
By Henry lamb
Who knew that Obamacare provides for a “Regular Corps,” and a “Ready-Reserve Corps,” of officers and individuals who are appointed by the President? Commissioned officers are subject to active duty at the call of the Surgeon General. The new law provides $17.5 million in each of the first four years to recruit and train these reserves.
During his campaign, Obama said “We cannot continue to rely only on our military…we’ve got to have a civilian security force just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.”
Section 5210 of the Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) may be the beginning of Obama’s civilian security force. This section amends Section 203 of the U.S. Public Health Service Act. Why it was included in the massive health care bill is a question in search of meaningful answers. Judge Andrew Napolitano from FOX News has a few questions of his own,.
The new law says “The purpose of the Ready Reserve Corps is to fulfill the need to have additional Commissioned Corps personnel available on short notice (similar to the uniformed service’s reserve program) to assist regular Commissioned Corps personnel to meet both routine public health and emergency response missions.”
The law requires the Ready Reserve to participate in “routine training” to meet the general and specific needs of the Commissioned Corps. The Ready Reserve “shall” be ready for involuntary calls to active duty. The Ready Reserve must be prepared to respond to orders from the President to go anywhere in the country, or anywhere outside the country.
It’s hard to see how such a civilian security force under the direct control of the President might be justified, in view of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. This law prohibits the federal government from using federal troops for law enforcement purposes within the United States.
This is the law that prevented President Bush from sending the military into New Orleans immediately after Katrina. The federal government may not send in the troops without a specific request from the state. After Katrina hit, the federal government was ready to respond, but could not until the request was made from the state.
Language in Obamacare seems to remove this prohibition. The law says the Ready Reserve Corps: “…shall be available and ready for involuntary calls to active duty during national emergencies and public health crises, similar to the uniformed service reserve personnel.” Since the President declares national emergencies and public health crises, it would seem that this new Ready Reserve Corps need not be concerned about the Posse Comitatus law.
What, exactly, will the Ready Reserve Corps do in the event of a national emergency or public health crisis that the National Guard is not already doing? If more people are required, simply increase the recruiting goals. There is no need to create a new branch of service with its attendant bureaucracy and officer corps.
This is exceedingly dangerous ground. The Constitution does not give the federal government any police power. In fact, the Constitution requires the federal government to stay out of the states’ business except in the very limited ways expressly authorized by the Constitution.
Obama has already expressed his contempt for the idea that the Constitution limits the power of the federal government. There is not an enumerated power that authorizes the federal government to force individuals to purchase anything. Nevertheless, Obamacare forces individuals to purchase health insurance.
Democratic Representative Phil Hare spoke for 220 Congressional Democrats when he blatantly said he didn’t care about the Constitution.
With this demonstrated disregard for the Constitution by both the President and the Congressional majority, the new Ready Reserve Corps could, indeed, be the beginning of Obama’s new civil security force. Recruits are already being prepared. This video shows a class in a charter school in Kansas City which provides an example of what to expect.
Obama promised that when he was elected, he would “fundamentally transform America.” Perhaps voters naïvely thought that he meant ending corruption, back-room deals, partisan bickering, and the arrogance that seems to infect Washington politicians. It is clear now that what he meant was a transformation from a democratic Republic to a Marxist autocracy. Rather than making government more open and transparent, as he promised, he brought his Chicago hit squad to Washington to twist arms and pull fingernails, when necessary, to gain control over his domain.
Obama’s army is quick to label opponents as right-wing racist radicals in an effort to discredit them. This label might be considered a badge of honor because it is not bestowed upon Marxists and their supporters. If a Marxist is a person who accepts the philosophy of Karl Marx, and an American is a person who accepts the philosophy of the U.S. Constitution, then it is possible to be a Marxist in America, but it is not possible to be an American and a Marxist. The two philosophies are mutually exclusive.
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Top 10 consumer complaints     

Italics my emphasis.  X

CNNMoney.comBy Blake Ellis | – 16 hours ago


For the 12th year in a row, identity theft was the number one consumer complaint — irking consumers more than debt collectors, imposter scams and shady credit repair companies.

Out of the more than 1.8 million complaints the Federal Trade Commission received last year, 15% — or 279,156 — were about identity theft. The FTC’s database includes complaints filed directly to the FTC, as well as complaints from other state and federal consumer protection organizations.

Most identity theft complaints came from people reporting that their personal information was stolen and used in government documents — often to collect government benefits. Complaints about government document-related identity theft have increased 11% since 2009 and represented 27% of identity theft complaints last year. Credit card fraud was next, making up 14% of identity theft complaints, followed by phone or utilities fraud and bank fraud.

Of the people filing identity theft complaints, 70% notified a police department, the FTC found. Florida has the highest per capita rate of reported identity theft in 2011, followed by Georgia and California.

Preventing identity theft if your personal data is exposed    >See below<

After identity theft, consumers filed the most complaints about debt collection, which made up 10% of total complaints last year. Next on the list were complaints about prizes, sweepstakes and lotteries, followed by shop-at-home and catalog sales. Financial services and lending, including banks and lenders, advance-fee loans and credit protection and repair services, were prominent among the top 10 complaints, as were issues with internet, telephone and mobile service providers and charges.

Other top 10 complaints included auto-related issues, including misleading auto warranties, repair and maintenance issues and price gouging. Imposter scams, where scammers pose as friends, family, government agencies or companies to trick consumers into sending them money, were also on the list.

Overall, 55% of complaints were fraud-related last year. Consumers reported paying more than $1.5 billion in fraudulent schemes, and the median amount paid was $537. About 43% of consumers said scammers contacted them by e-mail.

Colorado had the highest per capita rate of reported fraud and other complaints, followed by Delaware and Maryland.

In general, the FTC found that consumers either had more to complain about or were just more willing to file complaints. The total number of consumer complaints — including both fraud- and identity theft-related complaints — has jumped more than 20% from 1.5 million in 2010 to 1.8 million last year.

Here are the the top 10 consumer complaints, according to the FTC:

Identity theft

Debt collection

Prizes, sweepstakes, lotteries

Shop-at-home, catalog sales

Banks and lenders

Internet services

Auto-related complaints

Impostor scams

Telephone and mobile services

Advance-fee loans and credit protection/repair

View this article on CNNMoney

Preventing identity theft if your personal data is exposed

By June 25, 2011: 8:36 PM ET

If some of the world’s largest corporations can’t manage to keep your personal and financial data safe, is there anything you can do to protect yourself?

A recent string of cyber attacks on companies such as Sony, Citigroup and Nasdaq — organizations you’d hope would know something about data security — has spotlighted the vulnerability of personal information that could be used to steal your identity. The latest breach of customer privacy came a week ago, when gaming company Sega admitted that the email addresses, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords of nearly 1.3 million customers had been compromised.

The frequency and scope of these successful attacks is shocking. This year alone, more than 13 million records have been involved in security breaches related to hacking or malware, according to non-profit consumer group Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. And that’s only from 58 such incidents that were made public.

One possible solution is stronger legislation. Earlier this month, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) reintroduced the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act for the fourth time since 2005. The bill, which requires companies to strengthen protections and imposes stricter penalties on hackers, would supersede a patchwork of state data breach laws. The bill also makes it a crime to conceal a security breach, unless the compromised information poses “no significant risk of harm.”

The recent spate of high-profile data breaches may provide political momentum to Leahy’s bill. But strengthening protection of sensitive information requires a technical fix, not just punitive measures, says Lauren Weinstein, cofounder of People for Internet Responsibility.

Evidence for that, says Weinstein, can be found in May’s Citigroup hack. On June 15, the company announced that its credit card breach affected more than 360,000 customer accounts, a significantly larger figure than previously stated. According to The New York Times, hackers exploited a simple loophole to access financial data, logging on to Citi’s credit card customer site and plugging different numbers into the web browser’s address bar, giving them access to other accounts.

“They did it by using the oldest trick in the book,” Weinstein said. “That’s the kind of problem we were seeing in the very early days of web commerce, and for something like that to show up now is depressing. I don’t think you can legislate away that mistake.”

So what can you do to minimize the damage of a data breach? That depends on what information is stolen, says Paul Stephens, director of policy and advocacy with the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Here’s his advice:

1. Social Security numbers

If your Social Security number has been exposed, says Stephens, you should check your credit reports regularly, and place a fraud alert — or perhaps a security freeze — on your credit report. Start at, the official site to get a free credit report from each of the country’s major consumer credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. (Each offers one free credit report every 12 months.)

Fraud alerts notify potential credit grantors that you may be a victim of identity theft, so that they’ll tread more carefully when setting up a new financial account. A call to just one of the credit reporting companies will help you set up a fraud alert with all three for at least 90 days.

A security freeze can “lock” your credit report, to prevent potential identity thieves from opening any new accounts. Each company — and state — has its own policies regarding setting up and removing freezes, but the process is usually free if you’re a victim of identity theft. (Consumers Union offers a comprehensive list of policies.) Keep in mind that taking these steps could also make your own applications for new credit more difficult.

2. Financial account information

If information about your debit or credit card is stolen, you should immediately cancel the account, says Stephens, and carefully monitor your financial statements to make sure your information is not being misused. This is particularly true if it’s information about your debit card, he says, since it offers consumers fewer protections against misuse. “A debit card is a direct pipeline to your checking account,”he says. “The money is almost immediately drawn from your account, and you’ll have to fight with your bank to get it back.”

3. Email addresses

Compared to a compromised credit card number or Social Security number, an exposed email address may seem innocuous. But when your email or other account details are compromised, Stephens says, you should be on the lookout for spear phishing: targeted email that poses as a legitimate message to solicit even more information.

“Unless you’re 100 percent certain that an email is legitimate, our advice is, when you receive an email asking for any information, don’t respond to it,” he says. Instead, if it appears to be an email coming from your bank or credit card company, give the company a call, or pay a visit to the official website.

As for protecting yourself in advance, the most important thing you can do is use different passwords for every account, since hackers who have your password for one website can easily test to see whether it works with similar usernames on other websites.

Unfortunately, nothing is foolproof. “The only way you can limit your exposure is to never give your information out to anybody — and you’d have to live on a deserted island to do that,” Stephens says.

NOTE – Otherwise intelligent friends tend to fwd e-mails without deleting sender info. I have resorted to adding the following to my outgoing e-mails, at the top (in Red):

On a clear disk you can seek forever…

If you forward this correspondence…

PLEASE delete the forwarding history which includes my email address.

It is a courtesy to me and others who may not wish to have their email addresses sent all over the world.

Erasing the history helps prevent Spammers from mining addresses and also prevents viruses from being propagated.

Thank you

I first saw the Blue Angels at an airshow when they were flying these jets.  At the time, their counterparts the Thunderbirds, were flyiing the F-100 “Supersabers”.  (last  photo)

This excellent thrashing of Darwinism is very long; I put the hyperlink here, in order for you to see Part II on PAN’s “Cornerstone Nation”

 The Agreement.

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This is a compiling of posts, articles and such from a discussion…to help consolidate and FOCUS the discussion I culled together the below posts…as much as I could I deleted all names but my own, and of The Scientists quoted. If any others are left in I’M SORRY, I APOLOGISE…and please notify me and I will delete them.

 Quotes from Famous Scientists

Johannes Kepler [1571-1630]
Astronomy/Laws of Planetary Motion
“I had the intention of becoming a theologian…but now I see how God is, by my endeavors, also glorified in astronomy, for ‘the heavens declare the glory of God.’”
“I am a Christian…I believe… only and alone in the service of Jesus Christ…In Him is all refuge, all solace.”
“Let my name perish if only the name of God the Father is thereby elevated.”
“[God] is the kind Creator who brought forth nature out of nothing.”

Blaise Pascal [1623-1662]
Scientist noted for work in physics, hydrostatics, vacuums; inventor of mechanical calculator
“Jesus Christ, I have separated myself from Him:
I have fled from Him, denied Him, crucified Him.
Let me never be separated from Him.
We keep hold of Him only by the ways taught in the Gospel.
Renunciation, total and sweet.
Total submission to Jesus Christ…”
{from a manuscript dated Monday November 23, 1654 and found in his own handwriting in his coat at his death}

“Knowing God without knowing our own wretchedness engenders pride. Knowing our own wretchedness without knowing God engenders despair.” [Pascal – Pensees no 527]
*Also famous for “Pascal’s Wager”–a powerful defense of the Christian faith

Robert Boyle [1627-1691]
Founder of Modern Chemistry/Gas Dynamics
Governor of Missionary organization for propagating the gospel in New England
Personally financed the translation of the Bible into Irish, Turkish, and Arabic
Author of “The Christian Virtuoso” reflecting on the study of nature for Christians
Author of Christian devotional book, “Occasional Reflections”
His will after his death financed the “Boyle Lectures” which were lectures in defense of Christianity
“From a knowledge of His work, we shall know Him”
“Christ’s passion, His death, His resurrection and ascension, and all of those wonderful works which He did during His stay upon earth, in order to confirm mankind in the belief of His being God as well as man.”

Sir Isaac Newton [1642-1727]
Mathematician, Physicist
Inventor of calculus
Law of universal gravitation
Newton’s three laws of motion:
1) Law of inertia 2) Force=mass*acceleration 3) Principle of action and reaction
Published “Newton’s Prophecies of Daniel”
after his study and translation of the Book of Daniel [in the Bible]
“About the time of the end, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the Prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation, in the midst of much clamor and opposition.”

There are more sure marks of authenticity in the Bible than in any profane history.”

” This thing [a scale model of our solar system] is but a puny imitation of a much grander system whose laws you know, and I am not able to convince you that this mere toy is without a designer and maker; yet you, as an atheist, profess to believe that the great original from which the design is taken has come into being without either designer or maker! Now tell me by what sort of reasoning do you reach such an incongruous conclusion?”


Sir William Herschel [1738-1822]
Astronomist. Discovered Uranus, several nebulae, and binary stars.
First to accurately describe the Milky Way Galaxy
“All human discoveries seem to be made only for the purpose of confirming more and more
the Truths contained in the Sacred Scriptures.”
“The undevout astronomer must be mad.”

Samuel Morse [1791-1872]
Inventor of the telegraph [Morse’s sketch of the railway telegraph above]
“Education without religion is in danger of substituting wild theories for the simple commonsense rules of Christianity.”
First message sent by the electric telegraph:
“What hath God wrought”
{This is found in the Bible; Numbers 23:23}
{The message was sent from the Supreme Court Room in the Capitol to the railway depot at Baltimore; May 24, 1844}
{In one letter, Samuel Morse wrote “What hath GOD wrought” by capitalizing and underlining “GOD” twice!}

Michael Faraday [1791-1867]
Inventor of the electric generator and the transformer
Discovered Benzene–used to make plastics, nylon and dyes
Produced the first test tubes
Described Field Theory
*Hailed by Albert Einstein as the foundation for his own scientific discoveries
Elder in his church for over 20 years
“Speculations? I have none. I am resting on certainties. ‘I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.’”
A Christian finds his guide in the Word of God, and commits the keeping of his soul into the hands of God. He looks for no assurance beyond what the Word can give him, and if his mind is troubled by the cares and fears which assail him, he can go nowhere but in prayer to the throne of
grace and to Scripture.”
“Since peace is alone in the gift of God; and as it is He who gives it, why should we be afraid? His unspeakable gift in His beloved Son is the ground of no doubtful hope.” –[1861 letter]
“The Bible, and it alone, with nothing added to it nor taken away from it by man, is the sole and sufficient guide for each individual, at all times and in all circumstances…For faith in the divinity and work of Christ is the gift of God, and the evidence of this faith is obedience to the commandment of Christ.”

Matthew Maury [1806-1873]
The “Father” of oceanography
Aided in the laying of the first trans-Atlantic cable
Maury believed Psalm 8:8, which speaks of the “paths of the seas” , and he discovered “oceanic currents”
Maury described atmospheric circulation and showed that it was already described in Ecclesiastes 1:6
Maury showed Job 28:25 to be true with respect to the weight of the winds.

The Bible is true and science is true, and therefore each, if truly read, but proves the truth of the other.”

James Prescott Joule [1818-1889]
Described the First Law of Thermodynamics: The Law of Conservation of Energy
[American Biochemist Isaac Asimov said that the First Law of Thermodynamics is
“one of the most important generalizations in the history of science”]
Kinetic Theory of Gases
“Joule-Thomson” effect–the basis of refrigeration

A unit of energy [work] in physics is now called a “joule”

“It is evident that an acquaintance with natural laws means no less than
an acquaintance with the mind of God therein expressed.”
“Order is manifestly maintained in the universe…governed by the sovereign will of God”
“After the knowledge of, and obedience to, the will of God, the next aim must be to know something of His attributes of wisdom, power, and goodness as evidenced by His handiwork.”

James Clerk Maxwell [1831-1879]
Statistical Thermodynamics, Field equations of electricity, magnetism, light

” No theory of evolution can be formed to account for the similarity of molecules,
for evolution necessarily implies continuous change.”

“Almighty God, Who has created man in Thine own image, and made him a living soul that he might seek after Thee,
and have dominion over Thy creatures, teach us to study the works of Thy hands, that we may subdue the earth to our use, and strengthen the reason for Thy service; so to receive Thy blessed Word, that we may believe on Him Who Thou has sent, to give us the knowledge of salvation and the remission of our sins. All of which we ask in the name of the same Jesus Christ, our Lord.” {prayer written by Maxwell and found amongst his notes}

Maxwell was an elder in the church he helped establish near his home.

Louis Pasteur [1822-1895]
Father of Microbiology, developed “pasteurization”

“The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator.”
“Science brings men nearer to God.”


Jean-Henri Fabre [1823-1915]
Entomology, Biology
Author of 8-volume series “Souvenirs Entomologiques”
detailing the behavior and life history of many species

“Without Him, I understand nothing; without Him, all is darkness…Every period has its manias.
I regard Atheism as a mania. It is the malady of the age.
You could take my skin from me more easily than my faith in God.”

Sir Joseph Lister [1827-1912]
Father of antiseptic surgery, first to wire fractures, developed dissolving sutures
“I am a believer in the fundamental doctrines of Christianity”
Lord Kelvin [William Thomson] [1824-1907]
Physicist, Laws of Thermodynamics, Absolute temperature scale, inventor
“With regard to the origin of life, science…positively affirms creative power.”
“Overwhelmingly strong proofs of intelligent and benevolent design lie around us…
the atheistic idea is so non-sensical that I cannot put it into words.”


George Washington Carver [c. 1864-1943]
agricultural chemist, inventor of over 300 products
“Without my Savior, I am nothing.”
“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station,
through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.”
“God is going to reveal to us things he never revealed before if we put our hands in his. No books ever go into my laboratory, a thing I am to do and the way of doing it are revealed me.”
Wernher Von Braun [1912-1977]; first Director of NASA, pioneer of space exploration
“Scientific concepts exist only in the minds of men.
Behind these concepts lies the reality which is being revealed to us, but only by the grace of God.”


Here is More “Random Acts Of SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE” : 

Fossils Show Stasis and No Transitional Forms

 -Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- P.A.N. Admin.

The fossil record reflects the original diversity of life, not an evolving tree of increasing complexity. There are many examples of “living fossils,” where the species is alive today and found deep in the fossil record as well.

According to evolution models for the fossil record, there are three predictions:

1. wholesale change of organisms through time
2. primitive organisms gave rise to complex organisms
3. gradual derivation of new organisms produced transitional forms.

However, these predictions are not borne out by the data from the fossil record.

Trilobites, for instance, appear suddenly in the fossil record without any transitions. There are no fossils between simple single-cell organisms, such as bacteria, and complex invertebrates, such as trilobites.

Extinct trilobites had as much organized complexity as any of today’s invertebrates. In addition to trilobites, billions of other fossils have been found that suddenly appear, fully formed, such as clams, snails, sponges, and jellyfish. Over 300 different body plans are found without any fossil transitions between them and single-cell organisms.

Fish have no ancestors or transitional forms to show how invertebrates, with their skeletons on the outside, became vertebrates with their skeletons inside.

Fossils of a wide variety of flying and crawling insects appear without any transitions. Dragonflies, for example, appear suddenly in the fossil record. The highly complex systems that enable the dragonfly’s aerodynamic abilities have no ancestors in the fossil record.

In the entire fossil record, there is not a single unequivocal transition form proving a causal relationship between any two species. From the billions of fossils we have discovered, there should be thousands of clear examples if they existed.

The lack of transitions between species in the fossil record is what would be expected if life was created.——–

There is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE/PROOF that Evolution as taught and believed by Evolutionists EVER transpired.

Piltdown man? HOAX.

Nebraska man? HOAX.

Java man? HOAX.

Neanderthal man? HOAX?

CroaMagna man? HOAX.

There is NO fossil record of a two reptile parents giving birth to a DOG…or a BIRD…or a HUMAN. NONE. ANYWHERE. I.e., there is NO fossil record anywhere to suggest that ANY creature transmorgified into any other creature.

Rabbits gave and give birth TO RABBITS.

Chickens gave and give birth TO CHICKENS.

Apes/monkeys gave and give birth TO APES/MONKEYS.

Humans gave and give birth TO HUMANS.


In short there is NO evidence anywhere of evolution.

Oh, sure, there are some “scientists” who dress up spurious theories in scientific jargon to confuse and bamboozle…but they have not and CAN NOT produce one shred of actual, real, scientific and empircal evidence that evolution EVER took place- NOT ONE TIME.

As to Creator God using evolution to create…utterly false.

Evolution, at best, LIMITS AND RESTRICTS God. God supplied the basic mass, energy, light, elements and so-forth AND BLIND CHANCE did the rest?!! That in and of itself is spurious. And as already shown there is NO evidence anywhere of evolution- AT ALL.

God did NOT “need” evoluition to do anything.

No more than you could blow your car up and “create” a “something” even remotely useful and useable, The “Big Bang” is equally as ludicrous.

No more than 50 blind apes on PCP could design and assemble a GMC Yukon Denali, you can NOT “just get” the ENTIRE UNIVERSE in all it’s minute detail and design through a series of BLIND CHANCE ACCIDENTS.

It not only DIDN’T happen that way- it COULDN’T happen that way.

The SCIENTIFIC FACT that there is the evidence of MAN through out the entire “geological column” obliterates the MYTH of Evolution 100% on it’s face.————-

This was buried on page 11…I’m puting it here so more folks can see it, and also so ”X” can find it…this discussion thread has been so busy in so many places that posts are getting lost.

Once this is posted here I’ll delete it on page 11.

Dear Friend, “X”,

Please let me posit some MORE FACTS FROM SCIENCE.

1. Darwin said in HIS “Origin of Species”:

“The MANNER in which species belonging to several of the main divisions of the animal kingdom SUDDENLY APPEAR IN the LOWEST KNOWN fossiliferous rocks…may be truly urged as a VALID argument AGAINST the views HERE entertained.”

Darwin admitted that the fossil record did NOT support his theory/MYTH.

2. Fossil EXPERT, Gareth Nelson, said:

” The phrase ‘the fossil record’ sounds imprssive and authoritative. As used by some persons it becomes, AS INTENDED, intimidating, taking on an aura of esoteric truth as expounded by an ELITE Class of specialists. BUT WHAT IS IT REALLY, this fossil record? ONLY data in search of interpretation. ALL CALIMS TO THE CONTRARY that I KNOW, and I KNOW several, are so much SUPERSTITION.”

3. Evolutionary Biologists, Henry Gee, said:

“NO fossil is buried with its birth certificate. THAT, and the SCARCITY of fossils, means that it IS EFFECTIVELY IMPOSSIBLE to link fossils into chains of cause and effect IN ANY VALID WAY…To take a line of fossils and claim that they represent a lineage is NOT a scientific hypothesis that CAN BE TESTED, but an ASSERTION that carries the same validity of a BED-TIME STORY- amusing, perhaps even instructive, BUT NOT SCIENCTIFIC. ANY CHAIN REALLY IS: a COMPLETE human INVENTION created after the fact, SHAPED to accord with human PREJUDICES.


More from Fossil EXPERT, Gareth Neslon:

“The idea that one can go to the fossil record and expect to EMPIRICALLY recover an ancestor-descendant sequence, be it of SPECIES, GENERA, FAMILIES, OR WHATEVER, has been, AND CONTINUESto be, a PERNICIOUS ILLUSION.”

 In these 15 pages I’ve posited time and again FROM A HOST OF SCIENTISTS, even including some Darwinists, who admit and testify WITH THE WEIGHT OF EVIDENCE that there is NO evidence FOR Darwinian evolution whatsoever. NONE.

 I’m not “neglecting to see and look at your view” “X”…I have, and as I have stated many times your side has NO evidence, NO empirically tested and verified/verifiable science, NOR ANY Scientific PROOF…even fellow Darwininians call it a “bed-time story” a “pernicious illusion”.

 I simply call it a MYTH.—————————-


University of Illinois-Urbana Microbiologist Carl R. Woese, who PIONEERED the use of 18 rRNA to construct an all-encompassing “tree of Life” and identify the “universal common ancestor” spoke of SERIOUS PROBLEMS:

“NO consistent organismal phylogeny has emerged from the many individual protien phylogenies so far produced…primitive organisms acquired MANY of their genes and protiens, NOT bt Darwinian descent with modifiaction, BUT BY lateral gene transfer FROM OTHER ORGANISMS…

there NEVER was a universal common ancestor. The Doctrine of Common Descent has DECEIVED US.”

Evolutionary Biologists W, Ford Doolittle said:

“We CAN NOT infer a UNIQUE tree of organisms from the patter of relationships among genomes WITHOUT making FURHTER ASSUMPTIONS about evolutionary processes that are JUST THAT: STILL UN-PROVEN ASSUMPTIONS! We have, for decades, thought that our job was to uncover the structure of a Tree of Life, whose reality WE NEED NOT QUESTION. BUT REALLY, what we have been doing is TESTING Darwin’s hypothesis that a tree is THE APPROPRIATE representation of Life’s History, back to the beginning. Like ANY hypothesis it could be FALSE.”

Jonathon Wells, Ph. D. wrote:

“Molecular inferences about whale ancestry CONFLICT WITH morphological inferences; molecular phylogenies of the animal phyla CONFLICT WITH EACH OTHER; AND INCONSISTENCIES in molecualr phylogenies have persuaded MANY BIOLOGISTS to abandon the idea of a UNIVERSAL COMMON ANCESTOR ALTOGETHER. Yet THE MAIN PROBLEM with molecular pylogenies is NOT that they CONFLICT with the morphological EVIDENCE or WITH EACH OTHER. Their MAIN Problem is that they ASSUME the common ancestor HAS TO BE READ INTO the molecules, which BY THEMSELVES tell us NOTHING NEW OR PROFOUND. As evidence FOR Darwinism, molecualr phylogeny is NO better than reading the entralls of chickens.”

A Pernicious Illusion.

Lies and Fraud.


Shaped according to human prejudices.

Force fitting inferences and assupmtions…

THAT is Darwinism/Evolution.

BUT it is NOT Science.


I have presented PROOFS AND EVIDENCE.

You (“X”) have NOT even directly replied to them let alone refute any of them directly.

I have presented SCIENTISTS AFTER SCIENTIST who ARE CHRISTIANS, who via SCIENCE, the evidences and proofs of REAL SCIENCE examined over the CENTURIES, and their SCIENTIFIC CONCLUSIONS… that ALL come down on the side of a Creator/Designer who actually Created/Designed EVERYTHING great and small throughout the universe.

Again, to which you have NOT even DIRECTLY replied let alone refuted in a direct manner.

Let me ask you some simple questions PLEASE:

1. Would you buy a $3,000 computer from the trunk of a car from someone who said “No one designed or made it…it just put itself together.” ?

2. Would you go to a Lexus Dealership and buy a Lexus SUV from a saleman who BLEW-UP a Lexus and then tells you “It’s NOW a Bentley.” ?

3. Can you honestly examine all that we do know about ONE SINGLE STRAND OF DNA and HONESTLY tell me, or anyone, that that DNA molecule is the result of a HUGE Cosmic Accident resulting from billions of years of trial-and-error?

And you can call my SCIENTIFICALLY AND REASONED Based world-view sophist, eh, call me a sophist engaging in sophistry…whatever…I have REAL SCIENCE AND EVIDENCE on my side.

1 Timothy 6:20-21 (King James Version)

20O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science FALSELY SO CALLED:

21Which some professing have ERRED concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.


“X”, please show me scientific, empirical evidence that ANY chain of ACCIDENTS AND EXPLOSIONS EVER created ANYTHING…PLEASE, show me PROOF that EVER happened.

We can discuss this as long as you want- or until we’re instructed to shut it down- but I see little point of providing quotes DIRECTLY FROM PIONEERS AND EXPERTS IN VARIOUS SCIENTIFIC FIELDS and SHOWING EVIDENCE OF MAN COINCIDING WITH DINOSAURS which evolutionists like you can blithely sweep aside and ignore.

I have proffered several sets of questions based upon reason and logic which you have not one time even directly addressed. Again, from WHERE did the essential and initial mass, energy, elements ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR EVEN ONE CELL TO BE CREATED COME?

Again, SHOW ME, SHOW US, ONE time when an EXPLOSION and a SERIES OF ACCIDENTS ever created anything.

Please show PROOF that a lizard came from a frog, or a chicken came from a bald eagle…or vice versa.

Please show PROOF that man came from apes, monkeys or chimpanzees.

And Lastly, PLEASE show where this MYTHOLOGICAL Miracle STILL TRANSPIRES. Surely if for BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF YEARS the “magic” of evolution did once take place- WHERE is even ONE example that it STILL takes place? Has even so much as ONE created being EVER turned into another in the last 6-10,000 years of observable history?

I will for now continue to answer your queries, but until you begin to ACRUALLY ADDRESS the multiplicity of EMPIRICAL SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE AND TESTIMONY I’ve proffered I see little point in going further in this discussion. I will do so because I view this as an oppurtunity to let REAL FACTS speak for themselves.

And because ALL of Creation, “these things”, are here AND we ARE here to observe them is NOT testimony of a Universal, Cataclysmic, Cosmic EXPLOSION and a random, NON-planned chain OF ACCIDENTS…but THE EVIDENCE AND EXISTENCE OF ALL THIS DESIGN SCREAMS OUT CLEARLY THAT THERE IS INDEED A DESIGNER/CREATOR.

To say otherwise is utter FOLLY AND NONSENSE.


…Now let’s look at Reason, Logic, and Faith.

Let’s begin as Darwinists do with the ASSUMPTION that there is NO God, NO Creator, NO Intelligent Designer.

Next let’s set forth the absolutely ESSENTIAL-GOT-TO-HAVE-VITALLY-NECESSARY “ingrediants” that HAD TO be at “whatever and whenever the beginning is”.

FIRST, there HAD TO BE SOME AMMOUNT OF MATTER. “The Substance” from which ALL is and/or was “somehow” made.

SECONDLY, there HAD TO BE SOME AMMOUNT OF ENERGY. “The Active Agent” that “somehow” DOES, CAUSES, MOVES…the matter., and to some MAKES matter “somehow” come together and form to make “something”.

THIRDLY, there HAD TO BE SOME AMMOUNT OF ALL THE VITALLY ESSENTIAL Elements and Chemicals. This is what makes the DIFFERENCE between water and Hydrocloric acid…both of which have hydrogen in them BUT in varying degrees…and you should avoid drinking a nice cup of Hydrocloric acid.

FOURTHLY, in “The Chronicles of Darwin” view, there ABSOLUTELY MUST BE A MAJOR EXPLOSION (The Big Bang) OR A MAJOR CATACLYSM take place that “somehow” set ALL the Darwinian creation process in motion, i.e. to “jump start the creation of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE (where there had been for unknown eons NOTHING) and to “somehow”-eventually- create LIFE (where PRIOR to The Darwinian view there was NO LIFE), AND to “somehow”- eventually- create INTRELLIGENCE, REASON, LOGIC AND INTUTION (where PRIOR TO THIS there was ONLY ignorant, random, unguided chance and accident).

LASTLY, in the Darwinian view there HAD TO BE UNTOLD EONS WORTH OF BILLIONS AND BILLIONS, AND TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF YEARS for ALL this to take place, because, as every knows when ALL there is is UNguided, random, accidental, hit-and-MISS, trial-and-ERROR ACCIDENTS occuring you ABSOLUTELY NEED “gobs of time” for ALL those nasty, useless “kinks” to be “somehow” worked out. But, given countless Ka-Ba-Jillion years, eventually, “somehow” everything “just happened” to “somehow” become what we see, hear, handle, examine and observe today.

NOW, THAT IS a capsulation of the Darwinian-”scientific” world-view of:


LIFE “just appeared/happened”

HOW Order somehow came from utter explosive chaos

and HOW intimate, intricate, detailed DESIGN “somehow” came from a LOOOONG series of UNguided, random, accidental ACCIDENTS


NOW, let’s use everyday Logic & Reason.

Would ANY rational person buy or use ANYTHING that was just “somehow” assembled by a series of random, UNguided ACCIDENTS? A car? A microwave? A computer?

Would ANY rational person EAT/ingest ANYTHING that was just “somehow” prepared in ANY kitchen by blind chance and UNguided, random ACCIDENTS?

IF you’re REALLY a Darwinist you HAVE TO ANSWER: YES.

IF you’re a person who is a “slave” to logic and reason you have to answer: NO.

-Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer- P.A.N. Admin.
“Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God.” -Benjamin Franklin.

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From Patriot Action Network

Posted on February 24, 2012 by drrobertowens

What does History tell us about the impeachment of an American President? It has only happened twice.

Today Lincoln is an icon. His Roman style temple and oversized statue dominate one end of the National Mall. But in 1864 he was an embattled president caught in a war he couldn’t win and running against George B. McClellan, a popular general who said he could end it. Even History was against Lincoln. No president had won a second term in over thirty years. Mr. Lincoln needed all the allies he could muster to win. So the first Republicans led by the President tried to split the opposition. They changed the party name to the National Union Party and chose a Southern Democrat as a running mate. In a surprise to everyone including Lincoln, he won re-election positioning Johnson one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

After the worst mistake by a Southern sympathizer since the attack on Fort Sumter, the assassination of Lincoln, Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency and almost immediately ran afoul of the Radical Republicans who had a three to one majority in Congress and who wanted to punish the South. Johnson was the only Southern Senator to remain loyal to the Union. He served as the Union imposed military governor of Tennessee until chosen to run for Vice President. A mere forty one days into Lincoln’s second term Johnson was sworn in. When he sought to allow the South a path back into the Union that re-imposed limitations upon the freed slaves and ensured the rise of ex-Confederates to power, he was impeached for breaking a law concerning the firing of appointees. After a contentious trial he was acquitted by one vote.

Johnson and his presidency survived, barely. He was afterwards relegated to irrelevancy and served as a mere caretaker until General Grant came along to become the face of Reconstruction. In this first impeachment battle the President was acquitted, but Congress won.

If you ask the average person who lived through the national ordeal President Clinton was impeached because of his scandalous tryst with a young intern in the Oval Office. Though this was a shameful betrayal of trust, it was not the reason he was impeached. He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice in a legal matter that had nothing at all to do with Monica Lewinsky. And even though Clinton was later found in contempt by a federal judge for lying under oath and was later disbarred for ethical violations it was the leadership of the House that impeached him that paid the political price. The Senate which on a strict party line vote (all the Progressives voted to acquit), came out relatively unscathed. Today we are constantly told by the Progressive Press Mr. Clinton is a beloved elder statesman.

Etched upon the memory of the Republican wing of the party of power is the knowledge that unless there is a Senate willing to convict there is no glory in being a House ready to indict.

Republics rise and republics fall. They rise due to the explosion of creativity and production which always accompanies freedom, and they fall when demagogues convince a majority that they deserve a free ride at the expense of a minority. The good thing about History is that if we are wise enough we can learn from other people’s mistakes. And if we aren’t going to allow History to instruct us we should at least be wise enough to allow it to warn us.

Our History teaches us that the impeachment process is possible to initiate but difficult to consummate. So what are we to do if History warns us that what we are witnessing is the fall of our republic? Have we learned enough from History to navigate our way through to a safe harbor, or are we helpless in the face of a hurricane of transformation?

Due to the information developed by the American intelligence community and the bravery of Navy Seal Team Six we learned that the leader of Al Qaeda, the fraternity of terrorists America finds itself endlessly destroying, was not hiding in a cave. He was instead living in a compound barely 1,000 yards from the military academy of our principle ally in our decade long undeclared war. Today’s Hitler is dead, yet the war goes on as if nothing has happened. We have victory after victory with no conclusion and no peace in sight.

Looking at our current economic and social situation America appears more like an occupied nation than the victor of the Cold War and the sole remaining Super Power on Earth. Perhaps it is time to conceptualize the idea that our existential enemy is not a rag-tag group of malcontents dedicated to turning back the clock by six centuries. The enemy that poses a mortal threat to our way of life is instead the homegrown Progressive Movement that has labored for more than a century to subvert our education, corrupt our politics, and evolve their way from constitutionally limited government to central planning and total control.

The visible head of the Progressive Movement today is President Barack Obama. As portrayed by the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media he is not just an Alinsky style community organizer, he is a constitutional scholar. We are told endlessly that he was a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago. Leaving the reality of these claims aside suffice it to say that this constitutional scholar professes to believe that the constitution is a flawed document because it does not provide for positive rights such as guarantees of housing, jobs, etc. The kind of rights that the constitutions of the Soviet Union did and of Red China does provide its slaves, I mean citizens. Not to worry our constitutional scholar-in-chief also believes that our Constitution, written to set strict limits on the federal government is a living document that each generation is free to interpret: that is, change at will.

President Obama has presided over the most calamitous decline in American prestige and influence since his fellow Progressive Jimmy Carter disgraced the office. Mr. Obama’s apology tours, his over-the-top spending which are nothing less than cross generational theft are eclipsed by his blatant assaults upon the very core of his responsibility: the integrity of the Constitution.

The president of the United States is sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, but instead Mr. Obama has trampled upon the letter as well as the spirit of this document meant to define the perimeters of federal power.

Unconfirmed Czars rule like potentates over shadow departments dispensing huge budgets while creating a parallel government outside of citizen scrutiny or control. Appointees at the National Labor Relations Board work at subordinating the nation to organized labor. A rogue justice department provides guns to Mexican cartels, refuses to prosecute obvious instances of voter intimidation, gives a pass to Islamist groups, and stonewalls Congress, while aggressively going after peaceful pro-life demonstrators and America’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They sue states that try to enforce immigration laws they ignore and seek to try the perpetrators of 9-11 in a New York trial that would parade itself through our national consciousness like a Broadway production of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Superstar.

Beyond these abuses of power there are two glaring examples of the type of blatant transgressions of clear constitutional limits which, if not addressed set a precedent that may stand in the future as signs of the times that were missed at the time. If not addressed, they will point accusing fingers at a generation asleep at the switch when the bounds of limited government were finally breached.

Ruling by decree from Chicago-on-the-Potomac our Leader has taken us to war without even consulting Congress and made recess appointments while Congress was in session.

Mr. Obama has said he can rule without Congress because he can’t wait. He travels the country at tax payer expense campaigning for four more years to seal the deal, inflaming class warfare, and dispensing government giveaways to buy votes. These two egregious affronts to the Constitution lie at the feet of the Washington Monument passed over by the media and explained away by the government’s propaganda arm. And what does the loyal opposition do? They huff and they puff but actually they do nothing.

Only two Congressmen had the integrity to point out that presidents are not allowed to take us to war by whim. And only one had the courage to point out that making high level appointments without Senate confirmation while the Senate is in session is more than bad form: it is unconstitutional and more compatible with a dictatorship than a republic.

We stand before the yawning maw of collectivism presided over by a self-proclaimed transformational president seeking to change us from what we have been to what he thinks we should be. Mr. Obama is supported by what amounts to a personality cult in the media and a legion of fellow citizens addicted to either distributing or receiving the dole. The Republican candidates are standing in a circular firing squad working hard at allowing the Progressive Media make them look like the bar scene from Star Wars. At the same time the media gives the President a pass for everything from gas prices to artificially deflated unemployment figures. If America as we have known her is to survive, we must elect a Congress with enough courage and enough votes to do what must be done. The Congress we have now is passive in the face of serial provocations and outright illegality. They will not call Mr. Obama to account on anything so he feels free to do everything.

If he wins again we all lose unless we replace those who merely go along to get along with those who are willing to speak the forbidden word…Impeach!

Dr. Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College. He is the Historian of the Future and the author of the History of the Future @ © 2012 Robert R. Owens Follow Dr. Robert Owens on Facebook or Twitter @ Drrobertowens

Two Masters

Two Masters.   Author:

I was taking a break from my conservative blogging.

If anyone is familiar with Gibson Research Corporation,    OK –  EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT, [LOL]  they are originators of utilities to test how safe your OS (operating system) is when connected to the web. Cutting edge stuff that assisted the unwary, or naive users out there, in making  intelligent decisions to avoid Trojans, Malware, and other w.w.w. hazards.  They also exposed not-so-safe paid  security suites, and other third party vendors.  They continue to give ZoneAlarm’s free (yes the freebie from firewall excellent marks.

I had not visited their site for over five years.  Many of their tests, while still valid, had not been updated since 2005. Today, I just so happened to click on a link to obtain Steve’s blog ( their founder) and SUPRISE – it’s here on WP!

Reading his pg, I discovered the following article. Guaranteed to raise your eyebrows, since he discusses exactly what I have blogged (harped?) about many times.   ENJOY

Facebook and the Ford Pinto

Posted on May 24, 2010by

Cold-blooded Calculations for Corporate ProfitPost’s Permalink

The truth is, it is neither a corporation’s mission nor its obligation to serve its customers. A corporation exists as a soulless synthetic legal entity whose singular purpose is to maximize its shareholders’ wealth. This is something the public too often and so easily forgets in the wake of the mind-numbing marketing created specifically to cause us to misunderstand the corporation’s true raison d’être.

McDonald’s doesn’t serve hamburgers to feed us, they feed us to serve themselves.

When tension arises between the needs, rights, and expectations of the corporation’s customers and that corporation’s goal of wealth maximization, simple economics prevails: “What will make the company the most money?”

Anyone who was at least a teenager in the early 1970′s will recall the rather horrific case of the Ford Pinto: When the Pinto was “rear ended” in an auto accident, sharp pieces of the rear bumper system often pierced the gasoline tank, located just inboard of the rear of the car, causing it to catch fire and often incinerating the car’s occupants.

When this seemed to be happening more often than it “should,” it came to light that Ford’s management had long known of this literally fatal design flaw in their car. But many of these defectively designed Pintos had been manufactured and sold. Ford’s infamous “cost-benefit analysis” — subsequently obtained by the press — revealed that the company would be more profitable if it paid the statistically predicted number of wrongful death claims that it knew were likely to arise in the future, rather than recall the Pintos for an $11-per-car modification. That must have been some board meeting.

What does any of this have to do with Facebook?

Just this: Facebook is not working for the interest of its 400 million users. Facebook is a corporation like any other, whose sole mission is to maximize its corporate profits. Unfortunately, the only “asset” Facebook has to monetize is the wealth of personal information that has been poured into the system by every one of those 400 million users. Facebook has understood this from day one, its user community has not.

The public relations disaster Facebook brought upon itself by overreaching and overstepping might not have occurred. They might have gotten away with it. Or it might not have been so bad. Or it might have blown over. Or, or, or. But you can bet your last dollar that what just happened wasn’t a mistake. This was a calculation like any other — a calculated asset leveraging they hoped to get away with.

What was their mistake? They were too impatient. They pushed too far too fast. In retrospect, they would have been wiser to creep these changes out incrementally and more slowly, allowing each one to be digested and giving the world time to grudgingly accept the creeping loss of Facebook privacy and control.

So, that’s what they’ll do now, they’ll fall back to Plan ‘B’.

Facebook still has only one asset — its community’s personal information. Sooner or later that asset will be fully monetized. It now looks like it’s going to be a little bit later.

If you have friends who have been sucked (suckered?) into Facebook, consider helping them out with the valuable and nearly vital privacy settings management tool at: They’ll almost certainly thank you.

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