That line, taken from The Further Adventures of Nick Danger, a Firesign Theater satire on the ’30’s radio shows, is where we have arrived  after four decades of having “round filed” the conservative Christian values most of our parents tried to instill in us.

My recent post, Big Brother and YOU,  represents only a small part of the many threats we now face from both Government, and Corporate pirates.  WorldWideWeb indeed!  How many of you are aware that Google is somehow tied into WP?  Shudder… Yes, It’s true. 

How did I discover this?  When Patriot Action Network had grown to the point that their old server was no longer viable, they switched to a server more suitable to their needs, and it’s powered by WP.  -BUT – while some members are able to post videos, I have never been able to.

Searching for a solution, in my dashboard under “Settings”, there is  “WordPress Video Plugin”.  At the bottom of the “instruction pg”,  (the plugin is still still not active) is a hyperlink (In German?!) with the Google logo.  I copied/pasted the shortcut into the taskbar, and ended up at a German ad for Google AdWords Express. That was enough. I’m not an investigator; this was just a blind alley persued in trying to be able to post video.  In any event, since I know about Google’s willingness to provide info to the Gov’t this is unsettling.

I forgot, nor recall why when I set up with YouTube that I’d done so with Google.  YouTube (IMO) targets Christian and Conservative sites. Several have been removed for supposed “copyright infringments”, though there are many sites with little more than music videos posted;  tell me these people got permission for all those videos.  NOT LIKELY.  Yet YouTube’s “Thought Police”  never so much as blink an eye.

My Patriot friends on Facebook will do well to omit any personal info from their profiles, use a pseudonym, and inform others who may be intending to “go social” on the  w.w.w. to do likewise.

The public at large continues to go on blithely throwing any and all personal information out into the “wolfpack” with little concern, UNTIL they become victims. God gave us brains, we are supposed to use them, not our backsides when making decisions. 

We need to watch our backs.  “Nuff Said”.