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By way of explanation:  I know the sender of this e-mail. We’d been out of touch for thirty yrs (!)

People change… Reading this, you’ll note he’s more liberal than conservative; however, the intent of the website mentioned would level the playing field across all political lines, and keep everybody honest. The knife cuts both ways;  he had gotten fed up with the Dems, and is a registered Independent voter.

Please check this out and by all means – if you know a good constitutional lawyer-, get a legal opinion.  Why?  The idea is a Constitutional amendment. We need to be circumspect about anything which would fundamentally change our Constitution.  Here is the message, and the link:

Hi everyone,

I learned about this site trying to get enough signatures to petition our Congress to eliminate corporate money from American politics. Our representatives start each day dialing for dollars. So far 80% of the 16 billion dollars collected for the republican superpacs has been donated by only 58 corporations and this is just the start. The election isn’t until next year and they have already got 16 billion to spend on advertising.
Please go to and sign the petition, then get as many people as you can to sign on. The petition is to introduce a constitutional amendment, which simply put, will only allow individual contributions to people running for federal office and that amount is already capped by law.
I don’t know about you but, like the majority of individuals, I can’t compete with corporate money. Corporations should not have a say in who has the loudest voice and probably gets elected. Corporations are not people.

“Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason.” ― Mark Twain

Your husband hears your five-week old baby crying. You know the problem. She has a dirty diaper. You know what needs to be done. Her diaper needs changing. You’re tired. The baby’s been cranky all day, and you need a rest, even if it’s only a short one. Your ever-loving husband is in his workshop. “Honey,” you call out to him, “would you be a dear and check on Julie?” He returns with baby in tow and passes her off to you and says, “Her diaper’s dirty, so I can’t change it.”

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Dad was sent to change what was dirty, a natural and necessary thing to do. If his response is so foolish, why is it that when we get into an area like politics, some can justify their inaction by making a similar claim?: “Politics is dirty! I can’t get involved.”

If you view politics as something dirty, then view it in terms of this bumper sticker: “Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often.” Maybe then we can dispense with the charge that we should not be involved in something as dirty as politics.

Civil government is established by God, therefore, it is a legitimate area of activity for Christians (Matt. 22:21; Romans 13:1; 1 Tim. 2:1-4; 1 Peter 2:13-17). There was a need for civil government when man sinned and became a threat to other men (Gen. 4:23). Politics is the process of electing the best men to office to protect law-abiding citizens against the lawless (Ex. 18; Deut. 1:15; cf. 1 Tim. 3:1-7). To speak out against the principle of political involvement is to call God’s wisdom into question and to allow the despots and tyrants to rule.

It’s been said that clothes make the man. In biblical terms we can assert that the character of the people will determine what type of political system a nation gets. Our nation was founded on the belief that religious man undergirds a society. “In the last resort, our civilization is what we think and believe. The externals matter, but they cannot stand if the inner convictions which originally produced them have vanished.”[1] Dirty (sinful) politics is simply the reflection of sinful men and women–politicians and voters included. Or, to put it another way, we are getting what we deserve. We are reaping what we have sown.

So when a sleazy candidate gets elected, or when your local newspaper or TV station seems to favor the abortionists, or when a jury in Cincinnati says an abominable set of photographs isn’t legally obscene–when any of those things happen, don’t leap to the conclusion that someone did a number on us. Consider instead the sober likelihood that the sleazy politician really represents the values of the people who voted, that most subscribers to the paper and those who watch TV really don’t care about–or even prefer–abortion, and that precious few jurors are willing to sit in judgment on anything.[2]

Politics is only as good as the people who make it their calling and those who put them into office either by voting or refusing to vote. The maintenance of good government is dependent on good people. Of course, this is true of everything–from the local grocery store to the family restaurant down the street. George Washington, in his Farewell Address (September 17, 1796), gave this advice to the nation:

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.

No governing document can create freedom, national stability, or security by using compulsion to induce compliance to a set of ideals. The best political intentions are no match for the will of the people. In purely human terms, people determine the goodness of a nation’s political system. John Adams wrote: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”[3] When self-government is abandoned for self-serving opportunism, we should expect a decline in the health of the nation. Politics will indeed become dirty and infect all of us with its poison. 

Why is politics left out of the clean-up process when politics plays such a significant part in our lives? Who else has the means to clean it up? If Christians do not, who will? Generally speaking, Christians have stayed out of politics, making its corruption even more pronounced. The answer is not to consign politics to even more corruption by ignoring its potential as an area for redemption and restoration. Mark O. Hatfield, former United States Senator from the state of Oregon, relates the following on the question of corruption and politics:

I have often been asked: “How can you be a Christian and be in politics?” There is inherent in this question the popular idea that politics is dirty and that no honest person would get himself involved. Have you ever heard a doctor or a lawyer asked that question? Yet certainly there are as many cases of professional or ethical misconduct in their occupations as among politicians.[4]

Sports is a dirty business, from Little League to the Olympics. Ben Johnson of Canada was suspended after his world-record-breaking performance at the 1988 Olympic Games, because it was learned that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Pete Rose, holder of the all-time hit record and former player and manager for the Cincinnati Reds, was banned from baseball because he gambled on the sport. Mark McGuire, the first baseball player to hit 70 home runs in a season, was accused of taking performance enhancing supplements. The 2001 Little League World series was tainted when it was learned that Danny Almonte, the pitching star of the series, was 14 instead of 12. There are now frequent reports of parents and players fighting at youth sports games.[5] In 2003, Kobe Bryant, a guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, admitted he had committed adultery and was charged with raping a nineteen-year-old woman.

How many parents will remove their children from participating in sports because of the dirt? The International Olympic Committee has been working hard to clean up those sports where steroids are the drug of choice for athletic enhancement, especially in track and field and weightlifting. These officials recognize that there is dirt, but they have not abandoned sports because of it. Roberto Alomar spit in the face of an umpire because he didn’t like a call. A parent of a young hockey player killed another parent after a hockey match. Instead of abandoning sports because of these horrible events, parents and officials are working to clean up youth sports by requiring parents to take classes on how to behave and sign “good conduct codes.” The problem is with people who bring the “dirt” (sin) with them to the game not with sports themselves. The same is true about politics.

Abandoning politics because of dirt won’t stop it from affecting you. Every law passed and every policy implemented affects each of us. There is no avoiding politics even if we decide not to involve ourselves. We are involved. Every vote not cast is a vote for the opposition. Politics does not go away when we decide not to participate. Your taxes still go up, homosexuals will teach your children “It’s OK to be gay,” and abortion calls down God’s wrath on the nation as a whole even if we remain silent.


  1. Paul Johnson, The Enemies of Society (New York: Atheneum, 1977), 117. []
  2. Joel Belz, “Evidence Mounts: We Are Still a Small Minority,” World (October 13, 1990), 3. []
  3. J. Howe, “The Changing Political Thought of John Adams.” Quoted in Wayne House, ed., Restoring the Constitution: 1787-1987 (Dallas, TX: Probe Books, 1987), 10. []
  4. Mark O. Hatfield, “How Can a Christian be in Politics?,” Politics and Politics: Christianity and Contemporary Affairs (Greenwood, SC: The Attic Press, 1968), 7. []
  5. Jennifer Brett, “Parents conduct turns kids’ sports into brawl games,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution (June 29, 2003), C1. []

Read more: Politicians are Like Dirty Diapers | Godfather Politics

FROM:  MUSLIMS4JESUS on YouTube                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Be grateful for where we are; America is in jeopardy.

Another reason to remember, freedom is not free! 

Remember, people who are born in Islamic families and renounce Islam, are subject to imposed death penalties for openly doing so.

The US, the UN and Genetic Engineering – Gold font my emphasis “X”

Written on September 26, 2011 by Chuck Norris

Researchers with Genetically Modified Corn

Would you know if you were eating genetically engineered foods?

The Chicago Tribune recently reported that with no labeling on such foods, many people don’t realize that they are doing just that. Genetically modified crops constitute 93 percent of soy, 86 percent of corn and 93 percent of canola seeds planted in the U.S. and are used in about 70 percent of American processed food.

The Tribune went on to say that polls from the Pew Center, Consumers Union and Harris Interactive over the past decade have shown that the overwhelming majority of Americans would like to see genetically modified foods better-regulated and -labeled. Despite that, President Barack Obama’s administration has approved an “unprecedented number of genetically modified crops,” such as corn grown for ethanol.

The U.S. government is not the only entity boosting and greenlighting genetic engineering of our crops and foods. In 1963, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization adopted the Codex Alimentarius, the food code created by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, whose self-proclaimed mission was to protect health, remove trade obstacles and establish food guidelines. The commission now has 185 members, including the U.S.

Hundreds of guidelines have been adopted by the CAC, in areas ranging from additives to pesticides to, most recently, vitamin and mineral supplements. And this year, it is tackling the issue of whether to label genetically altered and engineered fruits and vegetables.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health, the natural health community has expressed concern about the CAC’s guidelines regarding supplements because of parts of the Codex’s preamble that “essentially discount the benefits from dietary supplements, and the fact that the scope of the Codex Guidelines includes developing minimum and maximum levels of vitamins and minerals.”

Though regulating those maximum levels is prohibited by U.S. policy — because dietary supplements are not categorized as drugs — it is one more sign that global governance of our foods is right around the corner. As if American households relinquishing their health and fitness habits to Washington weren’t enough, now the entire U.S. needs to be governed by a global food and drug administration?

U.S. food policy may not acquiesce to worldwide regulations tomorrow, but global control is a slippery slope that often is brought about through small steps, or so-called benign increments. The European Union already has enacted many universal food tenets into law. Could the U.S. be that far behind in this global age? In an era in which caving to international pressure is in vogue, how far behind are our food factories?

But does the U.S. really want foreign entities telling us how to eat, what vitamins to take, and how (not) to label U.S. food, now or in the distant future? I’ll say what I said in a previous article: The sooner we quit relinquishing our health and fitness responsibilities to the government and take control of our own lives the better off we’ll be.

Americans have a right to be concerned with international influence over labeling, marketing and masking the truths behind foods coming from abroad. Our health and welfare should not be turned over to foreign powers, lobbying groups, the Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If that were to happen, we could kiss goodbye the freedoms we’ve long enjoyed with dietary supplements and organic foods.

The added difficulty with genetic tampering and labels is that we know big business and lobbying often control the decisions in Washington. Recently, that was made evident again by the actions of the USDA. Despite the fact that tests prove that genetically engineered organisms become a part of the bacteria in our digestive tracts, the Alliance for Natural Health reported how the USDA now wants to eliminate any controls from genetically altered corn and cotton.

The ANH cited the wisdom of the late George Wald, a Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine and one of the first scientists to speak out about the dangers of genetically engineered foods:

“Recombinant DNA technology (genetic engineering) faces our society with problems unprecedented, not only in the history of science, but of life on the Earth. … Now whole new proteins will be transposed overnight into wholly new associations, with consequences no one can foretell, either for the host organism or their neighbors. … For going ahead in this direction may not only be unwise but dangerous. Potentially, it could breed new animal and plant diseases, new sources of cancer, novel epidemics.”

Fourteen states have introduced legislation on genetically modified organism labeling, but most face governmental gridlock. So please, take action and keep foods safe (non-genetically engineered) by contacting your representatives, as well as the FDA and the USDA, and demanding that genetically modified food be labeled as such. In addition, corn and cotton must not be deregulated. Without strict controls, as the ANH concludes, genetically engineered crops will encroach on non-genetically engineered crops, contaminating them and rendering the organic crops non-organic.

The only real solution to prevent global food governance and our bodies from having to consume genetically altered foods is to mandate the proper labeling of all foods and to buy local and organic foods. By diminishing the supply of and demand for imported and genetically engineered foods, we can diminish their tyranny at the borders of our bodies.

Follow Chuck Norris through his official social media sites, on Twitter @chucknorris and Facebook’s “Official Chuck Norris Page.” He blogs at To find out more about Chuck Norris and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at




PBS – Food, Inc. A Robert Kenner Film

With all the other pressing issues we’re blogging, and attempting to reverse, there is a battle on another front – our food suplly is a mass production line. Does anyone recall from history about Sinclair Lewis’s expose – at the turn of the last century- about the meat packing industry ?

I personally have been a label reader since I was in grade school, and would question the need for things like “ester of wood rosin” in orange soda. ( I refused to drink it having discovered this bizarre additive) Today, the “experts” complain about excess salt, sugar, and fat in our diet. Yet, even those of us who consider ourselves aware, and restrict our buying habits, are victims of Agribusiness.

(I personally can’t get specific about what I’d like to see happen to Monsanto, fearing the extent of the power this monster can unleash) Watch this video, and be enraged.

Watch the full episode. See more POV.

I checked their site; this video is on backorder as of 8-10-11

P.O.V.: Food, Inc. DVD -

From The Patriot Update:

Biden: Voters Should Blame Obama, not Bush, for Economy

September 30, 2011

Biden florida radio station

Vice President Joe Biden told Florida radio station WLRN on Thursday that voters should hold President Barack Obama, not former President George W. Bush, accountable for the poor state of America’s economy.

Conservative PAC American Crossroads circulated the startling statement Thursday afternoon, expecting it will take Democratic campaign strategists by surprise.

“Right now, understandably — totally legitimate — this is a referendum on Obama and Biden and the nature of the state of the economy,” Biden said.

Polls indicating that more Americans blame Bush for the economy than Obama are not relevant, Biden said.

“Even though fifty-some percent of the American people think that the economy tanked because of the last administration, that’s not relevant,” Biden stressed. “What’s relevant is we’re in charge. And right now we are the ones in charge and it’s gotten better, but it hasn’t gotten good enough.”


Post Continues on

Vision to America

September 30, 2011

There are several political signs attracting all kinds of attention in one Uptown neighborhood.

On Wednesday, crowds gathered at the corner of Calhoun and Coralie streets, looking at several signs depicting President Barack Obama as either a dunce, a puppet or a crying baby in a diaper.

“It disrespects the nation — and President Barack Obama represents our nation,” said Skip Alexander, as he looked at one of the signs. “He represents everybody, not some people.”

Dozens of protesters came by the house in the 1500 block of Calhoun throughout the day, demanding the sign come down.

“He wouldn’t do that to [President] Bush, I’m sure. It’s just insulting. It’s insulting,” said C.C. Campbell-Rock. “He’s going to have to take them down.”

“This is nothing put pure racism,” said Raymond Rock. “This is a disgrace.”


Post Continues on

these from the above link:









Patriot Update covered this; here is their excerpt:

On Wednesday, crowds gathered at the corner of Calhoun and Coralie streets in New Orleans, looking at several signs depicting President Barack Obama as either a dunce, a puppet or a crying baby in a diaper.

The home is owned by Timothy Reily, who declined to be interviewed about the signs. Some neighbors tell Eyewitness News that Reily has been putting the signs up for months. Some of the protesters learned about the signs through a local radio station on Wednesday morning.

The signs have created such a firestorm of controversy, though, that police came to the scene– called in by City Council Member Susan Guidry. She represents the district where the home is located. Guidry said she was concerned about public safety and was trying to figure out if the sign was even legal. She also said she spoke to Reily, but didn’t get far.

“We have to determine that there is a zoning law that prohibits perhaps the size of the sign, perhaps the way that it’s erected, that it is leaning over onto public property,” Guidry said. “Whatever we can use, we will, but of course, we do have to balance that with First Amendment rights.”





The Tea Party is getting bolder and bolder, to the point where they’re now targeting even the most Democratic states and districts.

And their newest target may be one of the smartest Democrats we have in the Senate from one of the bluest states, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.

There are two main ways we need to fight these Tea Partiers. One is to demand the policies that will do the most for hard-working Americans, like instituting the “Buffett rule” to raise revenue from millionaires and preserving Social Security and Medicare.

Sheldon Whitehouse is already fighting for those very policies, which brings me to the second thing we can do: make sure we don’t lose Democrats like Sheldon.

Sheldon has an important fundraising deadline tonight at midnight, and we need to do what we can to help him before the clock strikes twelve.

Contribute $25 or more to Sheldon Whitehouse’s Senate campaign before midnight tonight.

With Tea Party stalwarts like Sharron Angle coming to Rhode Island to raise money to attack Sheldon, people are going to be very interested in his third quarter public financial report.

That’s the report he’ll file disclosing every contribution he gets between now and the end of the third quarter (at midnight), publicly showing how much money he’s raised for his race.

Reporters will comb through this report and write stories about whether or not grassroots Democrats will be able to fight off the Tea Party in our strongest districts.

That could either quickly crush Tea Party hopes or turn the national narrative against Democrats, which makes this an important deadline to our support for Sheldon.

Make a contribution of $25 or more to Sheldon Whitehouse before tonight’s deadline.

Sheldon is one of the stars of the 2006 Senate class, the first class I helped get elected. He’s a strong progressive who has been one of the leaders in stopping Republicans from cutting Social Security and Medicare.

The Tea Party knows taking out Sheldon will make Medicare and Social Security more vulnerable to cuts. They also know, as I do, that the first re-election campaign is usually the toughest. That’s why Sharron Angle showed up in Rhode Island to test the waters.

Contribute $25 or more to Sheldon Whitehouse’s campaign before tonight’s midnight deadline.

Together with Whitehouse supporters in Rhode Island and around the country, we’ll make sure the Tea Party thinks twice about making this race a top target.

Thanks for your support,

Chuck Schumer


Sodom and America


gay couple just-married

In Genesis 13:13 it describes Sodom as: ‘Now the men of Sodom were wicked, great sinners against the LORD.’ Then in Genesis 19 we read whereevery man in Sodom surrounded the house of Lot demanding that he bring out the two men that Lot took into his house. The men of Sodom wanted to have sexual relations with the two strangers, but Lot protected the men and even offered up his two virgin daughters, but the men of Sodom did not want the daughters and continued to press in on Lot’s door. Eventually, the two strangers, who were actually angels from God, caused all of the men to go blind. Then the angels warned Lot to take his family and leave the city and not look back. As Lot and his family fled to Zoar, the Lord rained down sulfur and fire destroying Sodom and Gomorrah and all of the wicked men therein.

This should be a powerful lesson and warning to America, but like the men of Sodom, it seems to be falling on more and more deaf ears.

Homosexuality, a sinful lifestyle that was punishable by death in Leviticus 20:13, is spreading across the land like a plague. It has permeated television, movies, Broadway, literature, comics, public schools, universities, military, businesses, benefits and government.



Now in the latest US census report, there are now 650,000 gay couples in America. Last month they reported the figure at 901,997 gay couples but have revised the figure because of what they called ‘coding errors.’ Yet, the figure is undoubtedly higher than the 650,000 as a number of gay couples are not yet willing to publicly admit their relationship for various reasons. Of the 650,000 gay couples, 131,729 of them checked the ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ box for their partners. Researchers believe that the actual figures of gay couples could be as much as 15% higher than the 650,000 being reported.

I can’t help but wonder how much longer it will be before God utterly destroys America as He did Sodom and Gomorrah for the wickedness of men and women in their abominable homosexual lifestyles.

Read more: Sodom and America | Godfather Politics

pulpitAccording to a Christian Post article, Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AC) “is calling on the Internal Revenue Service to look into allegations that Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, Tenn., is violating restrictions for posting a link to a pro-family organization on its website.” What restrictions? The First Amendment does not prohibit churches from speaking out on any issue. The amendment is so clear that the people at AU almost never cite it:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Notice that the prohibition is directed at Congress, our nation’s national law-making body. It can’t establish a religion and it can’t prohibit the free exercise of religion. Here’s what Rob Boston, Communications Director with AU, had to say: “A church cannot link or direct people to an organization telling people how to vote. . . . All nonprofits, including churches, cannot endorse or oppose candidates. The IRS does warn nonprofits about linking to campaign-related websites.” To prohibit a church from linking to any site for any reason is a violation of the First Amendment. Notice that the First Amendment gives everybody, churches included, to speak about religion, write about religion, congregate about religion, and “petition the government for a redress of grievances,” the very thing this church is trying to do and Mr. Boston says it can’t do.

To say it bluntly and boldly, Mr. Boston is lying. His goal is to intimidate pastors and churches. No church has ever lost its tax-exempt status for speaking out on issues or endorsing candidates, and he knows it.

Former IRS Commissioner Mark Everson warned churches not to speak out on political issues. He claimed that churches that violate IRS regulations could lose their tax-exempt status and be forced to pay a ten percent excise tax on all donations. I would like to see the IRS try to defend the position in court based on the First Amendment. It can’t be done, and Mr. Boston knows it. Notice that Mr. Boston cites the IRS, not the First Amendment.

Intimidating churches has been going on for a long time. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of AU, has been monitoring the content of Sunday sermons since 2004. If these self-appointed snitches don’t like what they hear, that is, if what a pastor says is “too political” and contrary to a liberal political agenda, they will send video and audio tapes to the IRS for investigation. The goal, of course, is to get a church’s tax-exempt status revoked, something the IRS has never done. A 2006 IRS report on the subject was designed to strike fear into pastors who are already intimidated by a threat of an audit.


There are no constitutional prohibitions against churches speaking out on political issues or endorsing candidates. We got into this mess when in 1954 a law was rammed through Congress by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson to restrict churches from speaking freely on topics they have addressed for nearly two millennia. The following is from the IRS:

The ban on political campaign activity by charities and churches was created by Congress more than a half century ago. The Internal Revenue Service administers the tax laws written by Congress and has enforcement authority over tax-exempt organizations. Here is some background information on the political campaign activity ban and the latest IRS enforcement statistics regarding its administration of this congressional ban.
In 1954, Congress approved an amendment by Sen. Lyndon Johnson to prohibit 501(c)(3) organizations, which includes charities and churches, from engaging in any political campaign activity. To the extent Congress has revisited the ban over the years, it has in fact strengthened the ban. The most recent change came in 1987 when Congress amended the language to clarify that the prohibition also applies to statements opposing candidates.

This so-called ban is a direct violation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law. . . .” In 1954, Congress made a law. The logic is simple. Congress violated the Constitution. This makes the law null and void.

If you are a pastor who believes in the freedoms outlined in the First Amendment and want to challenge these leftist organizations and the IRS, then I have a deal for you. The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal advocacy group, will defend you.

In response to more than 50 years of threats and intimidation by activist groups wielding the Johnson Amendment as a sword against the Church, ADF began the Pulpit Initiative in 2008. The goal of the Pulpit Initiative is simple: have the Johnson Amendment declared unconstitutional — and once and for all remove the ability of the IRS to censor what a pastor says from the pulpit.

ADF is actively seeking to represent churches or pastors who are under investigation by the IRS for violating the Johnson Amendment by preaching biblical Truth in a way that expresses support for — or opposition to — political candidates. ADF represents all of its clients free of charge.

Don’t be bullied. It’s time to take a stand for Jesus Christ. Your future and the future of your children are at stake. If you want more information, go to the Alliance Defense Fund site at

Read more: Church Bullied by Liberal Group to Shut Up or Else | Godfather Politics

Great satire – “X”


A good laugh for people in the over 50 group and perhaps their kids too !!! 

When I bought my Blackberry, I thought about the 30-year business I ran, with 800 employees, all without a cell phone that plays music, takes videos, pictures,and communicates with Facebook and Twitter. 

I signed up under duress for Twitter and Facebook, so my seven kids, their spouses, 13 Grandkids and 2 great grand kids could communicate with me in the modern way.

I figured I could handle something as simple as Twitter with only 140 characters of space.

That was before one of my grandkids hooked me up for Tweeter, Tweetree, Twhirl, Twitterfon, Tweetie and Twittererific, Tweetdeck, Twitpix and something that sends every message to my cell phone and every other program within the texting world.

My phone was beeping every three minutes with the details of everything except the bowel movements of the entire next generation.

I am not ready to live like this. I keep my cell phone in the garage in my golf bag.

The kids bought me a GPS for my last birthday because they say I get lost every now and then going over to the grocery store or library.

I keep that in a box under my tool bench with the Blue tooth [it’s red] phone I am supposed to use when I drive. I wore it once and was standing in line at Barnes and Noble talking to my wife and everyone in the nearest 50 yards was glaring at me. I had to take my hearing aid out to use it, and I got a little loud.

I mean the GPS looked pretty smart on my dash board, but the lady inside that gadget was the most annoying, rudest person I had run into in a long time. Every 10 minutes, she would sarcastically say, “Re-calc-u-lating.”

You would think that she could be nicer. It was like she could barely tolerate me. She would let go with a deep sigh and then tell me to make a U-turn at the next light. Then if I made a right turn instead. Well, it was not a good relationship.

When I get really lost now, I call my wife and tell her the name of the cross streets and while she is starting to develop the same tone as Gypsy, the GPS lady, at least she loves me.

To be perfectly frank, I am still trying to learn how to use the cordless phones in our house.

We have had them for 4 years, but I still haven’t figured out how I can lose three phones all at once and have to run run around
digging under chair cushions and checking bathrooms and the dirty laundry baskets when the phone rings.

The world is just getting too complex for me. They even mess me up every  time I go to the grocery store. You would think they could settle on something themselves but this sudden “Paper or Plastic?” every time I check out just knocks me for a loop. I bought some of those cloth reusable bags to avoid looking confused, but I never remember to take them in with me.

Now I toss it back to them. When they ask me, “Paper or Plastic?” I just say, “Doesn’t matter to me. I am bi-sacksual.” Then it’s their turn to stare at me with a blank look.

I was recently asked if I tweet. I answered, “No, but I do toot a lot..”

P.S. I know some of you are not over 50. I sent it to you to allow you to forward it to those who are.
We senior citizens don’t need anymore gadgets. The TV remote and the garage door remote are about all we can handle.


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